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As renewable energy grows in popularity, the need for efficient energy storage solutions increases. Large-scale energy storage systems are currently being implemented to store excess electricity generated from renewable energy sources for use when generation is low. In addition to data centers and UPS power systems, Shangyu CPSY® power energy solutions also include emergency power supplies, electric vehicle charging piles and voltage regulators.

With the rapid advancement of society, the number of electrical equipment is increasing day by day. However, the aging and lagging development of power transmission and distribution facilities, as well as poor design and insufficient power supply, cause end-user voltages to be too low, while line-end users often have higher voltages. This is a problem for electrical equipment, especially high-tech and high-tech equipment with strict voltage requirements. Precision equipment is like a time bomb. As a public power grid, the mains power system is connected to thousands of various loads. Some of the larger inductive, capacitive, switching power supply and other loads not only obtain power from the grid, but also in turn cause damage to the grid itself. It affects and deteriorates the power supply quality of the power grid or local power grid, causing mains voltage waveform distortion or frequency drift. In addition, unexpected natural and man-made accidents, such as excessive load voltage, earthquakes, lightning strikes, power transmission and transformation system interruptions or short circuits, will endanger the normal supply of power and thus affect the normal operation of the load. In response to this situation, large-scale energy storage systems are currently being implemented to store excess electricity generated from renewable energy sources for use when power generation is low. In addition to data centers and UPS power systems, Shangyu CPSY® power energy solutions also include emergency power supplies, electric vehicle charging piles and voltage regulators.

1. Power energy solution-----EPS emergency power system

The EPS emergency power supply system is a power supply system carefully developed and designed for the emergency temporary portable power requirements of various types of outdoor construction such as electric power construction, field exploration construction, railway construction, municipal administration, etc., to meet the requirements of high-quality, high-quality power supply in each of the above application environments. High reliability and efficiency.

EPS emergency power supply is a backup power supply device installed in a building. When a fire, accident or other emergency in the building causes a power outage, the fire lighting emergency power supply can provide fire sign lights, lighting lamps and other important The load provides secondary or tertiary backup power. With the improvement of building fire safety level, especially the increase of high-rise buildings, fire lighting emergency power supply has become a necessary fire protection facility for buildings. During normal lighting, emergency lighting is very important in order to ensure the safety of personnel and quickly evacuate and carry out rescue work when the power supply is cut off, the power grid is cut off, or a fire breaks out. This product can be used in high-rise buildings, shopping malls, hospitals, underground air defense projects, etc.

working principle

In emergency power systems where there is no mains power or it is difficult to apply for mains power, the energy storage system first supplies power to uninterrupted loads;

The energy management system calculates based on the energy storage discharge status and load power demand, starts the generator set to supply power to the energy storage system or discharges the load simultaneously with the energy storage system to ensure the quality of power supply;

It ensures that the diesel generator always works in the high-efficiency zone, reduces the direct power supply cost of the generator set by more than 30%, and realizes the system's goal of saving fuel and energy.

Functions and features

● This system takes hydrogen fuel or diesel generator sets and energy storage systems as the core, combined with intelligent energy management systems and intelligent operation and maintenance monitoring backends, to provide customers with a one-stop, safe, reliable, and cost-effective electricity experience. During use, the energy storage system uses capacitor batteries as energy storage carriers and UPS-level STS switching systems to achieve uninterrupted and non-inductive power supply, improving the reliability of power supply in important power supply scenarios.

● Achieve uninterrupted power supply (mains power failure, backup power supply within 20ms); - Intelligent and efficient, through independent core control algorithm and dispatch management strategy, optimize the load efficiency of the generator set, reduce the fuel consumption of the generator set, and save power supply costs . The generator set is designed for optimal operation. The capacitor battery energy storage system can be fully charged in 10 minutes and supports high-rate output above 10C. The capacitor battery energy storage system has the following characteristics:

1) High rate charge and discharge characteristics, up to 10-50C;

2) Ultra-long life characteristics, more than 30,000 charge and discharge cycles;

3) High safety, safe materials used, no explosion or fire risk in extreme environments;

4) Wide charging and discharging temperature range, -50℃~+85℃ charging and discharging continuous operation;

5) Low self-discharge characteristics, if left for 3 months, the voltage will drop ≤5%;

6) Low total operating cost (TCO). It has the characteristics of low maintenance cost, long cycle life, and wide practical SOC range. It reduces the frequency of capacitor battery replacement and supports secondary use.

● Reliable and safe, dual backup power supply of energy storage + generator set, safe power supply and unlimited backup time.

● The system has low noise (≤72dB) and a wide range of applications; intelligent energy management, automatic control, low system failure rate and low maintenance costs.

● Box-type structure, rapid deployment and easy installation, shortening the entry time and improving equipment start-up efficiency.

● It can be vehicle-mounted and requires no preliminary construction preparation, making it easy to deploy and exit quickly.

System Components

1. The energy storage system is composed of capacitor battery system (including capacitor battery management system BMS), energy storage converter PCS (including isolation transformer) and other components. It has power storage, charge and discharge functions, and supports grid-connected, off-grid and parallel off-grid. network to switch working modes.

2. Hydrogen fuel/diesel generator sets can provide efficient and continuous power, and have parallel and grid-connected modes. Parallel operation can realize the parallel operation of multiple generator sets to form an independent power grid. The grid-connected mode can expand and supplement the existing power grid; power generation The unit can realize automatic start-up and corresponding power scheduling under the control of the intelligent energy management system EMS.

3. The energy storage system and generator system can cooperate with the external mains grid and photovoltaic (new energy) to achieve multi-energy complementary and multi-mode hybrid power supply under the intelligent management of the energy management system EMS.

4. The intelligent operation and maintenance monitoring platform conducts real-time monitoring, management and analysis of power station data to strengthen daily operation and maintenance, power supply safety management and performance analysis.

Application features

●Automatic switching of dual power sources for generator set and energy storage, safe and reliable.

●Plug and play, flexible power supply, convenient for mobile power supply.

●Single-chip microcomputer control is used to ensure that each action point is accurate. When the mains fails, it will automatically and seamlessly switch to the intelligent microgrid system to ensure uninterrupted power supply to the load.

●Use centralized power supply mode, sine wave output, independent power supply, completely separated from the city power grid. According to the power supply needs of the on-site load, energy storage and backup power can be used first, with stable voltage and frequency, no noise, and at the same time, the intelligent operation and maintenance platform cooperates with energy management system to flexibly coordinate the work of generator sets and energy storage systems.

●Support customized development, fire linkage control, and computer monitoring

product advantages

1) Simple design and convenient construction

2) Low overall cost and low investment

3) Long life, the host life is more than 15 years

4) Maintenance-free battery, can be recycled 300-500 times

5) Automatic switching, unattended

6) Keep lighting stable, reliable and easy to maintain

Successful cases: Canton Tower Ferris Wheel, Guangzhou Asian Games venues, Shanghai Disneyland, Tianjin Wanda Plaza, China Science and Technology Museum...

2. Electric energy solutions-----electric vehicle charging piles

As my country's economic and social development level continues to improve, car ownership continues to rise. Vigorous development of electric vehicles can speed up fuel substitution and reduce vehicle exhaust emissions. It is of great significance to ensuring energy security, promoting energy conservation and emission reduction, preventing and controlling air pollution, and promoting my country's transformation from an automobile country to an automobile power.

However, the accelerated development of the new energy vehicle industry has exposed the bottleneck of the limited number of charging piles. At present, my country's industrial policy for the development of new energy vehicles, mainly pure electric vehicles, is becoming increasingly clear. According to the national plan, charging piles and electric vehicles will be popularized at a ratio of 1:1, which means that charging piles will inevitably usher in a construction peak in the future. With the deployment and implementation of new energy strategies, the number of electric vehicles continues to rise. The supporting electric vehicle charging and swapping facilities have taken the lead in construction, and will gradually form an electric vehicle charging and swapping system that combines charging piles, charging stations, battery swapping stations, and other facilities.

Charging piles generally provide two charging methods: AC slow charging and DC fast charging.

People can use a specific charging card to swipe the card on the human-computer interaction interface provided by the charging pile to perform corresponding charging methods, charging time, cost data printing and other operations. The charging pile display can display the charging amount, cost, charging time, etc. data. AC charging piles have low power and slow charging, and are suitable for home use; DC charging piles/machine have high power and fast charging, and are mostly used in public venues.

DC charging pile:

The input circuit uses a small short circuit, a surge protector, and a small leakage short circuit to provide overload, short circuit, lightning protection, and leakage protection respectively. The AC smart energy meter performs power measurement. The AC contactor controls the on and off of the main circuit, and finally outputs to the charger. Interface connector for charging electric vehicles.

AC charging pile: The input circuit uses a small short circuit, a surge protector, and a small leakage short circuit to provide overload, short circuit, lightning protection, and leakage protection respectively. The AC smart energy meter performs power measurement, and the AC contactor controls the on and off of the main circuit. Finally, it is output to the charging interface connector to charge the electric vehicle.

Charging infrastructure mainly includes various centralized charging and swapping stations and decentralized charging piles. Due to the scattered locations and large number of charging facilities, in order to ensure user experience and operational efficiency, services such as charging navigation, status inquiry, charging reservation, and fee settlement must be provided. To provide these services, these charging facilities must be networked and connected. Build a charging intelligent service platform. The specific requirements for charging pile (station) networking are as follows:

●Charging pile (station) sites often have many stakeholders, and communication and negotiation are difficult. Therefore, the networking equipment is required to be simple to install and easy to expand. GPRS/3G/4G and other methods are used for sites that do not have wired communication conditions;

●Charging piles (stations) are often exposed outdoors and the on-site environment is complex, so the networking equipment is required to be industrial-grade products;

●Important sites need to be designed with redundant links, and networking equipment needs to support wired, wireless backup or dual-SIM backup;

●Charging piles (stations) are scattered and numerous, and networked equipment must support remote centralized monitoring and batch management.

Electric vehicle charging pile/station intelligent networking solution

Shangyu provides differentiated solutions for different charging facilities and customer needs.

(1) For distributed charging piles

For distributed charging piles in residential areas or unit parking lots, Yinghantong industrial wireless data terminals are used for networking. The charging pile control board is connected to the industrial wireless data terminal through a serial port. The industrial wireless data terminal automatically dials up and connects to the Internet through the operator's GPRS/3G network, and establishes a connection with the monitoring and operation center of the charging operation company, thereby establishing a connection between charging facilities and the monitoring and operation center. transparent channel between. The system network topology is as follows:

●Through the transparent channel between the charging pile and the monitoring operation center built by the industrial wireless data terminal, the center can monitor the voltage, current, electricity, power and other operating parameters of the on-site charging pile in real time, and on the other hand, it can monitor the status of the charging pile. If If there is an alarm or failure, maintenance can be carried out in time;

●For customers with independent development capabilities and high cost requirements, Inhantong Network can also provide embedded wireless data terminals to meet users' cost-effective requirements;

●The monitoring operation center sets up Inhandong Network’s device management software platform DeviceManager (DM), which can monitor the operating status of industrial wireless data terminals, generated traffic conditions, and on-site signal coverage in real time, and can perform operations such as batch configuration or batch upgrade of DTUs. ;

(2) For centralized charging and swapping stations or group charging systems

For charging infrastructure in public service areas such as buses, rentals, sanitation, logistics, and highways, centralized charging and swapping stations are generally built, or some charging operating companies use box-type transformer and other technologies to launch group intelligent charging systems. In this case, Inhantong provides industrial router products to realize the networking of charging facilities. Each charging pile of the centralized charging station uses Ethernet to form a local area network (if it is a group charging system, the entire system has a centralized collection control unit), and then connects to the private network or the Internet through an industrial router as a unified gateway, and finally connects to the charging station. The monitoring operation center of the operating enterprise establishes a connection to realize two-way data transmission between the charging facilities and the monitoring operation center. The system topology is as follows:

●Through the transparent channel between the charging station and the monitoring operation center built by the industrial router, the center can monitor the voltage, current, electricity, power and other operating parameters of the on-site charging pile in real time. On the other hand, it can monitor the status of the charging pile. If there is an alarm or malfunction, maintenance can be carried out in time;

●If the site has wired network conditions, the industrial router can use wired access to the network. If there is no specific wired network on site, you can choose the 3G/4G wireless network access method, which fully ensures the flexibility of network access;

●For customers who have higher requirements for data security, an IPSec VPN encrypted tunnel can also be established between the industrial router and the central firewall to fully ensure the security of transmitted data;

●The monitoring operation center sets up DeviceManager (DM), the device management software platform of Inhandong Network, which can monitor the running status of routers, generated traffic and on-site signal coverage in real time, and can perform batch configuration or batch upgrade of routers;

Charging pile product solution advantages

●Provide differentiated intelligent networking and operation solutions based on different user sites and needs;

●In domestic power system distribution network automation applications, wireless communication products have a high market share; equipment and platforms are equipped with complete protection and alarm functions.

●Hardware communication products are all industrial-grade products, with wide temperature and wide voltage, high EMC level, and have been tested in the harsh environment of power sites;

●Hardware communication products are designed with high reliability and high security level; communication support: GPRS, WIFI, NB-loT and other wireless methods.

●The network management platform provides centralized management and batch operations, saving operating costs and labor costs for charging operation companies;

●Fast and sincere after-sales service, customized development of small programs.

●Compatible with 11 and 15 standard charging cars on the market.

3. Power energy solutions-----voltage regulator

Unstable voltage can cause fatal injuries or malfunctions to equipment, affect production, and cause multiple losses such as delivery delays and unstable quality. At the same time, it accelerates the aging of the equipment, affects the service life and even burns the accessories, causing the owners to face the trouble of needing repairs or updating the equipment in a short period of time, which wastes resources; in serious cases, safety accidents may even occur, causing immeasurable losses.

Therefore, the use of voltage stabilizers and UPS power systems is essential for electrical equipment, especially high-tech and precision equipment with strict voltage requirements.

The voltage regulating regulator is based on our company's intelligent CNC compensated AC voltage regulator. It is tailor-made for users in this industry who need multi-level voltage regulation for refrigeration unit testing or large laboratory users and special needs for electricity safety. A new generation of personalized intelligent fast energy-saving regulated power supply. The voltage regulating regulator adopts microcontroller intelligent control and is equipped with a multi-language LCD display, which highlights the safety, stability, energy saving and human-machine interface of this equipment. Compared with traditional compensated voltage regulators, it has three significant advantages: intelligent control and display, fast voltage stabilization, and quietness and energy saving. The voltage regulating regulator also adopts a true RMS sampling circuit, which can accurately detect the RMS of various voltage waveforms, prevent electromagnetic and radio frequency interference, effectively filter out grid pollution, and is equipped with an RS-232 interface to realize remote control, Telemetry and remote signaling functions, the dedicated voltage regulator for computer rooms also has complete protection functions to ensure long-term safe operation of various computer centers and data centers under unattended conditions.

There are three basic types of voltage regulators:

Buck Regulator — A voltage regulator with an output voltage lower than the input voltage

Boost regulator — A voltage regulator with an output voltage higher than the input voltage

Buck-boost regulator—can provide an output voltage higher, lower, or the same as the input voltage

The voltage regulator mainly regulates voltage into single-phase (D) and three-phase (S).

Voltage regulator symbol Three-phase compensated power voltage stabilizer.

The price of a voltage regulator with an additional surge suppressor and filter is 1.3 times that of an SBW voltage regulator.

The size of the voltage regulator is configured based on 2-3 times the power of the complete machine.

The voltage regulator relies on the beating of the relay to stabilize the voltage. When the grid voltage fluctuates slightly, or other electrical appliances are turned on or off within a certain range, the automatic correction circuit of the power voltage regulator will be activated, causing the relay to jump frequently. The biggest function of the voltage stabilizer is that it can control the output voltage of electrical appliances with large current fluctuations within a certain range to ensure the smoothness of the circuit and the normal use of the electrical appliances. Due to the instability of voltage, it can cause fatal injuries or malfunctions to the equipment, affect its use, and cause unstable quality. Therefore, a voltage regulator must be used.

SVC/TNS/TND series single and three-phase high-precision fully automatic AC voltage stabilizers are composed of contact auto-voltage regulators, servo motors, automatic control circuits, etc. When the grid voltage is unstable or the load changes, it automatically samples The control circuit sends a signal to drive the servo motor and adjust the position of the carbon brush of the autovoltage regulator so that the output voltage is adjusted to the rated value and reaches a stable state. SVC/TNS/TND series high-precision AC voltage regulator series voltage regulators have mains power pass-through function. It has the advantages of many varieties, complete specifications, and beautiful appearance. It has the advantages of non-distorted waveform, high efficiency, reliable performance and long-term operation. It is equipped with short delay, overvoltage and other protection functions. Long delay and undervoltage protection functions can be added according to user needs. The product can be widely used in any place where electricity is used. It is an ideal voltage-stabilized power supply to ensure the normal operation of your electrical equipment. Mainly used in office equipment, test equipment, medical equipment, industrial automation equipment, household appliances, lighting systems, communication systems, etc.

SBW series three-phase fully automatic high-power compensated split-type AC stabilized power supply is a new generation of energy-saving AC stabilized power supply designed and produced by our company with reference to AC voltage stabilization technology and according to my country's actual electricity consumption conditions. It is targeted at users' on-site power supply networks. Three-phase unbalanced voltage fluctuations or load unbalanced changes can automatically adjust and maintain stable output balance when voltage fluctuations occur. This series of products is different from other types of stable instruments and has large capacity, easy installation, It has the advantages of high efficiency, no waveform spraying, and stable electric linear adjustment. It is suitable for a wide range of loads, can withstand instantaneous overload, and can work continuously for a long time. It has complete protection functions, including over-under voltage protection, over-current and over-load protection, short-circuit protection, and short-circuit protection. Protection functions such as reverse phase protection and mechanical fault protection.

SBW and DBW series fully automatic high-power compensated AC stabilized power supplies (hereinafter referred to as voltage stabilizers) are a power supply product independently developed and designed by our company by introducing advanced foreign technology for this product and combining it with my country's national conditions. When the external power supply network voltage fluctuates or load changes cause voltage fluctuations, it can automatically maintain the stability of the output voltage. Compared with other types of voltage stabilizers, this series of products has large capacity, high efficiency, no waveform distortion, stable voltage, and is widely used in loads. , can withstand instantaneous overload, can operate continuously for a long time, implements unattended operation, can switch between manual control, automatic control, mains power, and voltage stabilization at will, and is equipped with automatic protection devices for overvoltage, undervoltage, overcurrent, delay, mechanical failure, and volume Small, light weight, easy to use and install, and reliable in operation. It can be widely used in large electromechanical equipment, metal processing equipment, production lines, construction engineering equipment, elevators, medical equipment, program-controlled computer rooms, CNC machine tools, printing equipment and textile equipment in the fields of industry, agriculture, transportation, postal and telecommunications defense, railways, scientific research and culture, etc. , air conditioners, radio and television, and household appliances, lighting and other places that require voltage stabilization.

Household voltage stabilizers are composed of voltage regulating circuits, control circuits, and servo motors. When the input voltage or load changes, the control circuit samples, compares, and amplifies, and then drives the servo motor to rotate, causing the position of the carbon brush of the voltage regulator to change. , by automatically adjusting the coil turns ratio to maintain the stability of the output voltage. Voltage stabilizers with larger capacities also work on the principle of voltage compensation.

Voltage regulators serve two functions: converting an input voltage into different output voltage levels, and voltage stabilization (maintaining a constant output voltage under changing load conditions). DC-DC regulators are key components of any power supply system, so choosing the right regulator is crucial if you are to develop the most suitable solution.

Other features

Parallel function: If the voltage regulator can be connected in parallel, it can provide greater output current. Not all regulators can parallelize their outputs, as for many topologies this will introduce instability.

Constant current output: In battery applications, a constant voltage needs to be provided to the load, but constant current is required for charging. Some voltage regulators provide outputs that can be configured for constant current and constant voltage, making them ideal for these systems.

Soft Start: The ability to slowly increase voltage helps ensure power system stability even when large amounts of capacitance are connected to the regulator output.

Overvoltage Protection: Regulators are provided with protection to ensure that they do not deliver more than the defined output voltage, ensuring that the load is not damaged even in the event of a fault. Other protection circuits may disable the regulator if the input voltage is out of range.

Transient response: Some loads rapidly change the current they require. The fast transient response ensures that the regulator can provide the required power without the need for large output capacitors to store energy.

Voltage regulator The voltage regulator should be used indoors. The normal usage conditions are:

1. Ambient temperature: -10℃—+40℃

2. Altitude: <1000M

3. Relative humidity: 20﹪-90%

4. There are no gases, vapors, chemical deposits, dust, dirt and other explosive and corrosive media that seriously affect the insulation of the voltage regulator.

5. There is no serious vibration or bumps in the installation site.

Voltage stabilizers can be widely used in: electronic computers, precision machine tools, computed tomography (CT), precision instruments, test equipment, etc. in industrial and mining enterprises, oil fields, railways, construction sites, schools, hospitals, postal and telecommunications, hotels, scientific research and other departments. Places such as elevator lighting, imported equipment and production lines that require stable voltage from the power supply. It is also suitable for users at the end of the low-voltage distribution network where the power supply voltage is too low or too high, with large fluctuations, and for electrical equipment with large load changes. It is especially suitable for all voltage-stabilized power consumption places that require high power grid waveforms. The high-power compensated power voltage stabilizer can be connected to thermal power, hydraulic power, and small generators.

Item Compensated AC Voltage Stabilizer contactless voltage regulator
Working principle The compensated AC voltage stabilizer is mainly composed of the compensation transformer TB, the voltage regulating transformer TVV and the transmission system.There are carbon brushes, contacts, mechanical transmission, and analog control. The intelligent AC contactless voltage regulator is mainly composed of a compensation transformer (controllable transformer), a thyristor contactless switch, a high-speed AD sampling and an intelligent processor composed of a microcontroller.No carbon brushes, no contacts, no mechanical transmission, digital intelligent control, and has three significant advantages: intelligent control and display, fast voltage stabilization, and silent energy saving.
Control and display Analog signal acquisition and processing,Parameter setting relies on potentiometer adjustment;Many manufacturers still use pointer display, but our factory has switched to LCD digital display since 2009. 12-bit high-speed AD acquisition, 128 points per wave acquisition, high-speed processing by large-scale programmable logic devices and microcontrollers.Humanized human-machine interface: You can view and set various indicators of the voltage regulator through the touch keys on the operation panel
Response time Generally about 50ms Response time <10ms
Stabilization time (10% sudden change in input voltage) About 1s (JB/T7620-1994 regulations) ≤100ms (YD/T1270-2003 regulations)
Noise ≤55dB ≤50dB with mute characteristics
Efficiency The loss is mainly composed of two parts: compensation transformer and voltage regulating transformer.National standard product efficiency:Below 50KVA≥94%50KVA-100KVA≥96%Below 100KVA≥97% The loss is mainly caused by the compensation transformer, and the loss is reduced by nearly half when produced by the same manufacturer using the same process. National standard product efficiency:Below 50KVA≥95%50KVA-100KVA≥97%Below 100KVA≥98%
Voltage regulating method You can only choose one of unified adjustment or divided adjustment. Both unified regulation and divided regulation: divided voltage regulation, unified regulation and divided regulation can be set at will (unique function of upper stabilization), with three-phase voltage automatic balancing function, which can effectively overcome center point drift
Anti-harmonic function Need to add filter control circuit The single-chip microcomputer has high-speed processing and digital filtering functions, which can still operate safely and stably in the face of severe harmonic interference.
Failsafe Fault cut-off output There are two modes to choose from: fault cut-off output or uninterrupted automatic bypass operation.
Bypass function Manual bypass power supply Has uninterrupted automatic bypass function
Maintenance cycle Inspect and maintain once every 3-6 months. Check the carbon brush pressure and contact conditions, and clean dust and carbon deposits. Maintenance-free: Check the wiring once a year for overheating and loosening, and clean the dust and dirt.
Voltage stabilization accuracy ±1-5% adjustable, normal ±3% ±1.5-7% can be set, normal ±2.5%

AC stabilized power supplies are widely used in the voltage stabilization and protection of modern high-tech products such as computers and peripheral devices, medical electronic instruments, communication and broadcast equipment, industrial electronic equipment, and automatic production lines. DC stabilized power supplies are widely used in DC power supply for national defense, scientific research, colleges and universities, laboratories, industrial and mining enterprises, electrolysis, electroplating, charging equipment, etc.

Daily precautions

1. Avoid violent vibration, prevent the inflow of corrosive gases and liquids, prevent it from being irrigated and place it in a ventilated and dry place. Do not cover it with fabric to hinder ventilation and heat dissipation.

2. Please use a three-prong (grounded) socket, and the grounding screw on the machine must be properly grounded. Otherwise, the case will be charged with a test pen. This is caused by distributed capacitance induced electricity, which is a normal phenomenon. You can pass the grounding wire eliminate. If the casing is seriously leaking and the insulation resistance is less than 2MΩ, it may be that the insulation layer has been dampened or the circuit and the casing are short-circuited. The cause should be identified and the fault eliminated before use.

3. The 0.5-1.5KVA low-power voltage stabilizer uses a fuse for over-current and short-circuit protection. The 2-40KVA voltage stabilizer uses a DZ47 circuit breaker for over-current and short-circuit protection. If the fuse often blows or the circuit breaker trips frequently, Check whether the power consumption is excessive.

4. When the output voltage exceeds the protection value (the phase voltage protection value is adjusted to 250V±5V when leaving the factory), the regulated power supply automatically protects and cuts off the output voltage of the regulated power supply. At the same time, the overvoltage indicator light turns on. The user should immediately shut down the power supply and check the grid voltage or Voltage stabilization. If the voltage regulator automatically cuts off power (with input but no output), check whether the mains voltage is higher than 28OV. If it is lower than 280V, check whether the voltage regulator is faulty. Wait until the cause is found out before using.

5. If the output voltage of the voltage regulator deviates greatly from 220V, please adjust the potentiometer on the control board until the output voltage is normal (if the input voltage does not reach the stable voltage range, it cannot be adjusted).

6. When the mains voltage is often at the lower limit (<150V) or upper limit (>260V) of the voltage regulator input voltage, the limit microswitch is often touched and control failure is prone to occur. At this time, the voltage regulator cannot adjust the voltage or can only adjust it higher (or only lower). You should first check whether the micro switch is damaged.

7. Please keep the inside of the machine clean. Dust will hinder the rotation of the gears and affect the accuracy of the output voltage. Please clean and maintain the coil contact surface clean in time. When the carbon brush wear is serious, the pressure should be adjusted to avoid sparking at the contact surface between the carbon brush and the coil. Carbon brushes should be replaced when their length is less than 2mm. When the coil plane flashover is blackened, it should be polished with fine sandpaper.

⒏The input end of the three-phase voltage stabilizer must be connected to the neutral line (neutral line), otherwise the voltage stabilizer cannot work under normal load and will damage the voltage stabilizer and electrical equipment. Never use a ground wire instead of a neutral wire (but the neutral wires can be connected in parallel), and the neutral wire must not be connected to a fuse.

9. When the output voltage of the voltage regulator is lower than the rated voltage (220V or three-phase 380V), check whether the input voltage is too low. When the rated voltage is reached at no load but the output is lower than the rated voltage when loaded, this is because the input line carrying area is too small, or the load end exceeds the rated capacity range of the voltage regulator, and the line voltage drop is too large when loaded. The input voltage is lower than The lower limit of the regulator's adjustment range. At this time, the input wire should be replaced with a thicker one or the product capacity should be increased.

10. When a single load has a large power (such as air conditioner, etc.), and the input line is long and the load area is insufficient, the voltage will be seriously reduced when the load is working, and it may be difficult to start the load; when the load is working and it is temporarily shut down, it is easy to occur If the output instantaneously overvoltages and cuts off power, it is not a voltage regulator failure. The input line should be improved (the line should be thickened and the length of the input line should be shortened as much as possible to reduce the voltage drop in the line).

11. When the output voltage of the voltage regulator seriously deviates from 220V, you should check whether ① the input voltage is within the stable voltage range; ② whether the motor gear is seriously worn and whether the rotation is flexible; ③ whether the limit switch is damaged: ④ whether the coil plane is smooth; ⑤ Is the control board damaged?

security matters

⒈When the regulated power supply is powered on, please do not disassemble the regulated power supply or pull out the input and output connections of the regulated power supply at will to prevent electric shock or other electrical safety accidents.

⒉The input and output connections of the voltage-stabilized power supply must be arranged properly to prevent them from being worn out due to trampling and causing leakage accidents.

⒊The regulated power supply must be reliably grounded. The user is responsible for any electric shock or personal injury caused by operation without a ground wire.

⒋The ground wire of the regulated power supply cannot be connected to heating pipes, water supply pipes, gas pipes and other public facilities to avoid infringing the rights of third parties or causing harm.

⒌The input and output connections of the regulated power supply should be checked regularly to avoid loosening or falling off, which will affect the normal use of the regulated power supply and the safety of electricity.

⒍The connection line of the voltage regulator must be selected to meet the specified connection line that can carry sufficient current capacity.

⒎. The voltage stabilizer should be handled with care and avoid severe vibration during operation;

⒏. Ensure that the carbon brush spring of the voltage regulator has sufficient pressure to prevent the contact surface between the carbon brush and the coil from sparking;

⒐. Non-professionals are not allowed to disassemble or repair the regulated power supply.

Shangyu CPSY® Power Energy Solutions has been committed to UPS backup power solutions, EPS emergency power solutions, charging pile solutions and photovoltaic fields. It has obtained ISO9001 quality management system certificates and CE, ROHS certificates, and has been unanimously recognized and praised by customers inside and outside the industry.

Shangyu CPSY® Company focuses on future sustainable development in its planning, constantly innovates technology, leads the industry in the research and development of green energy-saving technologies, and has always pursued green, efficient, safe, energy-saving, and reliable products, services, and solutions. Technological innovation not only allows Shangyu customers to obtain better, stable and reliable products and services, but also reduces the energy consumption cost of the computer room. It is precisely because of the unremitting pursuit of environmentally friendly technology that Shangyu CPSY®, together with customers and end users, has achieved remarkable results in green energy saving in computer rooms.

1. Shangyu CPSY® company structure: It is composed of four independent and complementary business divisions, the power supply division (0.5kva-800kva ups), the computer room refrigeration division (3.5kw-100kw cooling capacity), and the software division ( Dynamic environment system and monitoring system), Energy Division (charging piles 7KW-240KW), have mature supporting capabilities and quick response solutions, providing users with a series of professional services such as installation and commissioning.

2. Well-known brand and ultra-low failure rate: As a well-known UPS manufacturer in the Chinese market and one of the top ten well-known brands in the industry, the high-efficiency and low-noise UPS enjoys a high reputation in Asia. The failure rate is less than 0.3%, even as low as 0.16 %.

3. The scale of raw materials has been purchased in batches: greatly reducing the production cost of Shangyu CPSY® products, thereby providing customers with cost-effective products.

4.7*24-hour response service: Whether it is pre-sales technical solution support or after-sales solution support, professionally trained technical engineers are always ready to respond to customer needs.

5. Have a world-class R&D laboratory: high reliability, high intelligence, high efficiency, high standards, continuous innovation, and the ability to continue to launch more market competitive products.

6. Advanced production quality control technology: Strictly implement ISO quality system certification, meet EU standards, and provide environmentally friendly, efficient, safe and reliable products and technologies

7. Customized solutions: provide OEM & ODM orders

8. Provide various technical and business training: to help users better understand, master and apply power systems.

9. Global layout: Since 2015, Shangyu CPSY® has registered trademarks in many countries and regions around the world, continues to increase the construction of overseas marketing service networks, accelerates the layout of the global marketing network system, and strives to operate globally through technological innovation and branding.

10. A strong engineering team, 42 professional technicians with senior professional titles and certified engineers, provide users with a series of professional services such as installation, commissioning, and after-sales.

11. Customer first: Fulfilling the commitment of high-quality and efficient delivery and protecting customer interests are Shangyu CPSY®’s consistent customer value maximization philosophy.

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12.8V LiFePO4 Battery

12.8V LiFePO4 Battery

The CPSY® 12.8V LiFePO4 battery with built-in BMS is designed as a deep cycle discharge battery pack, providing solutions for demanding applications requiring lighter, longer life and higher capacity batteries, and features advanced battery management system (BMS) and Bluetooth smart monitoring. 4P4S connection is available to expand capacity and voltage. Widely used in communication power systems, UPS systems, off-grid or micro-grid systems, security and protection systems, emergency lighting power supplies, portable medical equipment, golf carts, RVs, solar/wind energy systems, remote monitoring, etc. and how to quickly charge large capacities or high voltage power equipment.

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CPSY is a professional Power Energy Solution manufacturers and suppliers in China, known for our excellent service and reasonable prices. As a factory, we can make customized Power Energy Solution. All our products meet CE, ROHS, ISO9001 standards, etc. If you are interested in our easy-maintainable and durable Power Energy Solution, please contact us. We sincerely hope to become your reliable long-term business partner!
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