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Shangyu UPS assisted Changsha Yueliangdao Road Purui Tunnel Project Power Guarantee


Recently, with its excellent performance, stable, reliable, high-efficiency and energy-saving UPS power supply products, Shangyu assisted the construction of the Puri Tunnel Project on Moon Island Road, Changsha, Hunan Province, and successfully achieved the goal of opening the whole line to traffic.

The Purui Tunnel Project on Moon Island Road is a key project of the city and a key control project of the district government in 2019. The project passes through Pressburg, from Xinxiang Middle Road in the west to Wujiachong Road in the east. It is a three-lane double-arch tunnel with six lanes in both directions, with a total length of about 660 meters, a design speed of 60 km/h, and a service life of 100 years.

As a key construction project of the city, the Puri Tunnel on Moon Island Road is also the first urban tunnel built in Wangcheng District. In order to ensure the orderly progress of the project construction progress, Shangyu Company closely coordinates and cooperates with the project builder. The person in charge of the company's relevant products keeps an eye on the site, holds regular meetings every day to summarize the construction progress, finds out the weak links in the construction, and adjusts the construction plan in time to fully protect the tunnel. Safe, stable and efficient operation of construction power facilities and equipment.

During the construction of the tunnel, Shangyu brand UPS uninterruptible power supply products and facilities used new techniques, new construction methods, and new technologies according to the special construction environment requirements on the site to ensure that the project quality, safety and other indicators were kept improving, and made every effort to create a quality model project.

In the future, the smooth opening of the Moon Island Road Purui Tunnel will greatly ease the traffic pressure in the surrounding area and increase the driving mileage.It will also be greatly shortened, and will further boost the development of Moon Island Area and Wangcheng Economic Development Zone.

The Shangyu GP33/GP31 series UPS power supply products applied in the Purui Tunnel on Moon Island Road this time have outstanding performance advantages, adopt advanced DSP and full digital control technology, have excellent filtering performance, and stable performance of the whole machine. The power safety of key equipment such as traffic lighting and signal indication in the tunnel provides reliable protection, so that the tunnel traffic has a fully functional, safe and reliable power usage environment.

1. Fully digital technology, intelligent and convenient:

Dual DSP control chips, advanced control technology and perfect logic management are used to eliminate the drifting problem of analog control. With complete logic functions, it provides customers with rich interactive data and has convenient communication and networking functions.

2. Multi-machine parallel connection, expansion as needed:

As long as the parallel cable is connected and the UPS is set accordingly, the parallel operation can be realized. Up to 6 machines can be connected in parallel, and enough space is reserved for the future expansion of the equipment, which avoids the shortcomings of the traditional UPS's initial equipment investment and saves valuables for the user. funds.

3. LBS synchronization capability:

It supports the synchronization of two sets of UPS systems and provides technical support for a highly reliable dual power supply system.

4. Comprehensive functions and stable performance:

Provide voltage over-limit protection, frequency over-limit protection, over-current protection, bus over-voltage protection, over-temperature protection, auxiliary power failure protection, output overload protection, output short-circuit protection, emergency shutdown, etc.

5. Visual operation, rich communication interface:

It adopts a large-screen LCD display design, through which various information of the UPS can be monitored, intelligent and convenient to operate, and supports RS232 and RS485 to meet various communication needs of users.

The Purui Tunnel Project on Moon Island Road fully demonstrates the industry competitive advantages of Shangyu brand in product design schemes and technology research and development, ensuring full coverage of qualified tunnel lighting facilities, complete traffic signal facilities, and stable and reliable power supply. Shangyu will continue to improve products and services, and bring more UPS power products and data center solutions with excellent performance, reliable quality and excellent service to new and old customers in the rail transit industry.

As a well-known UPS manufacturer in the Chinese market and a well-known brand in the industry, Shenzhen Shangyu Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. focuses on the field of power electronics and new energy. Its products cover UPS uninterruptible power supply, battery, precision power distribution, precision air conditioning, network A national high-tech enterprise of key infrastructure in data centers such as server cabinets and computer room power environment monitoring.

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