Lithium-ion UPS
  • Lithium-ion UPSLithium-ion UPS
  • Lithium-ion UPSLithium-ion UPS
  • Lithium-ion UPSLithium-ion UPS
  • Lithium-ion UPSLithium-ion UPS
  • Lithium-ion UPSLithium-ion UPS
  • Lithium-ion UPSLithium-ion UPS
  • Lithium-ion UPSLithium-ion UPS
  • Lithium-ion UPSLithium-ion UPS
  • Lithium-ion UPSLithium-ion UPS

Lithium-ion UPS

CPSY® is a High-end produce with good quality, high-end technology, best service UPS manufacturer in China, its S series 1KVA-10KVA Lithium-ion UPS popular for home and office use, CPSY® offline UPS 1KVA-10KVA also provide the OEM / ODM service with mass production-scale with a 1-year warranty.

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Product Description

CPSY® 1000va Lithium-ion UPS

As the professional manufacturer, CPSY® 1000va Lithium-ion UPS is made of PCBA+ VRLA Battery+Plastic case, we use epoxy copper laminate, good electrical conductivity, stable quality PCB board, and dust-proof and waterproof IP21,anti-oxidation plastic body case, what’s more, VRLA Battery produce with 99.994% pure lead, A grade ABS fireproof/waterproof case, Good copper terminal, Sulfuric acid electrolyte.

The HPR series LiFePO4 battery UPS is a high-tech product developed for the requirements of new backup power supply and household renewable energy storage. Built-in intelligent BMS to protect the battery pack at any time and prolong its service life, modular design enables parallel installation for larger power back up.

HPR series 1KVA-10KVA Lithium-ion UPS

Model: HPR1101H-Life/HPR1102H-Life/HPR1103H-Life/


UPS power range: 1KVA-10KVA

CPSY® 1000va Lithium-ion UPS Feature And Application

CPSY® factory produces not only provide the Lithium-ion UPS,but also provide the rack mount ups,high frequency online ups,industrial low frequency online ups,modular ups and battery,etc.


● Long lifespan time with 6000 cycles and 5 years warranty, 10 years life design

● 4U rack-mount chassis design is easy for parallel expansion and maintenance

● Smart BMS system to optimize the performance

● Communication: RS232/RS485/CAN/(Wifi/Bluetooth) optional, Compatible with different brand of solar inverter and chargers

● With front display to know effectively the status of the batteries

● Maximum of 16 battery packs can be connected in parallel

● High discharge rate currents, suitable for on-grid or off-grid solar system and other loads

● All around protection: such as SOC/SOH/ Anti-theft function etc

● Lithium-Ion UPS batteries last up to 3x longer than traditional VRLA batteries

● Offers lowest total cost of ownership (TCO) with fewer or no battery replacements over its lifetime

● Environmentally friendly UPS reduces battery disposal and recycling with lower replacement rates

● The 1kVA UPS offers longer runtime and faster recharge time

● Add 1U external battery cabinet units to power the UPS for scalable runtime

Rack-mounted lithium UPS products are widely used in communications, electric power, public security, fire protection, radio and television, finance, military, Internet, and other industries. The matching and integrated equipment includes communication base stations, integrated power distribution cabinets, data centers, and modularized integrated products, etc.

CPSY® 1000va Lithium-ion UPS Details

The CPSY HPR Series Lithium-Ion UPS provides the highest level of power conditioning and power protection for critical IT systems in edge and distributed IT applications. Lithium-Ion batteries provide up to 3x the useful life of VLRA batteries, resulting in up to 50% TCO savings. They are environmentally friendly with fewer battery replacements, which means less waste ,battery disposals and recycling. They are smaller, lighter, and are more resilient to higher temperatures making this the perfect UPS for Edge and Distributed IT deployments.

This UPS includes:

3-year advanced replacement warranty including batteries from the delivery date.

4-post rack kit, and tower feet for external installation

4 individually programmable outlets to prioritize critical loads on backup power

Greater power density with reduced unit depth

Predictable Battery Health algorithm and Advanced Warning Status via early audible and visual alarms

Intuitive full-color LCD interface with gravity-sensing orientation for easy installation and setup

The latest addition to HPR series single-phase double-conversion UPS line, the HPR Series lithium-ion rack-mount and tower UPS provides 8 to 10 years of life expectancy for UPS and batteries. The HPR Series lithium-ion UPS has power ratings ranging from 1.5 to 6 kVA, with low and high voltage options and offers up to four optional external battery modules for extra runtime. The HPR Series lithium-ion UPS, available in rackmount and tower form, has the same reliable features as the lead-acid UPS, including load segments that allow for prioritized shutdown, remote power on (RPO), remote on/off (ROO) and output relay ports that increase control capabilities.

9PX lithium-ion UPS features include:

Battery lifespan: A HPR Series UPS with lead-acid batteries has an average lifespan of 3 to 5 years while the HPR Series lithium-ion battery can last up to 8 to 10 years, offering 2 to 3 times longer life.

Weight and footprint: The HPR Series lithium-ion rackmount UPS is 20% lighter and the extended battery module (EBM) is 40% lighter than HPR Series lead-acid models. In addition, the 1.5 to 3 kVA compatible lithium-ion EBMs are 1U and take up less rack space than the 2U lead-acid EBMs.

Warranty: The HPR Series lithium-ion UPS comes with a 5-year warranty which is 2.5x the warranty coverage of the HPR Series lead-acid UPS.

Runtime: The HPR Series lithium-ion UPS provides 80 to 120% more runtime at full load compared to lead-acid batteries.

Compared with ordinary ups with lead-acid battery, the advantages of lithium Ion UPS are as follows:

1. Longer service life

Under the same capacity/voltage, the service life of lithium Ion battery is twice that of VRLA battery. The typical lifespan of a VRLA battery is about 3 to 5 years, while a Li-Ion UPS battery lasts 8 to 10 years. In some cases, they may even last as long as the UPS system itself, saving overall costs and reducing the risk of downtime during maintenance.

2. Lighter weight and smaller size

Lithium batteries are 40% to 60% lighter than traditional VRLA batteries, about 40% smaller in size, more flexible, easy to install, and suitable for small offices or even private homes.

3. Faster charging

Once the UPS is in operation, the batteries need to be charged to full capacity as quickly as possible. The UPS lithium battery only needs 2 to 4 hours to reach the optimal charging state. This reduces the overall risk of another power outage before the UPS battery is fully charged.

4. Lower TCO(total cost of ownership)

The total cost of ownership can also be saved by up to 50% over the life of the lithium-ion battery due to its longer life, ability to withstand more charge cycles, and lower maintenance costs.

5.Modular connector box with hot-swappable design for ease of power expansion, installation and maintenance

HPR Series is applied patented modular design to enhance the flexibility of power expansion and maintenance. By simply removing fours screws on the connector box, power module can be easily removed out from cabinet without disconnecting all wires. It also simplifies the process of maintenance and replacement to reduce the maintenance cost effectively.

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