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Production Equipment

Shangyu UPS Manufacturing Center, covering an area of 25,000㎡, has three finished product assembly lines and a dust-proof SMT patch processing workshop.Our production capacity of UPS is 800 units/day, precision air conditioner is 50 units/day, voltage stabilizer is 500 units/day.

Shangyu has invested heavily in the introduction of a large number of advanced automated machinery and equipment, AI automatic plug-in machines, Nitto wave soldering, ICT static testing, & FCT dynamic testing, Oscilloscope, Safety Tester, Frequency Converter, Power Analyzer, etc., to improve efficiency while ensuring quality!

Aging Room
AI Arrangement Machine
DC Source
Electronic Material Inspection Area
ICT Test Bed
Load Box
Material Warehouse
Meeting Room
Power Analyzer
Pull Wire Production Equipment
Pull Wire
R&D Small Unit
Safety Tester
Shangyu production line 1
Shangyu production line 2
Shangyu production line 3
Structural Design
Tape Machine
Tension Machine
Voltage Regulator Frequency Converter
Wave Soldering
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