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The micro-module data center solution is an integrated data center solution for medium and large data computer rooms,which abbreviation is micro data center. It adopts a highly integrated design and integrates cabinets, power supply and distribution, refrigeration, security monitoring, lighting, integrated wiring and local management terminals. The system has the advantages of high efficiency, flexibility, and easy expansion. It adopts advanced cloud computing technology and adopts the design concept of integration, green energy saving, and modularization to greatly shorten the data center construction cycle and achieve 7*24 hours of unattended operation. The maximum Reduce deployment and operation and maintenance costs.

The micro-module data center(also call micro data center) is designed to cope with server changes such as cloud computing, virtualization, centralization, and high-density, improve the operational efficiency of the data center, reduce energy consumption, and achieve rapid expansion without affecting each other. A micro-module data center is a data center that consists of multiple micro-modules with independent functions and unified input and output interfaces. Micro-modules in different areas can back up each other and form a complete data center through the arrangement and combination of related micro-modules. The micro-module data center is an integrated, standard, optimal, intelligent, highly adaptable infrastructure environment and high-availability computing environment.

Problems faced by traditional data centers:

1. Long construction period: The construction period of a traditional data center is about 400 days.

2. Poor scalability: Traditional data centers are constructed conservatively and without predictability. Currently, the average data center utilizes less than 50% of its infrastructure capacity.

3. High energy consumption: The PUE of traditional data centers is above 2.0 or even higher, and there is huge power loss.

4. The operation and maintenance of the computer room is difficult: extensive operation and maintenance, unclear resource ledger; irregular personnel turnover, chaotic fault handling, and no daily operation and maintenance management data

Advantages of micro module data center:

1. Rapid deployment and shortened construction cycle: The implementation phase of a traditional data center takes 7-8 months, while the construction phase using micro-modules is shortened to 2-3 months.

2. Convenient expansion and phased construction: The micro-module architecture is used for terminal cooling, terminal power distribution, terminal wiring, etc., and is constructed in phases according to needs. It is foreseeable and can add redundancy at any time node in the later period for rapid expansion.

3. Standard modules, stable and reliable: Adopting modular, standardized and highly integrated design, providing N, N+1, 2N and other configuration solutions, making the entire system highly stable.

4. Green and energy-saving: Due to the use of standardized interfaces and micro-module architecture, the micro-module power conversion rate is as high as 95.4%, which greatly saves power and achieves system energy saving. Compared with traditional computer rooms, the cooling efficiency of micro-module data centers is increased by more than 12%, and the PUE can be reduced to less than 1.5.

5. Intelligent management and efficient operation: Monitoring, security alarm and other system levels, refined and intelligent management, precise positioning, ensuring timely data refresh and timely management. Help users formulate asset maintenance plans, and dynamically adjust and optimize plans at any time to build the best asset management functions.

A modular data center is a modular data center product that integrates IT cabinets, refrigeration, uninterruptible power supply, fire protection, lighting, monitoring, wiring, and security. Its constituent units are standardized products that comply with common industry specifications. The micro-module data center will be able to meet the IT department's urgent needs for future data centers, such as standardization, micro-module, virtualization design, dynamic IT infrastructure (flexible, high resource utilization), 7x24-hour intelligent operation management (process automation, Data center intelligence), supports business continuity (disaster recovery, high availability), provides shared IT services (cross-business infrastructure, information, and application sharing), quickly responds to changes in business needs (resources are supplied on demand), and is a green data center (Energy saving, emission reduction), etc. Various unit components can be flexibly assembled together based on various factors such as IT cabinet requirements, computer room area and power density to achieve a standard and balanced micro-module design, which can be customized according to specific project conditions. , very flexible.

Shangyu Intelligent Micro Data Center is a new generation of data center infrastructure solution. It adopts a highly integrated design and can integrate all subsystems such as cabinets, power supply and distribution, cooling, wiring and management. It can choose to close the cold/hot aisle. , single-row or double-row deployment, supporting a single cabinet power up to 21kW. Single-module cabinets, air conditioners, power distribution and other configurations can be flexibly adjusted, or multi-module deployment can be used to meet the needs of data centers of various sizes and business requirements, perfectly matching the rapid construction and expansion of large, medium and small data centers.

According to the "Data Center Design Specification" GB50174-2017 standard, the distance between the passages and equipment in the host room should meet the following regulations:

Various types of equipment in the micro data center should be arranged according to process design and should meet the requirements for system operation, operation management, personnel operation and safety, equipment and material transportation, equipment cooling, installation and maintenance;

Mutual backup equipment in a fault-tolerant system should be arranged in different physical compartments, and mutual backup pipelines should be laid along different paths;

When the equipment in the cabinet (rack) adopts the front air/rear air cooling method, and the structure of the cabinet itself does not adopt a closed cold air channel or a closed hot air channel, the layout of the cabinet (rack) should be face-to-face or back-to-back;

The distance between passages and equipment in the host room should comply with the following regulations:

The clear width of the passage used for transporting equipment should not be less than 5m;

The distance between the fronts of cabinets (racks) arranged face to face should not be less than 2m;

The distance between the backs of cabinets (racks) arranged back to back should not be less than 8m;

When maintenance and testing are required on the sides and back of the cabinet (rack), the distance between the cabinet (rack) and the cabinet (rack), and the cabinet (rack) and the wall should not be less than 0m;

When the length of the cabinets (racks) arranged in rows exceeds 6m, channels should be provided at both ends; when the distance between the two channels exceeds 15m, an additional channel should be added between the two channels. The width of the channel should not be less than 1m, and it can be 8m in some places.


The plates have undergone strict degreasing, pickling, rust-proof phosphating, pure water cleaning, electrostatic spraying, and comply with European ROHS environmental standards;

Use high-quality heavy-duty nylon silent pulleys to ensure that the cold pool sliding door slides open and closed easily;

The sliding door adopts a transparent tempered glass design, making it easy to view the conditions inside the cold pool channel from the outside;

The thickness of the support beam plate at the top of the cold pool channel is 1.5mm. It has a simple and beautiful design and is used to place tempered glass.

1. Customize hardware facilities to improve cost performance: The network architecture is modular, and servers, micro-modules and their infrastructure are customized according to specific business deployments.

2. Factory prefabrication, on-site assembly, and rapid deployment: standardized components, modular architecture, matching business rapid on-demand deployment, high quality controllability, and clear engineering interface.

3. Change the cooling method: inter-rack cooling to meet the requirements of medium and high power density computer rooms (5 to 12 kW), sealed channel design, isolation of hot and cold airflow, elimination of local hot spots, closed cold aisles, efficient power supply, and reduction of total energy consumption in the computer room 10%.

4. Cold pool and inter-row refrigeration: Cold and hot aisle isolation design, short air supply distance between rows, and high precision of refrigeration system control strategy realize on-demand elastic cooling and support high-density loads.

5. Comes with uninterruptible power supply system: It integrates micro-module UPS uninterruptible power supply system with N, N+1 or N+2 power supply mode.

6. Easy to disassemble and assemble: It is prefabricated in the factory, has the characteristics of industrialization and standardization, and can be easily disassembled and assembled. The construction time of the project is short and the construction site is easy to manage.

Rapid deployment, on-demand capacity expansion, high efficiency and low PUE modular data center

7. Simple and efficient: module-level integrated intelligent management, simple and easy operation and maintenance, on-site installation completed in 1 week, rapid deployment, shortening the time by more than 50%

8. Reliable: Triple reliable design of device/component/system ensures 99.999% availability; super environmental adaptability, stable operation under wide voltage, wide temperature, and wide load conditions

Shangyu Intelligent Micro Module Data Center is a new generation of data center infrastructure solution product, suitable for various application scenarios of large, medium and small data centers. The product integrates power distribution, refrigeration, cabinets, integrated wiring, intelligent management, Various subsystems such as security alarms have the characteristics of intelligence, high density, high reliability, on-demand combination, flexible deployment, and rapid delivery, perfectly embracing the new infrastructure!

The micro-module data center is an integrated product that integrates cabinets, air conditioners, power supplies, batteries, power distribution, management and control, wiring, lighting, lightning protection and grounding, etc. Divided into three series, it supports cold/hot aisle closure, single cabinet power density up to 24kW, and flexible deployment of cabinets, air conditioners, power distribution and other equipment. All equipment is prefabricated in the factory and can be assembled quickly and conveniently on site. It aims to protect customer business, enhance competitiveness and increase return on investment from several aspects such as saving construction costs, shortening construction cycles, reducing data center energy consumption, enhancing operation and maintenance and management intelligence. It has reached cooperation with many well-known brands, including Huawei, ZTE, Inspur, etc. It is widely used in the Internet, telecom operators, government and enterprises, finance and other fields.

Modular data centers are the main direction for the future development of data centers. In terms of configuration, they can be divided into three forms: containers, micro-modules, and warehousing data centers. The micro-data center micro-module solution adopts a design that is compatible with cold aisle enclosure or hot aisle enclosure. The two rows of cabinets are enclosed and connected to each other for shared cooling. The standardized design facilitates rapid expansion. The rows are connected through top wire ducts to form a flexible and easy-to-manage dual-row solution. It has been exported to many countries and regions, including the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Australia, etc. It has obtained ISO 9001 quality management system certification, ISO 27001 information security management system certification and complies with relevant national standards and regulations.

Advantages of micro data center solution

1. Save total investment:

No need for raised floor, no need for dedicated computer room, plug and play, simplified equipment integration and debugging, saving IT operation and maintenance personnel investment;

With a closed architecture, product operation is more energy-saving, with PUE<1.5, and the electricity bill is more than 30% lower than the original decentralized construction solution;

Using a rack-mounted refrigeration unit, the air supply is horizontal and close to the heat source, and the air supply distance is greatly shortened, thereby reducing the air flow pressure loss and cold air leakage loss caused by the distance, and improving the utilization efficiency of cooling capacity.

2. Integrated operation, maintenance and monitoring to ensure business continuity

It comes with a complete dynamic environment monitoring system, which can be accessed remotely, browse and understand the equipment operating status, alarms and build an internal centralized management platform in real time.

The monitoring system supports web access, making it easy to remotely monitor and manage various functional modules; view, control, and alarm various status information of the micro data center at a glance;

Both the front and rear of the cabinet are mesh doors, with a penetration rate of 75%.

Integrated equipment and unified maintenance service responsibility interface are more conducive to ensuring the continuity of equipment operation.

3. Productize engineering solutions to improve operational reliability

Integrated products are integrated from various specialized subsystems (UPS power supply and distribution, air conditioning and refrigeration, monitoring, etc.), pre-commissioning and pre-installation reduce on-site workload, and are equipment-based, rapid and personalized.

Designed and matched by professional R&D engineers, and verified through rigorous development processes to ensure the reliability of productization;

Supports access control, video management, SMS, sound and light, email and other alarm methods, safe and reliable;

4. Green and environmentally friendly, save energy and reduce consumption, speed up business launch efficiency

The core of the power distribution system between micro-modules adopts a UPS with a complete machine efficiency of 95%, supporting N+1 and 2N designs, which is energy-efficient and reduces energy consumption.

The microcomputer room air conditioner uses a precision air conditioner with DC variable frequency compressor + EC fan. The sensible heat ratio reaches 1. It uses R410A environmentally friendly refrigerant, which is highly efficient in cooling, green and energy-saving, and meets environmental protection requirements.

It adopts efficient inter-row air conditioning cooling technology, combined with the closed design of hot and cold aisles, and provides precise cooling on demand, reducing energy consumption by 30% to 50% compared with traditional computer rooms.

5. Product standardization, rapid deployment and simplified management

Standardized products, defining standardized solutions for outlets and branches at all levels to facilitate batch replication after the pilot matures;

Modular design supports on-demand construction and step-by-step implementation. It can be expanded on-demand in the future and can be deployed quickly and flexibly. The construction cycle is shortened from 45 days to 1 day, which reduces construction and operating costs.

All equipment is prefabricated in the factory, installed and debugged on site, plug and play, making the relocation of outlets and branches more convenient;

Adaptable to a variety of IT equipment, servers, storage, and network equipment can be flexibly installed in IT cabinets.

Application fields: micro data centers suitable for Internet of Things & small and medium-sized enterprises, medical care, finance, government, education, military, energy, mining and other industries. The modular smart data center solution is recommended to be used in scenarios where the computer room area is more than 50m². For example, small and medium-sized data center scenarios such as operators, medical care, education, transportation, finance, energy, government, and enterprises can also be applied to large data centers through multiple groups of centralized deployment, such as operator data centers, government cloud data centers, Large rental data centers, etc.

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CPSY is a professional Micro Data Center manufacturers and suppliers in China, known for our excellent service and reasonable prices. As a factory, we can make customized Micro Data Center. All our products meet CE, ROHS, ISO9001 standards, etc. If you are interested in our easy-maintainable and durable Micro Data Center, please contact us. We sincerely hope to become your reliable long-term business partner!
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