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Shangyu UPS uninterruptible power supply once again won the "Technological Innovation Award" in the data center industry


AI empowers technological innovation and helps transform scientific and technological achievements. The AI Industry Empowerment Summit and the 2023 Green Data Center Construction and Operation Forum with the theme of "Exploring New Technologies and Meeting New Challenges" were held in Beijing. Shangyu HP33 series products won the "Smart Navigation-Technological Innovation Award" for their continuous technological innovation and green energy-saving technology, which fully demonstrated the industry's recognition and support for Shangyu products.

The summit was hosted by the Computer Committee of the Beijing Institute of Electronics and the China Green Data Center Promotion Alliance. Participants in the summit included the Beijing Science and Technology Development Center, authoritative experts, business representatives and industry users. The venue was packed and bustling, discussing new AI technologies. New challenges provide new inspiration and ideas for technical discussions and exploration of new models.

The summit focused on intelligent computing power. In the diversified digital and data era with explosive demand for computing power, the development of data centers has provided more basic support for artificial intelligence. Shangyu provides data center infrastructure solutions for intelligent computing power. Through S series, HP series, GP series, CPY series, micro module data center, precision air conditioners, batteries and other products, it provides customized computing for different business and application scenarios. Power solutions, in a more flexible way, with lower energy consumption, high efficiency, high reliability, and adaptable to the new era of diversified computing power.

In order to meet the needs of customers in different scenarios and provide users with green, safe, stable and reliable power guarantee for key loads, Shangyu has developed and upgraded the HP33 series of products, innovating in terms of product appearance, high power density, etc., combined with the industry's leading fully digital Power supply products, all indicators comply with national quality standards, have distinctive features in terms of technical architecture, business models, display forms, etc., and meet market demand in multiple dimensions.

High efficiency and energy saving: The overall efficiency of the HP33 series products is as high as over 95%. In ECO mode, the overall efficiency is as high as 98%, which reduces the power loss of the UPS. High-frequency intelligent rectifier and inverter technology, the input power factor is as high as 0.99, and the input current harmonics are less than 3%.

Safe and reliable: In order to meet higher dust-proof requirements, the equipment can be operated safely in harsh environments. It will not support combustion in case of fire, and the safety protection level reaches IP20.

Intelligent operation and maintenance: Rich monitoring and communication interfaces provide intelligent slots, expansion slots, and parallel interfaces to meet remote shutdown and monitoring needs, and support 4 UPS parallels.

Simple operation: Chinese and English LCD panel, exquisite and reliable, simple operation, optimized layout of rectifier and inverter, saving floor space and volume.

Encouraged by national innovation-driven policies, technological innovation will become a new engine for the long-term development of enterprises. Shangyu adheres to the guidance of market demand, vigorously promotes scientific and technological innovation, focuses on product development and the application of scientific and technological achievements, and will focus on the intelligent construction of operators, power, communications, manufacturing, government affairs, medical, education, finance and other industries to help energy sustainability develop.

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