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Shangyu CPSY is a UPS uninterruptible power supply manufacturer and data center solution provider. We have our own sheet metal factory and power distribution production line, and are committed to providing customers with high-quality, high-performance data center server racks and cabinets and power distribution. cabinet products. Our products are widely used in communications, networks, electric power, industrial control and other fields, and we have rich industry application experience and installation and configuration experience, and have been unanimously praised by our customers.

Our Server Racks and Cabinets have many advantages, such as high-density integration, easy maintenance, energy saving and environmental protection, etc. We use advanced production technology and high-quality raw materials to ensure product stability and reliability. In addition, we also provide customized services to provide the most suitable product solutions based on customer needs and actual application scenarios. We always adhere to the principle of customer first and meet customer needs with high-quality products and services. If you are interested in our service cabinet products, please contact us and we will provide you with more detailed product information and solutions.

Shangyu's 19-inch Server Racks and Cabinets is not an ordinary rough integrated welded cabinet, but an assembled cabinet, using excellent manufacturing standards and epoxy cloud iron paint technology, internal partitions, guide rails, slide rails, and cable troughs , The socket is made of fine and smooth materials, which does not hurt your hands. It is made of thick and high-quality materials. It has ventilation holes and more fans, so it has better ventilation and heat dissipation performance.

Network cabinets include service cabinets, wall-mounted cabinets, standard cabinets, outdoor cabinets, etc. The following are the differences between service cabinets, wall-mounted cabinets, and standard cabinets:

Item Rack Server cabinet Standard cabinet/IT cabinet Wall-mounted cabinet
Depth >800mm 600-800mm 450mm
Use Install equipment such as switches, servers, monitors or UPS Collection of various network equipment, installation of routers, switches, fiber optic distribution boxes, fiber optic adapters and other equipment Used for floor wiring rooms without independent rooms
Performance Anti-vibration, impact resistance, corrosion resistance, dustproof, waterproof, radiation protection, etc. Can be prefabricated in the factory, can be flexibly disassembled and transported, and can be quickly assembled on site and put into use. Small size, easy to install and disassemble, easy to manage and anti-theft
Structure Equipped with square hole crossbar on the inside Includes basic frame, internal support system, wiring system and ventilation system Made of SPCC high-quality cold-rolled steel plate; square hole strips are blue-plated, degreased, phosphated, and electrostatically sprayed.
Carrying capacity Bigger Big Small
Price Cold-rolled steel plates have different prices depending on the material, thickness and workmanship quality. Cold-rolled steel plates have different prices depending on the materials selected. Cold-rolled steel plates have different prices depending on the material, thickness and workmanship quality.
Application Network engineering, cabling engineering, communication systems, computer center broadcasting systems, universities, banks, etc. Stacking of integrated wiring and wiring products, computer network equipment, communication equipment, and electronic equipment Objects for storing computers and related control equipment

A rack service cabinet is an open structure cabinet dedicated to installing 19" standard equipment such as servers, monitors, and UPS. The structure of the service cabinet should be based on the electrical and mechanical performance of the equipment and the requirements of the use environment. The necessary physical design should be carried out and chemical design to ensure that the structure of the cabinet has good stiffness and strength as well as good electromagnetic isolation, grounding, noise isolation, ventilation and heat dissipation, etc. It should also be anti-vibration, impact-resistant, corrosion-resistant, dust-proof, waterproof, and radiation-proof. and other performance to ensure that the equipment works stably and reliably. The service cabinet has good technical performance, which provides an appropriate environment and safety protection for the normal operation of electronic equipment. The service cabinet should have good usability and safety protection facilities, easy to operate, installation and maintenance, and ensure operator safety.

Shangyu Server Racks and Cabinets is an easy-to-use computer and network equipment storage cabinet that meets the requirements of data centers, computer rooms and business premises network equipment rooms. Cabinets can gain higher load capacity, support deeper equipment, different cabinet sizes, and more unobstructed internal space along the sides of the cabinet for cooling and cable management accessories. By simulating earthquake conditions to install load-bearing cabinets, the seismic test showed that the Shangyu earthquake-resistant cabinets had very small movement ranges and remained intact after the test without causing permanent structural or mechanical damage, thus ensuring that internal equipment was protected from damage.

The rack service cabinet can be configured with: special fixed tray, special sliding tray, power strip, casters, supporting feet, cable management ring, cable manager, L bracket, cross beam, vertical beam, fan unit, cabinet frame, upper frame, The lower frame, front door, rear door, left and right side doors can be quickly disassembled and assembled.

IT facilities such as servers and network communication equipment in data centers are developing in the direction of miniaturization, networkization, and rackization. In the era of big data, service cabinets have become an important part of it. Cabinets in data computer rooms on the market are generally divided into: outdoor cabinets, communication cabinets, high and low voltage distribution cabinets, service cabinets, standard cabinets, and network cabinets. The cabinet is a versatile rack-mounted cabinet influenced by customer feedback from around the world. These cabinets are designed to meet current IT market trends and requirements in application areas ranging from high-density computing and networking to broadcast and audio/video. With a focus on cooling, power distribution, cable management and environmental monitoring, the cabinet provides a reliable rack-mounted environment for mission-critical equipment.

The production process of Server Racks and Cabinets mainly includes the following steps:

1. Sheet metal processing: The main material of the service cabinet is steel, so sheet metal processing is required, including cutting, bending, stamping and other operations to form the various components of the cabinet.

2. Welding assembly: Weld and assemble the processed sheet metal parts to form the frame and door panels of the service cabinet.

3. Surface treatment: The surface of the service cabinet is sprayed, electroplated, etc. to improve the appearance and corrosion resistance.

4. Internal layout: According to customer needs, make a reasonable layout inside the service cabinet and install power supplies, cables, sockets and other accessories.

5. Testing and acceptance: Test and accept the assembled service cabinets to ensure that they meet quality standards and customer requirements.

6. Packaging and transportation: Pack the service cabinets that have passed the acceptance inspection, and choose the appropriate transportation method to deliver them to the customer.

The production process of service cabinets also includes quality control and supervision of each step to ensure that the quality and performance of the final product are up to standard. At the same time, factors such as environmental protection and energy conservation need to be taken into consideration during the production process to achieve sustainable development.

When selecting a service cabinet, you need to consider the following aspects:

1. Size and specifications: According to actual needs, select the appropriate cabinet size and specifications to meet the needs of equipment, cables, etc. At the same time, the load-bearing, heat dissipation and other properties of the cabinet need to be considered.

2. Material and structure: Choose high-quality materials and structures to ensure the stability and durability of the cabinet. Common materials include steel, aluminum alloy, etc., and structures include closed, open, etc.

3. Equipment and accessories: Consider the equipment and accessories that need to be placed in the cabinet, as well as their size, weight and other factors to ensure that the cabinet can meet these needs.

4. Installation and maintenance: Choose a cabinet that is easy to install and maintain to reduce trouble during use. At the same time, it is necessary to ensure that the cabinet layout is reasonable to facilitate future maintenance and upgrades.

5. Price and service: Choose suppliers with reasonable prices and good services to ensure that the purchased cabinets are cost-effective and long-term guaranteed.

In short, when selecting a service cabinet, you need to choose the appropriate size, material, structure, equipment and accessories according to actual needs, and consider factors such as installation, maintenance, price and service to ensure that the purchased cabinet can meet long-term needs .

In order to choose high-quality and low-price cabinet products that meet your needs, you must conduct detailed market research before placing an order. The supplier's products are required to have at least the following guarantees:

1. Quality assurance to ensure stable delivery quality;

2. Load-bearing guarantee to ensure the safety of the instruments in the cabinet;

3. There is a good temperature control system inside the cabinet to avoid overheating or overcooling of the instrument and ensure efficient operation of the instrument. There are fully ventilated series cabinets to choose from, and fans can be added (the fans have a life guarantee). If conditions permit, an independent air-conditioning system can be installed in hot environments, and an independent heating and insulation system can be installed in severely cold environments;

4. The cabinet size complies with international instrument installation standards;

5. Provide various door locks and other functions, such as dustproof, waterproof or electronic shielding EMC and other high anti-interference performance;

6. Provide support for suitable accessories and installation accessories, making wiring more convenient and easy to manage, saving time and effort;

7. Complete range of products, as shown below

Product name Height type Specification size/mm
19-inch standard cabinet 18U 1000*600*600
19-inch standard cabinet 24U 1200*600*600
19-inch standard cabinet 27U 1400*600*600
19-inch standard cabinet 32U 1600*600*600
19-inch standard cabinet 37U 1800*600*600
19-inch standard cabinet 42U 2000*600*600
19-inch rack server cabinet 42U 2000*800*800
19-inch rack server cabinet 37U 1800*800*800
19-inch rack server cabinet 24U 1200*600*800
19-inch rack server cabinet 27U 1400*600*800
19-inch rack server cabinet 32U 1600*600*800
19-inch rack server cabinet 37U 1800*600*800
19-inch rack server cabinet 42U 2000*600*800
19-inch wall-mounted cabinet 6U 350*600*450
19-inch wall-mounted cabinet 9U 500*600*450
19-inch wall-mounted cabinet 12U 650*600*450
19-inch wall-mounted cabinet 15U 800*600*450
19-inch wall-mounted cabinet 18U 1000*600*450

The number of servers that can be placed in a cabinet is limited. A 42U height cabinet does not mean that it can actually hold 42 1U servers. After placing the server, you need to leave space for cooling and moving, some space for wiring, and space for switches, firewalls, monitors and other equipment. Therefore, how many servers can be placed in a 42U cabinet needs to be calculated based on the specific equipment. So the question is, how many server devices are generally deployed in a cabinet? What needs to be considered is:

1) Reserve: Reserve 1U between each device for heat dissipation, reserve the switch position, and consider the PDU position;

2) Generally, redundant 10KW power supply is provided, and the static load capacity is not less than 1200kg (determined according to the construction parameters of the computer room)

3) Under the premise of not overcharging, the cumulative number of U devices in a cabinet generally does not exceed 26U per cabinet. The number of fully 1U devices deployed generally does not exceed 16, the number of fully 2U devices generally does not exceed 12, and the number of fully 4U devices generally does not exceed 4 to 7. tower.

Shangyu Server Racks and Cabinets strictly follow the ISO9001 quality management system standards and the requirements of the European Union CE international standards, and are committed to providing customers with high-quality, high-performance service cabinet products and services. Our service cabinet products are widely used in many fields such as data centers, communication rooms, offices, laboratories and industrial fields, and have won unanimous praise from our customers. The cooperative brands of service cabinets usually include well-known IT brands such as Huawei, HP, Dell, and Lenovo. These brands enjoy high visibility and reputation in the market, and their products are widely used and recognized. Service cabinets are exported to a wide range of countries, including the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Australia, Japan, South Korea, India, Brazil, Mexico and other countries. These countries have a large demand for service cabinets and also have high requirements for product quality and quality. Services have higher requirements.

Key selling points of Server Racks and Cabinets include:

1. Strong compatibility: compatible with Togo’s standard 42U designed rack service cabinets.

2. High safety: equipped with door locks, alarms and other safety devices, and eight integrated electrical grounds, making it safer

3. Convenience of use: a hardware tool bag for cabinet adjustment is provided, and the equipment installation guide rails are integrated with a temporary wiring system.

4. Excellent quality: UL certified and designed to withstand the seismic pressure of a massive 8.3 magnitude earthquake

5. Humanized design: a variety of sizes to choose from, a variety of accessories (cooling, cables and power management) to choose from, and customers can customize them

6. Easy installation: Quick door with spring pin design and tool-free installation and removal

7. Good heat dissipation: distributed closed cold aisle, upward air supply design, high-density hexagonal mesh back door and side door, mesh ventilation rate 75%; there are also optional heat dissipation equipment, such as fans, air conditioners, etc.

8. Rapid deployment: factory pre-assembled, quick installation and deployment in 2-4 hours

9. High load-bearing capacity: Roll-formed, tubular and fully welded steel frame structure supports static (non-seismic) equipment load capacity up to 1360 kg (3000 lb) and integrated grounding and cascading capabilities

10. Accessories galore: Includes cabinet frame, two pairs of 19-inch EIA square hole mounting rails, solid top panel, perforated front door, dual perforated rear doors, swivel handle latch, key lock, transport casters, flat feet, floor attachment clips and brackets kit

11. Easy maintenance: Equipped with independent power supply and network interface, optimized PDU layout and cable management structure, convenient for maintenance

12. Assemble to order: Assemble to order (ATO) option is available

13. Adapt to various environments: The service cabinet can adapt to various environments, such as data centers, communication rooms, offices, etc.

14. Efficient space utilization: Double-opening back door design and modular design achieve efficient space utilization.

15. Reasonable layout: The angle gauge adopts Z-shaped design, adjustable depth, and can be connected with cable management ring accessories; adjustable vertical mounting rails with fixing tools and quick alignment devices, removable full-height side panels, adjustable casters ;Pre-assembled rear accessory mounting bracket, pull-out pin hinge design, easily removable cable access top plate, pre-drilled cable access holes in top, eyebolt supports integrated into cabinet frame for movement and placement

As data center construction develops towards overall availability, the demand for cabinet management in computer rooms is growing day by day. Users should consider the following factors when purchasing cabinets:

1. Load-bearing guarantee: As the density of products placed in the cabinet increases, good load-bearing capacity is the basic requirement for a qualified cabinet product. Cabinets that do not meet specifications cannot effectively protect the equipment in the cabinet and may even affect the entire system.

2. Temperature control system: There is a good temperature control system inside the cabinet, which can avoid overheating or undercooling of the products in the cabinet and ensure the efficient operation of the equipment. The cabinet can be selected from the fully ventilated series and can be equipped with a fan (the fan has a life guarantee). An independent air-conditioning system can be installed in a hot environment, and an independent heating and insulation system can be installed in a cold environment.

3. Anti-interference ability: A fully functional cabinet should provide various door locks and other functions, such as dustproof, waterproof or electronic shielding and other high anti-interference properties. It should also provide suitable accessories and installation accessories to make wiring more efficient. Convenient and easy to manage, saving time and effort.

4. Cable management: What should I do if there is a problem with the cable? In a huge computer room, it is difficult to move through the numerous cabinets, let alone find and repair faulty lines quickly. From the perspective of cable attachment inside the cabinet, today's data center cabinets have higher configuration density, accommodate more IT equipment, use a large number of redundant accessories (such as redundant power supplies, storage arrays, etc.), and frequently change the equipment configuration in the cabinet. Data lines and cables are added and removed at any time. Therefore, the cabinet must provide sufficient cable channels to allow cables to enter and exit from the top and bottom of the cabinet. Inside the cabinet, cables must be laid conveniently and orderly, close to the cable interface of the equipment, to shorten the wiring distance, reduce the space occupied by the cables, and ensure that the cooling airflow is not blocked by the cables. At the same time, it must also ensure that Equipment wiring can be quickly located in the event of a fault.

5. Power distribution system: As the trend of high-density IT installation in cabinets becomes increasingly apparent, the power distribution system has become a key link in whether the cabinet can perform as effectively as it should. Reasonable power distribution is directly related to the availability of the entire IT system, and this is also an issue that has been ignored by many computer room managers in the past. As IT equipment becomes increasingly miniaturized, the density of equipment installation in the cabinet continues to increase, which poses severe challenges to the power distribution system in the cabinet. At the same time, the increase in input and output ports also places high demands on the reliability of the power distribution system installation. Taking into account the current dual power supply requirements of most servers, power distribution within the cabinet becomes more and more complicated.

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Smart PDU

Smart PDU

Smart PDU (Power Distribution Unit), also known as power distribution socket for cabinets, is a product designed to provide power distribution for electrical equipment installed in cabinets. It has multiple series of specifications with different functions, installation methods, and different plug combinations, and can provide suitable rack mounted power distribution solutions for different power environments. The application of Smart PDU can make the power distribution in the cabinet more neat, reliable, safe, professional, and aesthetically pleasing, and make the maintenance of the power supply in the cabinet more convenient and reliable.

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Outdoor Integrated Cabinet

Outdoor Integrated Cabinet

Traditional base station computer rooms have many shortcomings such as large floor space, long construction period, high construction costs, and high energy consumption for operation. However, the replacement of traditional base station computer rooms has the advantages of small footprint, fast site construction, low cost, and low energy consumption, and can be widely used in Integrated cabinets for various climate conditions have become people's first choice. The outdoor integrated cabinet is a safe, reliable, strong anti-theft performance, low noise, good heat dissipation effect, small footprint, flexible installation, disassembly and transportation, low cost, and low energy consumption. Base station equipment is installed in the cabinet. Power supply equipment, batteries, temperature co......

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Precision Power Distribution

Precision Power Distribution

Shangyu CPSY® precision power distribution cabinet is an intelligent power distribution cabinet that is carefully designed for the energy end of the data center computer room and the current situation of computer room power distribution prone to single-point failures. It comprehensively collects all energy data and has independent branch monitoring and management. The design can comprehensively improve the reliability of data center power distribution and bring a new experience to the construction and management of computer room power distribution. It is mainly used in data centers and computer rooms in finance, telecommunications, enterprises, governments, etc., with a capacity range of 20-300KVA. . Provide high-precision measurement data for the terminal energy monitoring system, and ref......

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Battery Storage Cabinets

Battery Storage Cabinets

When additional battery reserves are required, a variety of battery storage cabinets are available. CPSY® battery storage cabinets can be customized to meet Zone 4 seismic requirements and can be customized to be waterproof. The battery storage cabinet has an IP54 protection rating and can be used safely in harsh environments. It can be equipped with optional door locks and can accommodate various battery combinations. The products are constructed of aluminum and lined with a proprietary fire-resistant lining that can be customized to your needs.

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Outdoor Equipment Cabinet

Outdoor Equipment Cabinet

Temperature, moisture, ice, shock hazard, and UV damage are all potential hazards to consider before purchasing an outdoor equipment cabinet, and CPSY® specializes in offering a variety of products for telecommunications equipment that can be NEMA rated and can withstand varying degrees of Outdoor factors. CPSY® manufactures metal outdoor equipment cabinets that meet or are designed to meet NEMA Types 3R, 4, and 6. The panel layout and design can prevent the entry of dust, dirt, and harmful liquids, and can also add temperature sensors to regulate the temperature.

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42U Rack Server Cabinet

42U Rack Server Cabinet

Designed for secure, high-density server and network applications in IT environments, the CPSY®42U rack server Cabinet features integrated cooling, power distribution and cable management, making it an ideal home for mission-critical equipment. The CPSY® 42U rack server cabinet ships fully assembled for quick deployment and rolls into place on heavy-duty casters, and tool-less mounting slots allow for quick installation of PDUs and vertical cable managers. The CPSY® 42U rack server cabinet is constructed from heavy-duty steel with a durable black powder-coated finish and has a maximum fixed load capacity of 3000 lbs (1363 kg) and a maximum rolling load capacity of 2250 lbs (1022 kg). It locks the split version With front and rear doors, locking side panels, and multiple cable entry points ......

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CPSY is a professional Server Racks and Cabinets manufacturers and suppliers in China, known for our excellent service and reasonable prices. As a factory, we can make customized Server Racks and Cabinets. All our products meet CE, ROHS, ISO9001 standards, etc. If you are interested in our easy-maintainable and durable Server Racks and Cabinets, please contact us. We sincerely hope to become your reliable long-term business partner!
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