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Room Type Modular Data Center
  • Room Type Modular Data CenterRoom Type Modular Data Center
  • Room Type Modular Data CenterRoom Type Modular Data Center
  • Room Type Modular Data CenterRoom Type Modular Data Center
  • Room Type Modular Data CenterRoom Type Modular Data Center

Room Type Modular Data Center

CPSY® has launched a new design concept of durable Room Type Modular Data Center overall computer room solution to meet the construction needs of small computer rooms such as government, finance, operator branch outlets, small and medium-sized enterprises' own computer rooms, marginalized data centers, 5G base stations, etc. The new generation micro-module data center adopts "Standardized" design concept, standard integrated products are integrated into comprehensive cabinets. All components are pre-designed, pre-installed, and pre-debugged in the factory. They are packaged and transported in EC/IT cabinets as a unit. On-site installation only requires simple cabinet combination and overall construction. It only takes 5 hours. The module adopts a sealed design of hot and cold aisles to achieve dust-proof and noise reduction effects. The IT cabinets on both sides can be flexibly expanded and can be copied and expanded in units of combinations.

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Product Description

CPSY® Room Type Modular Data Center

As the professional manufacturer, we would like to provide you Room Type Modular Data Center. Aisle containment in data centers requires cabinets to be aligned in a hot aisle/cold aisle layout. Containment panels or strips create a zone to isolate server supply air (cold aisle containment) or exhaust air (hot aisle containment). Preventing supply and exhaust air from mixing can significantly increase the capacity and cooling efficiency of your cooling infrastructure. Each site will be different when conditions, cooling infrastructure, rack density, and other factors are taken into account.

The multi-functional cabinet specially developed for large, medium and small data centers has the advantages of solid structure, strong load-bearing capacity, noble and elegant, and prefabricated structural design. The cabinet integrates three major solutions (power management solution, cable management solution, heat dissipation management solution), which can be used as modular equipment installation infrastructure, cabinet-type power distribution cabinets, rack-mounted battery boxes, and cabinet-integrated user equipment. Power distribution, UPS, battery box, and monitoring system greatly save the equipment room area.

CPSY channel containment systems are designed to maximize cooling predictability, capacity and efficiency at the rack, row or room level. Aisle containment systems are smart thermal containment solutions designed to increase cooling system efficiency while protecting critical IT equipment and personnel. CPSY minimizes the mixing of hot and cold air in IT environments.

CPSY® Room Type Modular Data Center Parameter (Specification)

Equipment system Item Parameter
System Dimensions 1200mm wide closed cold/hot aisle double-row cabinet recommended maximum size:
1400(L)*3600(W)*2300(H)mm, height of 2600mm after the skylight is turned over.
NO.single-module cabinets ≤48
Cabinet power consumption Design power consumption 5~8 KW, maximum support 14KW
Module power consumption ≤180KW
Working environment -30℃~45℃
Altitude 0~1000m (more than 1000m need derating)
Installation method Floor installation, can be installed with or without anti-static floor
Cabinet Dimensions 600(W)*1200(D)*2000(H)mm, please contact Shangyu factory for other dimensions
Available space 42U
Vapor rate 80%
Static load 1800KG
Seismic rating Magnitude 9 earthquake
Environmental certification RoHS
IP class IP20
Closed Passage Skylight tilting skylight, flat roof skylight, fixed skylight, width: 300(600)mm,
please contact Shangyu factory for other dimensions
End door Manual reversing door, automatic translation door
Wireway Mountain type sheet metal wiring trough
Base Cabinet base,Channel base (installation of anti-static floor)
Floor Calcium sulfate anti-static floor
Power distribution Dimensions 600(W)*1200(D)*2000(H)mm, please contact Shangyu factory for other dimensions
UPS rated input 380VAC/400VAC/415VAC (3-phase 5-wire), 50/60Hz, PF=0.99
UPS rated power 80~300kVA
UPS power module 20kVA/30kVA
Battery 38AH~250AH (12V) valve-regulated lead-acid battery, please contact Shangyu factory for other specifications
Distribution Cabinet Input: 100A~630A; 380VAC/400VAC/415VAC (3-phase 5-wire); 50/60Hz
Output: Multi-channel 10~63A/3P (1P) optional, please contact Shangyu factory for specific configuration
PDU 32A input, 8~24 bit C13 (C19) national standard socket optional, optional lightning protection components and intelligent
intelligent communication components, etc.
Detection function Main and shunt switch status, voltage, current, power factor, harmonics, power consumption, etc.
IP class IP20
Cooling system Air Conditioner
Cooling capacity Inter-row cooling: 13~40KW
Room-level cooling: 8~102KW
Input 3-phase 380VAC, 50Hz
Air supply mode Horizontal air supply, upward air supply, and downward air supply
Isolation method Closed cold/hot aisle
IP class IP20
surveillance system Environmental monitoring Temperature and humidity, smoke detection, smart access control, high-definition camera, water leakage,four-color ambient light
Monitoring Power supply, battery, power distribution, air conditioner

CPSY® Room Type Modular Data Center Feature And Application

CPSY® Room Type Modular Data Center

Load capacity: static load 1000KG

Protection level: IP20

Standards: ANSI/EIA RS-310-D, IEC297-2, DIN41494:PART1, DIN41494:PART7, GB/T3047.2-92, ETSI

Certification: CE, RoHS, UL


--Simple: Use local fingerprint and card swipe to log in to open the door, eliminating the need to manually enter the password, which is convenient and fast. The intelligent monitoring system can quickly locate faults and remotely upgrade programs without the need to go to the site for processing. Hot-swappable mode, business is not interrupted, standard mobile phone APP function, only one mobile phone can be used to monitor the computer room, achieving unattended operation!

---Reliable: The independent monitoring system can dispatch tasks in a targeted manner, improve operation and maintenance efficiency, and detect smoke alarm transmission signals and link with fire protection to ensure the safety of the computer room!

----Efficient: Rack refrigeration system, DC variable frequency refrigeration, fully enclosed hot and cold channel design, more energy-saving and environmentally friendly, can save the installation space of a cabinet, and the PUE value is less than 1.3.


Industrial environments, medical facilities, laboratory equipment, etc. are key equipment for power supply and protection.



edge computing

content delivery network

Internet data center

Carrier data center

Other enterprise data centers

Data centers for various industries (finance, government, energy, medical, etc.)

CPSY® SPR series Rack-Mounted Cooling Air Conditioner Details

When compare with peers, CPSY® SPR series Rack-Mounted Cooling Air Conditioner advantages as below:

Construction cost savings up to 35%

Save up to 40% on initial investment

Compared with fixed frequency air conditioners, the annual energy saving rate of variable frequency air conditioners can reach 29%.

It adopts advanced frequency conversion technology and uses environmentally friendly refrigerant R410A.

80-300kVA modular UPS can be flexibly configured according to the customer's system power supply needs.

Using 5mm pre-tempered glass for lighting, the lighting rate reaches 91%, high mechanical strength and good permeability

The base of the cabinet is made of 2.0mm thick cold-rolled steel plates that are bent and welded, with a load-bearing capacity of more than 1500KG.

High-efficiency components such as variable frequency compressors, EC fans, and green refrigerants.

The movable sunroof opens at an angle of 90° and has a buffer limiter that can be used for noise reduction and positioning.

Hot aisle containment further improves cooling efficiency, allowing the UPS to produce up to 95% efficiency even at 30% light load.

Automatic door structure + access control system, which can be opened from the inside out in case of emergency.

The construction of traditional data centers takes 18-24 months, while container data centers are flexible and scalable and can be deployed in just weeks or months to meet rapidly growing IT needs.

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