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CPSY Introduction

Company Factory

Shangyu (Shenzhen) Technology Co.,Ltd is an expert in the electric power field engaged in development, production and sales. It is famous for its professionalism, safety and reliability. Shangyu's product range has changed from 500VA to 600KVA, including high-frequency online UPS, industrial low frequency online UPS, modular UPS, UPS battery, outdoor integration, and precision air conditioner, Precision power distribution, integrated cabinets, micro-module data centers, batteries and other products. It has its own CPSY UPS factory, precision air conditioning factory, ARV production line and charging pile production line in Shenzhen. There are more than 200 employees, 5-6 production lines, more than 36 branches and more than 100 after-sales outlets in China, with more than 40 R&D engineers. They actively import foreign advanced technology and constantly improve and perfect their products. They have been professionally operated for many years, and their products sell well all over the country. At the same time, they are exported to Southeast Asian/European/African countries such as Indonesia, Myanmar, Russia, UK, Spain, United Arab Emirates, Lebanon such, and their ups/avr/precision air conditioning products are well received by customers,with rich OEM/ODM order experience,all of their products meet with CE,ROHS,ISO9001,etc.

Product Application

Our Products including:
1. Line interactive UPS 600-3000VA PF0.6 2. Single phase HF online UPS 1-20KVA PF0.9
3. Three phase HF online UPS 10-200KVA PF0.9 4. Single phase LF online UPS 1-40KVA PF0.8
5. Three phase LF online UPS 10-600KVA PF0.9 6. Modular Type UPS 10-600KVA PF1.0
7. Rack mount Type UPS 1-40kva PF0.9 8. Outdoor UPS 1-10KVA 0.9PF
9. Lithium ups 1-10kva 0.9PF 10. LiFePo4 battery 48V 20-200AH
11. VRLA AGM/GEL Battery 2V 200-3000AH, 12V 7-250AH 12. Battery Cabinet A1-A40
13. Stabilizer 0.5kva-1000KVA & EPS 1KW-300KW 14. Precision air conditioning 3.5KW-101.2KW
15. Micro module computer room customization 16. Precision power distribution

At present, Shangyu has served nearly 10,000 users in government departments, finance, education, energy, telecommunications, electric power, rail transit, medical care, industry, scientific research institutes, manufacturing and military industries.

Typical application including:
★All-in-one machine ★Laptop and Wi-Fi ★Home Office ★Host game
★workstation ★Web server ★Data processing center ★Data Warehouse
★Tax Bureau ★Telecom ★Network equipment ★Government agencies
★Production equipment ★Office Automation ★Manufacturing ★Rail transportation
★Cash register ★Financial Securities ★Industrial automatic control ★Broadcast
★Office Automation ★Data center ★Building Management ★Educational institutions
★Security ★Satellite Earth Station ★CNC machine tool ★Banking
★National Defense ★R&D center ★Biomedical equipment ★Lifts and elevators
★Industrial instrumentation ★Mechanical tools ★Security and monitoring equipment ★Laboratory equipment
★Photocopier ★Printers and plotters ★Embroidery machine ★Medical equipment
★Diagnostic/laboratory equipment ★Ultrasonic ultrasound machine ★Automated Teller Machine Center ★Public Security Bureau
★hospital ★Gymnasium ★Server ★Logistics industry

Production Market

UPS annual average over 45 million US dollars,they are exported to Southeast Asian/European/African countries such as Indonesia, Myanmar, Russia, UK, Spain,United Arab Emirates, Lebanon, and so on.

Our main sales market:
North America 1.00%
Oceania 3.00%
South America 5.00%
Southeast Asia 20.00%
Middle East and Africa 50.00%
Europe 16.00%
Other 5.00%

Currently, we have Agents in over 40 countries, and we are constantly expanding the agents' list. if you are an Agent and want to join us to find out the many benefits brings to your business, we look forward to your inquiry.

Company Service

1. Pre-sale: According your requirements, design, and budget to quote and provide you economical and professional solutions or customized services.

2. Sale: Sign the contract, confirm the sample and report the production progress, take pictures of the bulk goods, arrange the delivery matters, give the bill of lading and the certificate of origin such, and promise high-quality and efficient delivery, so that customers can rest easy.

3. After-sale services: If any customer raises a quality complaint, we will forward it to our after-sales service team, and respond to feedback and solutions within 4 hours, and send out boards within 48 hours.

4. Training: We provide free offline product training and after-sales maintenance training. Those who participate in the training will get a certificate of completion after passing the exam.

Cooperative Case

1.Provide Engineers projects support

We have our own R&D team with more than 40 R&D engineers with more than 20 patents, and put 15% sales revenue each year to R&D research.We also have a strong team of installation engineers, providing on-site installation and commissioning services, and a team of after-sales engineers who respond 7*24 hours a day. The ultimate goal is to provide green, energy-saving, stable and reliable power system solutions to meet the latest needs of global users need!

Shangyu customized smart security project for Hangzhou Xiaoshan Public Security Bureau: Provide 16 double-row cabinets, CPY30210-42U*1, support 1+1 parallel machine, PM30*4, GW12200*120 knots, precision air conditioner SP40B1*3 , Dynamic monitoring IDM2000-MS, 10 single-row cabinets, and 2 SP12R1HB*2 units, providing a new data center solution for the public security system with rapid deployment, energy saving and high efficiency, compact space, and flexible expansion.

2.Offering OEM and Customized Services

With more than 10 years of experience in UPS trading, we offer OEM and customized services to satisfying different customers' specific requirements. We keep growing our market and services network, and we are seeking distributors and partners around the world.

Quality Control

Quality Control

We aim for long-term relationships, focusing on quality and relationship maintenance. As an ISO9001:2008 and ISO14001:2004 certified manufacturer, we follow a strict quality control system.

1. Raw material control

We have our own UPS factory and have been deeply involved in the power supply industry for more than ten years. The main electronic components of UPS adopt world-renowned brands, such as Infineon IGBT, Sanyo fan and so on. There are other suppliers of cabinets and cables. We purchase from them in a large and stable quantity. They guarantee to provide us with stable and safe materials, and the inspection rate of raw materials is ≥95%. All of our electronic components inspection rate ≥95%, and PCBs cannot be stocked for more than 3 months to ensure high quality.

2. Workshop control

We now have a first-class anti-static workshop, and every worker must wear an anti-static ring when they need to touch static-sensitive components such as PCBs during the production process. Ensure working environment safety and product quality.

3. Product Control

In order to improve service quality and level, our personnel have completed QC training and set up a special inspection department. We have 7 QC personnel to check all electronic components and other materials before and after production, and the inspection of PCB boards after processing is qualified ≥98% to ensure the quality. Our engineers will pay close attention to the production, performance test and safety test pass ≥98% to make sure everything goes smoothly.

4. Test before delivery

Our engineers will test the UPS one by one after the production is finished, the aging and full inspection before packing must be 100% before leaving the factory, and before delivery, our QC will check the samples again.

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