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Surveillance software is a software system used to monitor video signals or image data. It can perform real-time monitoring of targets through computers or embedded devices, video storage, playback and retrieval, alarm prompts, motion detection, evidence retrieval and other functions. The monitoring software must also have the characteristics of stability, reliability and scalability. , ensuring long-term stable operation and meeting changing monitoring needs. Monitoring software is widely used in security monitoring, traffic monitoring, industrial automation, smart home and other fields.

When selecting monitoring software, factors such as software stability, reliability, real-time performance and ease of use need to be considered. At the same time, factors such as the hardware equipment, network environment, and user needs of the monitoring system must also be considered, and relevant laws, regulations, and ethical norms must be observed to ensure personal privacy and data security. The monitoring system of Shangyu CPSY Company adopts advanced video monitoring technology and data processing technology, and has the advantages of real-time monitoring, remote management, data analysis and storage, monitoring and alarming, etc. The product can meet various monitoring needs and can realize intelligent monitoring and Alarm to improve monitoring efficiency and safety.

Shangyu's monitoring systems fall into two categories, one is the UPS monitoring system (including MODBUS/SNMP/SA400, etc.), and the other is the power environment monitoring system.

1. UPS monitoring system

The UPS monitoring system is a key device that provides stable power supply in the computer room. Many devices in the computer room, such as servers, minicomputers, routers, etc., require stable uninterruptible power supplies to prevent data loss. Therefore, it is very necessary to monitor the UPS system. Through the communication protocol and intelligent communication interface provided by the UPS manufacturer, the UPS can be comprehensively monitored, and the operating status of the internal rectifier, inverter, battery, bypass, load and other components of the UPS can be monitored in real time. Once any component fails, The system will automatically alarm. It also monitors various voltage, current, frequency, power and other parameters of the UPS in real time, and has an intuitive graphical interface display. The system can comprehensively diagnose the UPS condition and monitor various parameters of the UPS. Once the UPS alarms, it will automatically switch to the relevant screen. Parameters that exceed the limit will change color, accompanied by alarm sounds and corresponding processing prompts at the scene. Notifications such as phone, SMS, email, and voice can be set according to user needs. For important parameters, curve records can be made, curves within one year can be queried, and the maximum and minimum values on a selected day can be displayed, allowing managers to have a comprehensive understanding of the UPS status.

The UPS monitoring system can detect in real time:

1. Real-time detection of various operating conditions such as mains power, battery, inverter operation, bypass, and self-test of the corresponding UPS;

2. Respond to UPS alarm information in real time. Once any UPS failure or alarm occurs, relevant managers will be notified immediately through mobile phone text messages, such as mains power interruption, UPS failure, bypass, etc., so that managers can respond immediately. Learn about UPS abnormalities at once and eliminate hidden dangers and faults in a timely manner to reduce the risk of possible accidents;

3. Can send SMS alarm information to multiple mobile phones at the same time;

4. Users can check the current UPS operating data and status at any time through mobile phone text messages;

5. Different alarms can be distributed to different mobile phone numbers, with pure Chinese and English information, including device name, fault description, and sending time.

The UPS monitoring system and monitoring software are as follows:

Name Category Use for Implement function supporting agreement
Winpower Software HP1-80k Supports local monitoring, centralized monitoring of up to 4 UPS, server shutdown, UPS shutdown, email, and SMS (with Moden) TCP/IP protocol, supports Linux /HP-UX/AIX/UnixWare/tru64/FreeBSD operating system
SNMP Card (DY802) Built-in card HP1-80k Supports remote monitoring, shutting down servers, shutting down UPS, emails, warning messages, and supporting integrated monitoring SMS alarms TCP/IP﹑UDP﹑SNMP﹑Telnet﹑SSH﹑SSL﹑TLS﹑SNTP﹑PPP﹑HTTP﹑HTTPS, SMTP, MODBUS and other protocols. Shangyu only supports TCP/IP protocol
Modbus Card Built-in card HP1-80K View UPS status, parameters, and warning information ASCII, RTU, TCP, Plus protocol, Shangyu only supports RTU protocol, RS485 communication protocol
SMS alarm External HP1-80k Support remote monitoring, view UPS status, parameters, SMS, and email alarms Mobile network GSM, WCDMA, LTE, TD-SCDMA, CDMA, etc.
AS400 Card Built-in card HP1-20k UPS status and fault alarm AS400 communication protocol
Intelligent monitoring box(IoT-Box) External HP1-80K View UPS status, parameters, warning information, and support integrated monitoring Support MQTT, Modbus multi-protocol, mobile network GSM, WCDMA, LTE, TD-SCDMA, CDMA, etc.
SNMP-R Built-in card GP33、CPY20/30 series Support remote monitoring, shut down the server, turn on/off UPS, email, and support integrated monitoring TCP/IP protocol supports network protocols TCP/IP, UDP, SNMP, Telnet, SNTP, HTTP (upgrade HTTP protocol to support SSL connection), SMTP, DHCP, DNS, TFTP, ARP, ICMP, etc.
Webpower Built-in card CPY20/30 Support remote monitoring, shut down the server, turn on/off UPS, email, and support integrated monitoring Supports SNMP, TCP/IP and HTTP protocols
Viewpower Software S offline ups,CPY20/30、GP33、HPR1102-20K Support local and local centralized monitoring, shut down the server, turn on/off UPS, email, etc. TCP/IP protocol

The role of UPS monitoring system:

1) Help locate faults: When a fault occurs, we can assist in fault analysis and location by viewing various indicator data of the monitoring system.

2) Early warning reduces failure rate: early warning information can be issued in time for possible failures and preventive measures can be taken in advance.

3) Auxiliary capacity planning: Provide data support for capacity planning of servers, middleware and application clusters.

4) Auxiliary performance tuning: JVM garbage collection times, interface response time, slow SQL, etc. can be monitored and optimized.

2. Intelligent computer room power environment monitoring system


The power environment monitoring system is a remote multi-functional monitoring server specially designed for various modern computer and network communication rooms and communication industry base stations. It provides complete centralized monitoring solutions for various monitoring equipment suppliers. The system has 12 RS485 independent The isolation communication interface can monitor the temperature and humidity of the computer room environment, access control, smoke, water leakage, mains power outage and other various sensors to detect the corresponding alarm status. At the same time, these 12 RS485 independent isolation interfaces also have 1 isolation switch input and 1 isolation Switching output, 1 isolated power output, the main interface contains 1 RS232 serial port which can be used to receive SMS voice alarms for SMS and voice alarms. The management system monitors products through Ethernet. And the product provides a wealth of protocols and API interfaces (Json, snmp, modbusTCP, etc.), allowing customers to easily connect to existing monitoring systems. Customers can also develop their own brand-related monitoring interfaces through the interface data we provide. It can also support custom development of customers' own monitoring backend interface.

A comprehensive monitoring device for power environment based on the computer room. It can support monitoring of 1 channel UPS, 5 channels of switch input detection, and expand up to 8 channels of temperature and humidity monitoring to achieve centralized monitoring of UPS, smoke detectors, water leakage, door sensors, infrared, and ordinary air conditioner remote control inside the computer room. It also has WEB web page remote monitoring to view and monitor the real-time operating status of the computer room power and environment at any time. When abnormal situations such as mains power interruption and low battery voltage occur, abnormal alarm information of UPS power supply, mains power, smoke detectors, water leakage and other equipment will be immediately sent to users through email, SNMP, WeChat alarm push, etc., and local sound and light alarms can be expanded at the same time. , promptly notify the on-site personnel on duty.

Features of the power environment monitoring system:

1U/19-inch standard chassis, compact structure, suitable for various cabinets and cases

Industrial grade standard design, stable and reliable, can work normally 7×24h in an environment of -20℃~70℃

Using hardware watchdog circuit, never downtime

Easy to install, low power consumption, energy saving and environmental protection

Flexible power supply mode: AC: 220~264V, or DC: 12~48V (optional)

Supports 12 independently isolated RS485 communication interfaces. Each interface is isolated and does not interfere with each other. At the same time, each RS485 interface retains 1 DC12V isolated power output and 1 switching (optocoupler) input and output.

There are matching sensors and communication lines. Users can choose the corresponding sensors according to their own needs.

10/100M Ethernet Ethernet network communication

Supports 1 standard USB interface, allowing users to export and save device operating data and alarm records through the USB interface

Power supply: AC power supply (220V/50Hz)

Provides Json, snmp, modbusTCP and other interfaces for customer systems to collect data

Shangyu surveillance system has reached cooperation with many well-known brands such as Hikvision, Dahua Technology, Huawei, and ZTE. It has been exported to many countries and regions such as the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, France, and Australia, and has passed ISO 9001 quality management System certification, ISO 27001 information security management system certification and multiple software copyright certifications.

Comprehensive monitoring design for small and medium-sized UPS computer rooms. Based on UPS monitoring, comprehensive power environment monitoring is realized. It can be widely used in UPS in various departments such as UPS data centers, power system automation, industrial monitoring, traffic management, and meteorological bureaus. Machine room center.

Advantages of monitoring systems:

1. Real-time monitoring and alarm: The monitoring system can monitor the status, load, battery status, temperature and other key parameters of the UPS equipment in real time. When an abnormality or failure occurs, the system will immediately issue an alarm, allowing operation and maintenance personnel to take quick measures to reduce potential downtime and improve production efficiency. .

2. Good compatibility: The monitoring software is compatible with a variety of operating systems and hardware devices, making it convenient for customers to integrate systems.

3. Low-cost maintenance: The monitoring system automatically detects equipment problems, allowing maintenance personnel to perform targeted maintenance and repairs, reducing maintenance costs and extending the life of UPS equipment.

4. Stable and reliable: By monitoring the performance of UPS equipment, you can understand the power quality and availability of key applications such as medical equipment and data centers in real time, improving the reliability of power supply.

5. Data analysis and performance optimization: The system can also record and analyze historical data, and can optimize the UPS system, helping to improve efficiency and reduce unnecessary energy waste.

6. Rich interfaces: supports 1 channel UPS, supports 5 channels of switch input detection, and up to 8 channels of temperature and humidity monitoring. Achieve real-time monitoring of computer room temperature and humidity, water leakage, smoke, mains power, etc. at the same time.

7. Remote on/off: If the UPS itself supports remote on/off, the UPS remote discharge test and UPS remote on/off can be realized through the WEB web page after setting operations.

8. Intelligent monitoring and alarming: Supports multiple intelligent functions such as motion detection, face recognition, license plate recognition, etc., and can realize automated monitoring and alarming. Multiple alarm methods (receiving fault messages through web pages, emails, WeChat, etc.), users can check the real-time status of UPS, computer room environment temperature, humidity, etc. through web pages, emails, WeChat, etc., and quickly respond to alarms.

9. Accept customization: It can be customized to be compatible with other UPS brands and customized UPS agreements, with a minimum order quantity of 500.

10. Web page monitoring: The WEB web interface intuitively displays the online status of the UPS power supply. You can view the real-time status of 5-channel switch input detection in real time, such as: the real-time status of smoke detectors, water leakage, door sensors, ordinary air-conditioning switches, infrared and other switch quantities. , and can set upper and lower limits for it. When an abnormality occurs, an alarm notification will be issued in time.

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