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Shangyu GP33 series UPS helps Huangmei County People's Hospital to ensure the power supply of medical equipment


It is an important mission of medical institutions to bring safe, efficient, and high-quality diagnosis and treatment services to patients. With the development of science and technology and modern medicine, medical devices have gradually become an important tool and means of clinical diagnosis and treatment, and have also become an important sign of the development level of medical technology.

For hospitals, the safety and stability of the power system directly affects the normal and stable operation of medical equipment. With stable and efficient product quality and perfect after-sales service system, Shangyu UPS products are committed to providing perfect uninterruptible power supply protection for medical systems . Shangyu UPS has a power protection effect that can achieve zero interruption around the clock, ensuring that medical equipment is not afraid of the risk of power failure, overcomes various unstable factors in the grid voltage, and always maintains safe and stable operation, providing reliable technical support for diagnosis and treatment.

Recently, Shangyu GP33 series UPS uninterruptible power supply has been stationed in Huangmei County People's Hospital, Zhongnan Hospital of Wuhan University, providing high-safety and reliable power guarantee for the precision medical equipment of the ophthalmology branch of the hospital.

Huangmei County People's Hospital was founded in 1949. It is a comprehensive second-class first-class hospital integrating medical treatment, teaching, scientific research, first aid and rehabilitation in Huangmei County, and a network hospital of the International Emergency Rescue Center of the Ministry of Health. It has been rated as one of the National "Model Workers' Home", the city's "Civilized Unit", "People's Satisfaction Unit" and other honorable titles. The Ophthalmology Branch Hospital is a national public specialty hospital established earlier in Hubei Province. It has attracted eye disease patients from more than 160 counties and cities in 16 provinces, including Hubei, Anhui, and Jiangxi. More than 10,000 blind people recovered their eyesight, and became the cataract sight restoration center in Eastern Hubei, known as the "Pearl of Eastern Hubei".

The Shangyu GP33 series UPS power supply products used in the ophthalmic operating room of Huangmei County People's Hospital this time have outstanding performance advantages, adopt advanced DSP and full digital control technology, have excellent filtering performance, and stable performance of the whole machine. Effectively improve It ensures the electrical quality of high-end medical equipment, and provides reliable protection for the power safety of key equipment such as ophthalmic surgery robots and ultrasound imaging systems in the hospital, so that the surgical diagnosis and treatment process has a fully functional, safe and reliable power consumption environment.

1. Fully digital technology, intelligent and convenient:

Dual DSP control chips, advanced control technology and perfect logic management are used to eliminate the drifting problem of analog control. With complete logic functions, it provides customers with rich interactive data and has convenient communication and networking functions.

2. Multi-machine parallel connection, expansion as needed:

As long as the parallel cable is connected and the UPS is set accordingly, the parallel operation can be realized. Up to 6 machines can be connected in parallel, and enough space is reserved for the future expansion of the equipment, which avoids the shortcomings of the traditional UPS's initial equipment investment and saves valuables for the user. funds.

3. LBS synchronization capability:

It supports the synchronization of two sets of UPS systems and provides technical support for a highly reliable dual power supply system.

4. Comprehensive functions and stable performance:

Provide voltage over-limit protection, frequency over-limit protection, over-current protection, bus over-voltage protection, over-temperature protection, auxiliary power failure protection, output overload protection, output short-circuit protection, emergency shutdown, etc.

5. Visual operation, rich communication interface:

It adopts a large-screen LCD display design, through which various information of the UPS can be monitored, intelligent and convenient to operate, and supports RS232 and RS485 to meet various communication needs of users.

According to various application environments in the medical field and the high standard requirements of various precision digital medical equipment, Shangyu has tailored and launched a power supply solution for the medical industry to ensure that it provides all-weather power for the data computer room, key medical equipment, and key areas of the medical industry. power protection. Not only are Shangyu's solution products widely used in the medical industry, but its all-round, high-quality and standardized customer service system has also been preferred by users in the medical industry.

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