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Some of the UPS batteries provided by Shangyu (Shenzhen) Technology Co., Ltd. are homemade (from the company's Foshan battery factory), and the other part are OEM purchased from battery manufacturers famous for their quality in the industry. In order to ensure product stability and reliability, as well as meet customer requirements for safety and performance, Shangyu CPSY® UPS battery adopt strict quality control, mainly as follows:

1. Raw material control

The main raw materials of lead-acid batteries include lead, sulfuric acid, plastic and rubber. When purchasing these raw materials, make sure they meet quality standards and have stable supply channels. For lead and sulfuric acid, check whether their purity and chemical composition meet the requirements. For plastics and rubbers, make sure they have adequate strength and durability.

2. Production process control

During the production process, the quality of each process link must be strictly controlled. For example, the casting of lead plates, the manufacturing of electrode plates, the assembly of batteries, acid injection, glue injection and chemical formation all need to be operated in strict accordance with process requirements.

3. Finished product testing

1. Appearance inspection: Check whether the appearance of the lead-acid battery is intact and whether there are scratches, cracks, dents, leaks, etc. , whether the battery pole group is flat and whether there are foreign objects.

2. Check the voltage: Use a multimeter to measure the voltage of the lead-acid battery. Under normal circumstances, it should be above 13V to be a good battery.

3. Check the electrolyte: Observe the electrolyte inside the lead-acid battery. If the electrolyte is insufficient or turbid, the lead-acid battery may be faulty.

There are two types of UPS battery: one is sealed maintenance-free lead-acid battery (2V, 12V, 6V), and the other is lithium iron phosphate battery (36V, 48V, 192V). Lead-acid battery is a common chemical battery, which mainly uses lead and lead dioxide as electrode materials and sulfuric acid as electrolyte, including positive and negative electrodes, electrolyte, separator, positive and negative electrode leads, center terminal, insulating material, The production process of safety valves, sealing rings, PTC (PTC), battery cases and other parts mainly includes ingredients, coating, curing, charging and other steps. Lead-acid batteries are widely used in various fields such as automobiles, electric power, and telecommunications.

The structure of a lead-acid battery mainly includes positive plate, negative plate, electrolyte, separator, battery tank, battery cover and other parts. The positive and negative plates are the core parts of lead-acid batteries, and they are made of lead and lead oxides. The electrolyte is an aqueous solution of sulfuric acid that reacts chemically with the positive and negative electrodes to produce an electric current. The separator is located between the positive and negative electrodes to prevent the positive and negative electrodes from coming into direct contact and causing a short circuit. The battery slot and battery cover are used to contain and protect the components inside the battery. In addition, lead-acid batteries are equipped with safety valves and exhaust valves to prevent battery overcharging and excessive pressure. It is a relatively mature technology with a history of more than 150 years and has good reliability and maintainability. The selling points of lead-acid batteries mainly include the following points:

1. High reliability: Lead-acid batteries have high reliability and can withstand harsh working environments, such as high and low temperatures.

2. Good safety: Because it uses lead and lead dioxide as electrode materials, it has good chemical stability and is less prone to safety accidents such as leakage and explosion during use.

3. Long life: Lead-acid batteries have a long life, and small batteries generally last about 3-5 years, which can meet the needs of most application scenarios.

4. High cost performance: Compared with other types of batteries, lead-acid batteries are more affordable and have high cost performance.

5. Wide range of applications: Lead-acid batteries are suitable for various vehicles, power backup and other application scenarios, and have a wide range of applications.

The lithium iron phosphate battery is a lithium-ion battery with a history of 30-40 years. It uses lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) as the positive electrode material and carbon as the negative electrode material. The top and bottom of the battery are made of metal shells, aluminum plastic Composite film or plastic shell seal. This kind of battery has a rated cell voltage of 3.2V and a charging cut-off voltage of 3.6V~3.65V. It has the advantages of high safety and long life. Lithium iron phosphate batteries are widely used and can be used in electric vehicles, energy storage systems, electric bicycles, electronic equipment and other fields.

Shangyu UPS battery is mainly lead-acid batteries, supplemented by lithium batteries. The lead-acid batteries have passed MSDS, UL, IEC60896, TLC and other certifications. They use 99.994% pure new lead, advanced AGM separators, and two layers of epoxy resin sealing. , waterproof and fireproof ABS shell, etc., with a low self-discharge rate of 3% and an allowed charging current of 0.25C. The lithium battery has passed MSDS, UN38.0, UL, TLC and other certifications, with a low self-discharge rate of 2% and an allowed charging current of 0.25C. 0.5C, mainly serving wheelchairs, electric toys, medical equipment, solar and wind energy, power tools, and control systems. Nearly 10,000 users of uninterruptible power supply systems, emergency systems, electric vehicles, golf carts, off-road vehicles, etc.

The difference between lead-acid batteries and lithium iron phosphate batteries in ups battery mainly lies in the positive electrode material, energy density, charge and discharge performance, safety and lifespan.

Item Lead-acid batteries Lithium iron phosphate battery
Cycle life 500~1200 times 1500~3500 times
Discharge feature About 80% >97%
High temperature Around 200℃ Thermal peak reach 350℃-500℃
Self-discharge rate 3% <2%
memory effect have none
Single cell voltage 2V 3.2V
Charging time 8~10H High current 1.5C charging for 40 mins
Operate temperature -20℃-50℃ -20~+75℃
Cathode material lead oxide Lithium Iron Phosphate
Energy Density Low High, 3-4 times the former
Green Lead and antimony such metals can causing serious pollution Non-toxic and pollution-free
Safe to use sulfuric acid leakage causes equipment corrosion & personal injury No explode or catch fire during experiments such as puncture & extrusion
Maintenance cost high Low
Volume big Small, 2/3 of the former
Weight Heavy Light, 1/3~1/4 of the former
Price lower higher
Warranty 1-3 years, according to capacity 2-5 years, depending on material
details as follows:

Compared with lead-acid batteries, lithium-ion battery packs have many advantages. In general, it has the following advantages: small size, light weight, high energy density, long life, safe use, high current fast charging, high and low temperature resistance, large discharge depth, green and environmentally friendly and no memory effect. Therefore, when choosing a battery, comprehensive considerations need to be made based on the actual situation.

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24V Home Computer UPS

24V Home Computer UPS

We are proud to introduce our complete range of Low-Cost UPS, which test under EU operating conditions and have passed all quality and reliability tests. CPSY® S Series 24V Home Computer UPS is our economical & reliable solution, for protecting PC & Networks at home, shops and small offices against Power Interruptions. This 2000VA/1200W UPS, uses Line Interactive technology with Simulated Sine wave. It features a large Digital Display, smart design, AVR Boost and Buck, automatic battery test, USB communication interface, cold start function and easy battery replacement.

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12V UPS Battery

12V UPS Battery

Shangyu (Shenzhen) Technology Co., Ltd. is a technology-type enterprise focusing on uninterruptible power supply systems and new energy smart products, such as 12V UPS Battery. Shangyu integrates independent research and development, design, manufacturing, sales and service, and has leading technology in the global industry, it's a national high-tech enterprise, specialized and sophisticated enterprise. As top 10 brand in China, CPSY® products are famous with its good service and low fault rate, and have a good price advantage and cover most of the European and Asian markets. We look forward to becoming your long-term partner in China.

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High Rate Series Battery

High Rate Series Battery

The CPSY® durable High Rate Series battery has a wide operating temperature ranging from -20℃ to 50℃. It has superior cycle performance, with fast charging and discharging function, and its charging efficiency is up to 100%. Besides, it has high output power and long service life.

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VRLA AGM Battery

VRLA AGM Battery

CPSY® is a large-scale 2V VRLA AGM battery manufacturer and supplier in China. We have been specialized in lighting for many years. Our products have a good price advantage and cover most of the European and American markets. We look forward to becoming your long-term partner in China.

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12V Storage Battery

12V Storage Battery

You can rest assured to buy 12V Storage Battery from our factory. CPSY® 12V Storage Battery Deep cycle series batteries are designed to have a large amount of stored current discharged between charging sessions,with very heavy nonporous battery plates to withstand repeated major discharging and charging cycles (deep cycle). The CPSY® deep cycle battery uses a different chemistry for the plates active paste material, and a slightly stronger electrolyte than normal battery electrolyte, thus the GW range features a 30% higher cycle life with 10 years of float life when compared to the standard Duration range.

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Lithium-ion UPS Battery

Lithium-ion UPS Battery

You can rest assured to buy Lithium-ion UPS Battery from our factory. Shangyu (Shenzhen) Technology Co., Ltd. is dedicated to UPS Power/Charging pile/Precision Air Conditioner Manufacturer, renewable energy system integration, and distribution. We're the energy storage industry's partner of choice for flexible, robust, reliable, and innovative solutions guaranteed to deliver the lowest cost of ownership and continuous after-sales. Through a continuous focus on engineered simplicity, CPSY's UPS and Battery storage solutions optimize for efficient installation, compatibility, and high reliability.

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CPSY is a professional UPS Battery manufacturers and suppliers in China, known for our excellent service and reasonable prices. As a factory, we can make customized UPS Battery. All our products meet CE, ROHS, ISO9001 standards, etc. If you are interested in our easy-maintainable and durable UPS Battery, please contact us. We sincerely hope to become your reliable long-term business partner!
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