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​Shangyu Technology UPS uninterruptible power supply won the honor of "Invisible Champion"


On November 25-26, 2023, the 2023 (8th) China Manufacturing Power Forum with the theme of "Promoting New Industrialization and Cultivating New Productivity" was grandly held in Baoding, China. Shangyu Technology was invited to attend. With many years of application experience in the power electronics industry, high-quality service capabilities and outstanding achievements in the UPS segment, it won the honor of "China's Manufacturing Champion Enterprise" or "Invisible Champion".

With the main theme of "building a world-class advanced manufacturing cluster", the conference gathered provincial and municipal leaders of relevant ministries and commissions, global manufacturing industry leaders, representatives of leading technology companies, authoritative experts and scholars, representatives of industry associations (studies) and investment institutions, etc. Promote the up-and-down connectivity, collaborative innovation and integrated development of the industrial chain from multiple dimensions and perspectives such as policy, technology, application, market, and finance, so as to build a solid material and technological foundation for solidly promoting new industrialization, accelerating the construction of a manufacturing powerhouse, and building Chinese-style modernization. Empowerment.

The 2023 (8th) China Manufacturing Power Forum has set up a series of "1+3+2+N" activities, namely 1 main forum, Intelligent Networked New Energy Vehicle Forum, Electric Power and New Energy High-end Equipment Forum, Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Forum There are 3 parallel forums of the Industrial Corridor Forum, 2 special meetings of the 2023 National Machinery Industry Economic Situation Report and the Manufacturing Situation and Industrial Policy Symposium, and N series of activities such as the Light of Baoding Manufacturing and the Advanced Manufacturing Cluster Exhibition.

At the main forum that opened on the 26th, Dong Jihua, deputy director of the Department of Industry and Information Technology of Hebei Province, Dang Xiaolong, secretary of the Baoding Municipal Party Committee, Li Yizhong, president of the China Federation of Industrial Economics and former minister of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, former mayor of Chongqing, Researcher Huang Qifan successively delivered speeches and wonderful speeches.

Dong Jihua, deputy director of the Hebei Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology, pointed out that we must adhere to innovative ideas and measures to promote new industrialization.

Dang Xiaolong, Secretary of the Baoding Municipal Party Committee, said that we have made every effort to build a new pattern of integrated development of Beijing, Xiongbao and Baoding, and carefully built a modern city of quality life. The economic and social development has demonstrated strong resilience and vitality.

Li Yizhong, President of the China Federation of Industrial Economics and former Minister of Industry and Information Technology, said that the understanding of new industrialization must be further deepened. Promoting new industrialization is a glorious and arduous historical mission, and it is the political, economic and legal responsibility we should bear. and social responsibility.

Huang Qifan, executive vice chairman of the Academic Committee of the China National Innovation and Development Strategy Research Society and former mayor of Chongqing, emphasized that efforts should be made to promote the producer service industry so that its proportion will increase during the "14th Five-Year Plan" to 2035.

On the afternoon of November 26, the conference held three parallel forums, namely the "Intelligent Connected New Energy Vehicle Forum, the Electric Power and New Energy High-end Equipment Forum, and the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Industrial Corridor Forum", focusing on hotspots and focus issues in the corresponding industrial fields. Conducted in-depth discussions and sharing, among which Shangyu Technology won the honor of "China Manufacturing Champion Enterprise" or "Invisible Champion" at the 2023 Made in China Annual Ceremony. This is a high degree of recognition of Shangyu Technology’s advanced manufacturing innovation technology and comprehensive strength, and fully demonstrates Shangyu Technology’s practical achievements in the manufacturing field.

What is a "hidden champion"? Sino-US economic and trade frictions remind us that in building a manufacturing power on the global value chain (GVC), we must be highly guarded against those intermediate input suppliers with core technologies, key parts and special materials who, at critical moments, have various motives to damage our industry. Risks to security. Intermediate product suppliers with such properties and capabilities are called "hidden champions."

Shangyu (Shenzhen) Technology Co., Ltd. is an industry-leading energy-based product and equipment manufacturing service provider, integrating R&D, design and manufacturing (including UPS power supplies, precision air conditioners, precision power distribution, It is a national high-tech enterprise that integrates micro-module data centers, batteries, photovoltaic inverters, smart charging piles, energy storage and other products).

As the Internet and computing power continue to surge, the bottleneck problems of traditional data center development caused by PUE policy constraints, rapid development and excessive energy consumption have become increasingly prominent. Shangyu Technology has been deeply involved in the data center industry for more than ten years, assisting data center updates and sustainable development. Products have accumulated rich experience in transportation, medical, energy, finance, operators, government and other fields. In 2023, the China Electronic Information Industry Development Institute (CCID) of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology released the "2022-2023 China UPS Market Research Annual Report", Shangyu Technology ranks among "One of China's Top Ten Domestic UPS Brands in 2022" and "Third in China's UPS Medical and Health Industry Segments". It has become a leader in the domestic power supply industry with its excellent product competitiveness and market performance. brand.

According to industry insiders, the most important component of UPS is the chip. If this component is stuck or monopolized, it will undoubtedly be a huge threat to the entire industrial development of our country. Against this backdrop, Shangyu Technology has been able to rely on its solid R&D capabilities to take core technologies into its own hands and successfully achieve breakthroughs in local chip substitution, winning the respect and attention of the industry. At present, Shangyu Technology's high-frequency HP series products can achieve 100% domestic mass production. The road is blocked and long, but the road is coming. For the current stage of chip design and selection, Shangyu Technology’s R&D team will closely contact domestic mainstream chip manufacturers and actively explore diversified chip alternatives for the company’s many products to ensure the provision of better products while ensuring product quality and performance. and services to meet the high standards of industry customers for high reliability and high intelligence of data center product equipment.

In China's journey towards becoming a "manufacturing power", I believe that this forum has great reference value for the practice of "China's new industrialization" and is of great significance to how the "Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei coordinated development" strategy can be deepened and implemented. Once again Provide strong support for the high-quality development and industrial transformation and upgrading of Baoding's manufacturing industry.

As a practitioner of key infrastructure solutions for data centers, Shangyu Technology assumes social responsibility and will be committed to promoting the development of China's digital economy, adhering to the innovation-driven development strategy, actively serving the high-end, green, and intelligent transformation of the manufacturing industry, and promoting New industrialization construction has contributed to China’s manufacturing strength.

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