Deep Cycle GEL Battery
  • Deep Cycle GEL BatteryDeep Cycle GEL Battery
  • Deep Cycle GEL BatteryDeep Cycle GEL Battery
  • Deep Cycle GEL BatteryDeep Cycle GEL Battery
  • Deep Cycle GEL BatteryDeep Cycle GEL Battery

Deep Cycle GEL Battery

As the number of battery customers around the world continues to increase, many customers report that due to unstable power supply during the day and short mains power hours, the battery power is consumed very quickly and cannot be fully charged, resulting in a shortened battery life and the need for frequent replacement. This is because if the battery is deeply discharged at night and cannot be fully charged during the day, the battery will sulfate after a few months of operation and the capacity will decrease rapidly, causing the battery to lose power quickly.
To this end, our R&D personnel have specially developed a tubular deep cycle gel battery, using tubular plates to replace the old plate design, which improves the utilization of the plates. Even if the battery is not fully charged, there will be no sulfation problem. This greatly extends the service life of the battery and is more suitable for countries with widespread power shortages.
The tubular deep cycle gel battery is a valve-controlled tubular gel battery that uses fixed gel and tubular plate technology. It uses a die-cast positive grid and a patented formula of active materials. It is designed and manufactured beyond DIN standard values and has high reliability. And high performance, the floating design life is more than 25 years at 25℃, which is more suitable for cyclic use under extreme working conditions. This maintenance-free battery uses a unique grid alloy, a special gel formula and a unique positive and negative lead paste ratio, and has excellent deep cycle performance and over-discharge recovery capabilities. The ultra-high-strength separator is used to prevent short circuits. There is no acid mist gas precipitation and no electrolyte spillage during use. There are no elements harmful to the human body during the production process. It is non-toxic and pollution-free. It prevents traditional lead-acid from using a large amount of electrolyte during use. Leaking and leaking acid batteries.

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Product Description

Deep cycle gel batteries are designed for frequent charge and discharge cycles in extreme environments. It is a safe, green and environmentally friendly power supply designed for high-reliability, maintenance-free power supply applications. The deep cycle gel battery uses a high-tech gelled gel electrolyte, which greatly reduces acid stratification and ultra-deep discharge by adding nanosilica gel. Using plate-type plates and special lead bone formula, colloidal electrolyte, no liquid stratification, no need for equalization charging, low self-discharge, and the deep discharge capability of the battery is significantly improved. Using high-density and deep cycle oxidation active materials, high-quality fiberglass separators and advanced calcium-lead-tin alloy grid design, it provides fast charging capabilities and excellent deep cycle and float charge and discharge capabilities. It has good low temperature performance and good earthquake resistance. It is suitable for northern alpine regions and can be used safely in various harsh environments.

CPSY® Deep Cycle GEL Battery Parameter (Specification)

MODEL NO. Voltage Capacity Dimension (mm) Weight (kg) Bolt
(V) (Ah) Length Width Height Total Height (±3%)
GWJ1238 12 38/10HR 198 166 172 172 11.4 M6×16
GWJ1265 12 65/10HR 350 167 178 178 20.0 M6×16
GWJ12100 12 100/10HR 331 174 214 219 28.7 M8×16
GWJ12120 12 120/10HR 407 173 210 233 34.5 M8×16
GWJ12150 12 150/10HR 484 171 241 241 43.0 M8×16
GWJ12200 12 200/10HR 522 240 219 225 55.5 M8×16
GWJ12250 12 250/10HR 520 269 220 225 76.5 M8×16

CPSY®Deep Cycle GEL Battery Feature And Application

Voltage: 2V/12V

Capacity: 2V200Ah~2V3000Ah, 12V7Ah~12V300Ah

Design float life: 15~20 years @ 25 °C/77 °F.

Float voltage range: 2.27 to 2.30 V/cell @ 20~25°C

Float voltage temperature compensation: -3mV/°C/cell

Recommended float voltage: 2.27V/cell @20~25°C

Cyclic application charging voltage: 2.40 to 2.47 V/cell @ 20~25°C

Maximum allowable charging current: 0.25C

Recycling: 1200-3000cycles@100%DOD



CE/UL/MSDS/IEC 60896-21/22 / IEC 61427 approved


--Imported high-quality safety valve, valve-controlled pressure adjustment, equipped with acid mist filter explosion-proof device, safer and more reliable.

--High-quality fiberglass separators improve the internal performance of the battery and have extremely low self-discharge rates.

--Using high-density and deep-cycle oxidation active materials and advanced special calcium-lead-tin alloy grids, which are more corrosion-resistant and have better charge acceptance capabilities

--High-strength plates and radial gate design provide fast charging capabilities and excellent deep cycle and float charge and discharge capabilities.

--Small self-discharge, good deep discharge performance, strong charge acceptance, small upper and lower potential difference, and large capacitance.

--The electrolyte is made of a mixture of sulfuric acid and silica powder. It is in a gel-fixed state and is evenly distributed. It does not flow or leak, so that all parts of the plate react evenly.

--The floating charge current is small, the battery generates less heat, and the electrolyte has no acid stratification. It can be stored for 2 years at room temperature of 20°C and can be put into use without charging.

--Due to the use of 4BS lead paste technology and good physical and chemical protection, deep cycle gel batteries have twice the lifespan of ordinary lead-acid batteries.

--The use of gel electrolyte technology and gas composite technology ensures excellent sealing reaction efficiency and will not cause acid mist and other pollution to the environment.

--Good low temperature performance and good seismic resistance, suitable for northern alpine regions and can be used safely in various harsh environments.

Structure of long-life deep cycle gel battery:

Housing: Made of fire-resistant, waterproof UL94HB and UL 94-0ABS plastic

Positive Plate: PbCa grid minimizes corrosion and extends service life

Negative plate: Use special PbCa alloy grid to optimize recombination efficiency and reduce gas evolution

Binding posts: Copper or lead materials with the highest conductivity, which can quickly enhance large currents

Electrolyte: Use high-quality silicon nanogel electrolyte, imported from the famous German Evonik brand; 99.997% pure new lead, no recycled lead is used

Separator: High-quality AGM separator, absorbing acidic electrolyte, optimal fixed pad, no acid stratification.

Exhaust valve: Automatically releases excess gas to ensure safety.

Deep cycle performance: up to 3000 cycles, and provides 3-5 years warranty according to customer needs; can be discharged at -40℃-70℃, charged at 0-50℃, and has a lifespan of more than 20 years in a floating state

Sealing performance: three-step sealing procedure to ensure the battery is completely sealed, safe, no leakage, no volatile acid, and longer life; fixed battery charging voltage and settings, excellent deep discharge recovery capability


Communication equipment, telecommunications control equipment; load balancing and storage equipment;

Signaling systems and emergency lighting systems; power systems; power plants and power transmission and transformation systems; nuclear power plants;

Medical equipment; Solar and wind power systems;

Marine equipment; control system; alarm system; base station transmission subsystem, broadcast station

Computer rooms, EPS and UPS systems and backup power supplies;

Fire and safety systems; control equipment; power tools

Electric cars, golf carts and buggies, wheelchairs, BTS stations and more.

Communication systems: switches, microwave stations, mobile base stations, data centers, radio and broadcast stations

Water conservancy equipment, cathodic protection system

CPSY® Deep Cycle GEL Battery Details

When compare with peers, CPSY® Deep Cycle GEL Battery advantages as below:

1. It adopts flame retardant (UL94HB and UL 94-0ABS) and waterproof, which is better than PVC and other ABS shells.

2. Made of 99.997% pure lead, which is better than 60%-70% lead or recycled lead and has a long service life.

3. Use pure copper terminals, which have good electrical conductivity and are better than ordinary copper terminals.

4. Use high-quality AGM material partitions to absorb moisture from adverse factors and are more stable and durable than PP/PE/PVC partitions.

5. Use silicone safety valve to prevent corrosion, discharge excess gas, and prevent explosion.

6. Using high-tech silicone gel electrolyte technology to avoid ultra-deep discharge and acid stratification.

7. The GEL in the battery uses silica gel imported from Evonik Degussa, Germany, an internationally renowned brand.


1. Avoid overcharging. For sealed designs, if overcharged, oxygen and hydrogen will precipitate through the battery safety valve, causing the electrolyte to dry out, reducing battery capacity and shortening life. If the battery is continuously charged, a layer of sulfate will accumulate on the battery plates. Battery performance decreases and lifespan decreases.

2. Do not use constant current charging method for gel batteries. For gel batteries, constant voltage and current-limiting charging is the best charging method, ensuring that the charging voltage per cell is at least 2.3V, but not exceeding 2.35V (20°C).

3. It is recommended to use constant voltage charging method. The bandwidth display tolerance is ±30mV/single cell, which is suitable for continuous charging and recycling.

The following is a comparison of the advantages and disadvantages of lithium batteries, lead-acid batteries, and gel batteries:

Item lithium battery Gel battery Lead-acid batteries
Service life Longer, more than 25 years Long, 10-25 years Shorter, 5-12 years
Energy Density higher high lower
electrolyte LiCoO2 Colloidal electrolyte + dilute sulfuric acid dilute sulfuric acid
recharging current 0.5C-1C 1C-2C 1C-5C
battery cost higher high lower
Operating temperature -40℃-70℃ -20℃-60℃ -15℃-45℃
environmental pollution Does not pollute Lead contamination Lead contamination
Features Small size, expandable capacity, easy deployment, long cycle life, 5-10 times the life of ordinary lead-acid batteries High quality and good deep discharge cycle performance, 2 times the life of ordinary lead-acid batteries Mature technology, non-flammable, high safety, wide range of use, good storage performance

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