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Shangyu micro-module data center helps Taihe high-speed railway station computer room renovation project


With the rapid development of my country's economy, the process of urbanization is accelerating, which puts forward higher requirements for public transportation. As one of the symbols of modern urban construction, rail transit has increasingly become an important solution to alleviate urban traffic congestion and transportation pressure due to its stable transportation capacity and safe transportation mode.

Taihe High Speed Railway Station

Recently, with its good brand image in central China and outstanding bidding solutions, Shangyu

The micro-module data center successfully won the bid for the upgrade and renovation project of the data computer room of Taihe County High-speed Railway Station, Ji'an City, Jiangxi Province, and provided Yuyu CPY20120 series modular UPS power supply products, Shangyu SP25A1 inter-row precision air conditioner, Shangyu GW1265 battery products, Shangyu IDM-2000-monitor dynamic environment monitoring system, precision power distribution system, lighting/fire protection system and other (types) power supply product solutions help the rapid development of urban rail transit in Taihe County.

As a very important new window to the outside world of Taihe County, Taihe High-speed Railway Station adopts Taihe's representative image of a white phoenix fairy, "the fairy flicks its sleeves, and the white phoenix welcomes guests". With a light roof and streamlined facade, the station building is modern and simple, Smooth and stretched architectural features. The station building integrates office, tickets, luggage and waiting, with a construction area of 8,000 square meters and a waiting area of 4,223.5 square meters, which can accommodate 5,000 passengers at the same time.

As an important comprehensive transportation hub in Taihe County, the high-speed rail station and its area have played an important role in promoting Taihe County to speed up urban construction, expand the urban framework, and optimize urban development space. Sichuan, Jinggangshan, Yongxin five cities and counties of passenger and cargo transport tasks, inject new vitality into the tourism development of Jinggangshan.

High-speed railway station computer room data center

The Shangyu micro-module data center product provided for the project this time is specially developed for the big data operation and maintenance of medium-sized data computer rooms, and fully meets the stringent requirements of high-speed railway stations for high-efficiency and stable real-time data exchange. According to the actual needs of the project, it adopts modular design and integrates data center infrastructure subsystems such as cabinet system, channel system, power supply and distribution system, air conditioning system and monitoring system. It has the characteristics of rapid deployment, high efficiency and energy saving, compact space and flexible expansion. , effectively meet customers' needs for efficient, reliable, fast, flexible and intelligent management of data centers in the era of big data, and comprehensively improve the security level of operation and maintenance data.

In the on-site construction link, the machine room adopts advanced modular assembly technology, which greatly shortens the on-site construction period, reduces construction costs, ensures construction quality, and completes all equipment installation work in a short period of time. Efficient, energy-saving, environmentally friendly, intelligent, and sustainable, realizing "smart construction", Shangyu micro-module data center helps the stable and efficient operation of the Changjiang-Ganxi high-speed railway, and brings warmth to passengers in the cold winter.

As a professional data center energy-based product service provider, Shangyu has rich mature experience in serving urban transportation hubs and rail transit projects. With high-quality products and services, it has successfully served Beijing Daxing Airport, Changchun Metro, Guangxi Coastal Railway, Many urban transportation hubs and rail transit projects such as highways in Jiangsu Province. This time, Shangyu brought a complete comprehensive transportation solution to help the construction of the high-speed railway station in Taihe County, which is another testimony that the company continues to provide strong support for various important infrastructure constructions with its excellent comprehensive strength.

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