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Shangyu Technology UPS uninterruptible power supply invites Chinese swimming champion Fu Yiran as its brand ambassador to help the development and rise of national brands!


Chinese women's swimming champion Fu Yiran and Shangyu Brand, one of China's top ten domestic brands of UPS, announced a formal cooperation. Fu Yiran will serve as the brand's champion spokesperson. Fu Yiran, with her brave and resolute, fresh and beautiful image, as well as her pursuit of the championship spirit, perfectly fits the Shangyu brand and jointly conveys the values of safety, energy saving, environmental protection and efficiency.

Swimming champion Fu Yiran was born on July 10, 1997 in Nanjing, Jiangsu, China. She has won many awards including the "National Youth Swimming Championships (Professional Group) 100-meter Freestyle Championship" and the 4×100-meter Men's and Women's Medley Championship at the 2019 National Swimming Championships. . She has always believed in swimming. Not arrogant in victory but not discouraged in defeat, she finally achieved her championship dream, realized her self-worth, and achieved a historic breakthrough in Chinese swimming!

"If you want to wear the crown, you must bear its weight." The brilliance of all champions is inseparable from daily hard training. Similarly, the growth of an enterprise is also inseparable from the sincere cooperation and courage of innovation of the team. Focusing on quality, overcoming difficulties, and always maintaining high-quality products to lead the market trend, Shangyu Technology firmly believes that only high-quality data center products can win the recognition of consumers.

Shangyu (Shenzhen) Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2011. It is a company focusing on the fields of power electronics and new energy. Its products cover UPS uninterruptible power supplies, batteries, precision power distribution, precision air conditioners, smart charging piles, network server cabinets, and computer room power A national high-tech enterprise and a special new enterprise specializing in key infrastructure of data centers such as environmental monitoring.

The Shangyu brand has multiple series of products, such as backup S600-S2000, HP11/31/33 series high-frequency machines (1KVA-200KVA), HPR11/31/33 series rack-mounted, CPY modular 10/25/20/30 /50 series (20KVA-600KVA), GP11/31/33 series power frequency machines (1KVA-600KVA), GPI series industrial-grade power frequency machines, batteries, micro-module data centers, precision air conditioners, power distribution, charging piles, etc., are A national brand with independent innovation in data center basic power facilities and new energy fields. Online and offline integrated sales, offline sales can be provided to customers through more than 30 agent points in 32 provinces and cities across the country, and online sales can be made through Tmall flagship stores and JD.com's self-operated official flagship stores.

The Shangyu brand has been deeply involved in the power electronics industry for more than ten years. Its products adopt high-reliability redundant design, intelligent operation and maintenance, and high efficiency and energy saving. It provides safe, reliable, green, energy-saving, efficient and convenient power supply system solutions for computer room application scenarios in thousands of industries. As the champion spokesperson of Shangyu brand, Fu Yiran will work with the brand to convey the concepts of green, low-carbon, energy-saving and environmental protection, and meet the high standards of industry customers for high reliability and high intelligence of data center product equipment.

Fu Yiran said: "I am very honored to be the champion spokesperson of Shangyu brand. The professionalism, product quality and after-sales maintenance of Shangyu brand make me confident in the quality of the products. I hope that through this cooperation, I can work with Shangyu brand Together with Yu brand, we will pass on the championship spirit of Chinese athletes to more people, and work with them to create the light of domestic products and empower manufacturing."

Looking at the world and facing the future, the Shangyu brand will continue to strengthen innovation, promote the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, and tap into consumer demand. On the track of data centers and new energy, we will lead the innovative development of China's power supply industry with higher quality, better service and more outstanding technology, spread the warm wind that protects the "safety" of power supply to the world, and bloom the bright "domestic products" Light".

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