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Guangdong Yili High-tech Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Shangyu CPSY Group, is a high-tech precision air conditioning company that designs, manufactures, and sells semi-customized computer room air conditioning equipment. Its products cover commercial and non-commercial uses. As a global leader in computer room precision air conditioning systems One of the suppliers in the field, Shangyu CPSY specializes in a series of products: AM & EM series room-level precision air conditioners, SP series computer room inter-column air conditioners, SPR rack-type special precision air conditioners and other products. The products manufactured have passed strict Run tests to meet standards, products are designed with quality, energy efficiency, and reliability in mind. With operations around the world and continuous accumulation of capabilities in developing innovations and solutions, the Group has become a global leader in computer room air-conditioning environments.

Precision air conditioning is a type of air conditioning equipment designed for special environments. It has the characteristics of high precision, high reliability, low noise, high efficiency and energy saving. It is installed side by side with the server cabinet. The horizontal air supply method is from the cold aisle in the front and the hot aisle return air in the rear. This solves the problems of mixing and short circuiting of hot and cold air flow in conventional air conditioners, thus ensuring uniform temperature of the server cabinet and eliminating localized airflow. Hot spots, the circulating air volume circulates in a closed cycle between hot and cold aisles and inter-column air conditioners. It is especially suitable for micro-module systems with closed hot and cold aisles. It is equipped with an advanced controller to control the air volume and cooling output on demand, and can accurately control the temperature and temperature of the computer room. Humidity can effectively reduce overall energy consumption on the basis of ensuring effective cooling. It uses advanced control technology and efficient refrigeration technology to provide a constant temperature, constant humidity, and clean air environment. It is suitable for various data centers, communication rooms, laboratories and other important places.

As we all know, the load load (w/m2) in computer room applications continues to rise, mainly caused by the increase in data center rack load, which ultimately results in a relatively high heat load density. This requires the air conditioning system to have better performance while occupying as little space as possible, thereby providing more space for equipment in the computer room. The precision air conditioner used on servers (horizontal air supply type) has a surrounding air intake and wind split system, which can meet the cooling standards of the new generation of computer rooms and server centers. With extremely high refrigeration density (up to 25KW on a surface of 0.8mm2). It adopts a modular design, includes an adaptive logic system, and can be managed through the network. It is the best partner for server architecture and high-density equipment, and is ideal for telephone exchanges, data centers, Internet, service centers and high-density buildings. ideal refrigeration system.

Product features of precision air conditioners:

1. High precision: adjustable speed fan, supply air according to demand, and the air volume can be automatically controlled and adjusted according to the heat load;

Flexible air supply: When used in conjunction with the channel closed system, the air flow can be precisely controlled; various air supply methods (top, bottom, side, rear, forward)

2. High efficiency and energy saving: using EC fan, submersible design, energy saving 20% compared with ordinary fans, short air supply distance, small wind resistance in return air circulation, and low fan power consumption

3. Easy installation: There is no need to install ventilation and ventilation systems under the floor. It adopts a full front maintenance design, modular and easy to assemble. The frame body is riveted with carbon steel rivets, which is stable, strong and easy to disassemble. It can be used with various brands of UPS Seamlessly integrates with the power distribution system.

4. High reliability: Adopting large air volume design and strictly certified high-quality components, Copeland scroll compressor has high energy efficiency ratio and high sensible heat ratio; it has excellent temperature and humidity control performance and reliability, and has the highest performance of compressors. Multiple protection measures such as low pressure, exhaust high temperature, air volume loss, fan overload, etc.

5. Space saving: compact structure, small footprint, greatly saving computer room space; supports a wide range of optional accessories;

6. Easy maintenance: Optimized structure, easy to disassemble, less consumption; the latest engineer maintenance window, open during equipment operation, facilitates daily maintenance and fault diagnosis; LCD operation interface, simple, convenient, easy to maintain and set up.

7. Intelligent control: Adopt an intelligent control system with expert self-diagnosis and fault warning functions, which can realize remote monitoring and control. Standard RS485 and IP communication interfaces, powerful team control and communication functions, facilitate user management and maintenance.

8. Excellent performance: Advanced controller automatically balances the operation and wear of components, V-shaped evaporator, increases heat exchange area in limited space, internal and external double-layer panels, built-in fireproof and heat insulation materials, high reliability and flexibility , low cost throughout the life cycle

Total cooling capacity: 3.5-100 kW

Air volume: 5000-27000 m3/h

Air supply mode: upper/lower air supply

Core accessories

1.Control system

Graphical display function, including operating status and air temperature and humidity in and out of the cabinet being tested;

Can group control 32 units for easy networking;

Standard RS485 interface, ModBus protocol; supports TCP/IP, SNMP protocol;

2. DC variable frequency compressor

Using R410A environmentally friendly refrigerant, DC variable frequency compressor;

Dynamic cooling to adapt to rapidly changing heat loads in the computer room;

It can greatly reduce the number of compressor starts and stops and improve system reliability;

3.EC fan

Using electronically commutated synchronous EC motor, energy saving is 20%~30%;

Automatically adjust the fan speed according to cooling demand or air pressure, and provide air volume as needed;

Fan N+1 redundant configuration, any fan failure can still ensure full air volume operation;

4. Electronic expansion valve

Smoothly adjust the throttle opening and cooperate with the variable capacity compressor to achieve energy saving;

Wide adjustment range, reducing superheat and improving energy efficiency ratio;

Achieve precise matching of cooling capacity and load;

Fast response speed to achieve precise cooling;

Currently, there are two main types of air conditioners on the market, precision air conditioners (commercial and non-commercial) and home comfort air conditioners (domestic and commercial). The comparison between precision air conditioners and household air conditioners is as follows:

Item Precision air conditioner Home comfort air conditioner
Air volume Large air volume and small air supply enthalpy difference The air volume is small and the air supply enthalpy difference is large.
operate Simple Simple
maintain Convenient, fast reading and on-site troubleshooting, multi-level security measures prevent system parameters from being changed at will Convenient, parameter settings can be changed at will, and someone can come to your home for repairs.
price On the high side Affordable
Accuracy High, ±0.1℃ Low, ±1℃~3℃
reliability high Low
Adaptability Strong, normal cooling at -30℉~-60℉ Low, cannot operate at -30℉
life 3-5 years 10-15 years
Function High-efficiency refrigeration and controlled dehumidification, 0-15% Cooling and permanent dehumidification, 40-50%
application Data centers, communication rooms, laboratory IT equipment, power distribution systems, power supply equipment and other important places Living room, bedroom, exhibition hall, office, etc.
Humidity range 45%~65%RH ±5% 0-90%RH
Input voltage range ±15% ±10%
Outlet air temperature Higher (10~14℃) Lower(7~9℃)
operation hours 365*7*24h 365*7*12h
filter High-efficiency filtration, efficiency 20%~30% Coarse filter, efficiency 10%
Control System Intelligent monitoring and control system for human-computer interaction interface Infrared remote control or mobile APP
Constant temperature and humidity have none
sensible heat ratio >0.9 0.65~0.7
annual operating costs lower Higher, $243/per ton of apparent cooling capacity

Although the initial investment of precision air conditioners is basically much higher than that of ordinary air conditioners, the annual operating cost of ordinary air conditioners is $243/per sensible cooling capacity higher than that of precision air conditioners. This is consistent with the principle generally recognized by the industry, that is, the cooling capacity of 3 refrigeration tons of ordinary air conditioners is equivalent to the refrigeration capacity of 2 refrigeration tons of precision air conditioners.

To sum up, there are significant differences in product design, application scenarios, functions and performance between precision air conditioners for computer rooms and home comfort air conditioners, which need to be selected and used according to specific needs. Precision air conditioning must be used in computer rooms. It has been widely used in many domestic industries, such as finance, postal and telecommunications, TV stations, oil exploration, printing, scientific research, electric power, etc., which has improved the reliability and economical operation of computers, networks, and communication systems in the computer room. sex.

Shangyu CPSY precision air conditioners cooperate with well-known brands such as Haier, GMCC, and Chigo. It has obtained ISO9001 quality management system certification, ISO14001 environmental management system certification, CE certification, etc. The export countries mainly include the United States, Germany, the United Kingdom, France, Brazil, India, Australia and other countries. Its products are widely used in data centers, communication equipment rooms, laboratories and other important places, and has won unanimous praise from customers. The company has a high-quality R&D team and a batch of advanced production equipment, and is committed to providing customers with high-quality, high-performance precision air-conditioning products and services.

Shangyu AM series of high-efficiency and energy-saving precision air conditioners use high-efficiency centrifugal fans and high-efficiency axial flow fans to meet the needs of communication base stations, small computer rooms and other places. Create a stable operating environment for communication equipment through precise temperature and humidity control. The SP series precision air conditioning inter-row air conditioners, while maintaining close proximity to heat sources and precise cooling characteristics, are more suitable for scenarios with limited on-site installation (no need to install a separate outdoor unit), helping the continuous development of green data centers. Mainly used in small and medium-sized data centers, modular data centers, cabinet exhaust (hot) channel renovation, medium and high heat density communication equipment and computer rooms, etc.

Product advantages of precision air conditioners:

1. Cabinet technology

1. Solid metal shell, all shells are made of steel plates with a thickness of 1.2mm or more. Good sealing performance and lined with heat-insulating and sound-absorbing materials can prevent air leakage and reduce noise. The unit has a hinged front door that is easy to open and can provide normal maintenance services without the need for special tools.

2. Beautiful and elegant anti-corrosion and environmentally friendly baking paint coating. The exterior coating of epoxy resin is not only beautiful but also anti-corrosion, increasing the life of the machine to more than 10 years.

3. "Full cabinet type in-line" surface cooler, large area, small wind resistance; the front and back of the whole machine are protected, and the electric control box of the half cabinet model can be designed in a pull-out type;

2. Scroll compressor

Advanced high-efficiency scroll compressor system, using world-renowned compressors such as Hitachi or Copeland; low noise, efficient and energy-saving, high reliability, and long service life; the entire series uses advanced compressors with high efficiency and few moving parts , extend the life of the unit, and there is no liquid impact phenomenon. The compressor is equipped with a phase loss protection device, which can automatically stop the compressor and protect the compressor motor when the power supply loses a phase or the compressor is overloaded.

3. Energy-saving design

1. The high net pressure and high efficiency fan is directly driven, highly efficient and energy-saving. The all-aluminum fan is light in weight, runs smoothly, is efficient and energy-saving, and can choose forward or backward impellers.

2. Using electronic expansion valve, it can save 8-12% energy compared with traditional thermal expansion valve, achieve precise control of refrigerant flow, and achieve the best cooling effect. The control system accurately controls the temperature and pressure of the refrigeration cycle through the electronic expansion valve, greatly improving the control accuracy. When the outdoor ambient temperature is low, the electronic expansion valve accurately controls the superheat, allowing the system to operate stably. Getting rid of the traditional dehumidification method, there is no need to reduce the circulating air volume or close part of the evaporation coil, making the dehumidification process more accurate, more reliable and more energy-saving.

3. Optional high-efficiency EC centrifugal fan, the fan system saves more than 30% energy than conventional air conditioning units, automatically adjusts the cooling capacity and air volume output, and the high return air temperature design significantly improves energy efficiency;

4. Standard R410A refrigerant, with the same specification, is 7% more efficient than the R22 system.

5. Optimized air duct design, high circulating air volume, and the highest measured sensible heat ratio is 0. 98.

6. Optional power measurement function module, CFD simulation design and professional sub-module calculation ensure reasonable matching of core components and high reliability of the system solution.

4. Advanced microprocessor controller

1. Power supply phase sequence protection and phase loss protection, automatic start-up function after power outage; structural and functional design of all-weather, uninterrupted and stable operation to ensure a safe operating environment for the main equipment.

2. Automatic alarm and diagnosis functions can effectively prevent malfunctions and extend the service life of the air conditioning unit; it is equipped with a device for automatic detection of the power phase. When the power phase is out of phase, it can automatically issue a warning. Automatic error correction is also optional. device to automatically correct the phase.

3. Powerful monitoring function, supports R485 communication monitoring interface, supports YD/T, MO DB US and other protocols, and can be integrated into the centralized environmental monitoring network, eliminating the need for maintenance personnel to inspect.

4. The alarm function is powerful and has the function of large-capacity fault alarm record storage.

5. Using the latest advanced intelligent microprocessor, it can accurately grasp the temperature changes of the environment. You can choose a touch screen with Chinese or English interface, which is easy to operate and use.

6. High control accuracy and wide control range, accuracy: temperature plus or minus 1℃, humidity plus or minus 3%; range: temperature 18/30℃, humidity 45/80%, constant temperature, constant humidity, clean precision environment control to ensure The main equipment operates normally and efficiently.

7. Powerful group control function, group control networking, flexible configuration; adopts the 485 bus with high reliability conflict detection method, which can group control 16 units; supports rotation, backup and cascading functions to avoid competitive operation.

5. Enlarged evaporation coil and outdoor condenser.

Large-area V-shaped evaporator, high air volume, high sensible heat ratio. The evaporator design uses internally threaded tubes, hydrophilic membrane fins, high-efficiency sinusoidal windowed heat exchange aluminum fins, and large-area cooling coils, which are better than ordinary ones. The comfort fan cabinet machine improves the heat exchange efficiency by more than 15%. Adopt suction-penetrating airflow to make air distribution more even. The condensation coil is made of stainless steel and has a flexible drain joint. The outdoor condenser is designed with internally threaded pipes and anti-corrosion high-efficiency sine wave aluminum fins, which are easy to clean and not easy to trap dirt and evil.

6. High-efficiency aluminum heaters can be used

Regarding the choice of air-conditioning heaters, the most economical in terms of cost is metal tube resistance heaters, followed by steel fin heaters, and the most expensive are ceramic and alloy aluminum heaters. However, due to structural problems in use, due to its relatively large volume and large air contact area, alloy aluminum heaters have the best efficiency. Therefore, when choosing other forms of heaters, you must choose a larger heating capacity. to make up for efficiency deficiencies.

7. Equipped with medium efficiency filter

Medium-efficiency EU4/5, first-level fireproof filter, metal frame structure, can be pulled out from the front of the unit without worrying about dust spreading into the room, and can be cleaned repeatedly and used multiple times. At the same time, higher efficiency filters can be provided according to the actual needs of users, which can reach EU8.

8. Exclusive customization

The professional energy-saving team provides users with the most reasonable energy-saving design plan, 100% full frontal maintenance, saving space in the computer room, optional functional forms: single cooling type, single cooling with electric heating, constant temperature and humidity type; optional humidification type: automatic Circulating humidification, far infrared humidification.

9. No power consumption humidifier

No power consumption wet film humidification component, better humidification and energy saving; large humidification capacity, adaptable to poor water quality, low maintenance; high reliability, high energy saving rate, high adaptability, and low cost throughout its life

Precision air conditioners are used in places with high calorific value, temperature and humidity, and high cleanliness requirements, such as medicine and biology, aerospace, medical and health, clean rooms, laboratories, power communications, cotton spinning, wool spinning, chemical fiber, paper, packaging, fiber inspection , quality inspection, computer room, program-controlled switch room, high-density data center, local overheating computer room, high thermal density computer room, modular data center, container data center, ISP equipment room, communication computer room, communication base station, electrostatic laboratory, sprinkler cellar Constant temperature and humidity, museums, archives, culture and sports, film workshops, glass manufacturing, food industry, textile industry, automobile manufacturing, electronics industry, financial industry, tobacco storage.

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CPSY is a professional Precision Air Conditioner manufacturers and suppliers in China, known for our excellent service and reasonable prices. As a factory, we can make customized Precision Air Conditioner. All our products meet CE, ROHS, ISO9001 standards, etc. If you are interested in our easy-maintainable and durable Precision Air Conditioner, please contact us. We sincerely hope to become your reliable long-term business partner!
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