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Multi-Rack Micro Data Center
  • Multi-Rack Micro Data CenterMulti-Rack Micro Data Center
  • Multi-Rack Micro Data CenterMulti-Rack Micro Data Center
  • Multi-Rack Micro Data CenterMulti-Rack Micro Data Center
  • Multi-Rack Micro Data CenterMulti-Rack Micro Data Center
  • Multi-Rack Micro Data CenterMulti-Rack Micro Data Center

Multi-Rack Micro Data Center

The CPSY® durable multi-rack micro data center integrates cabinets, monitoring, power supply and distribution systems, batteries, inter-row air conditioners and other infrastructure, encapsulating complex data center solutions into a new high-efficiency, plug-and-play distributed management system. A generation of green data center infrastructure solutions. CPSY® next generation, highly integrated multi-rack micro data center solution accommodates any hardware device (servers, voice, data and network equipment) compliant with industry standards (EIA-310-D).

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Product Description

CPSY® Multi-Rack Micro Data Center

You can rest assured to buy Multi-Rack Micro Data Center from our factory. Usually, we provide solutions based on our customers' requirements. There are usually several options: single-rack micro data center, multi-rack micro data center, room type micro data center, and Outdoor Container Data Center Solution.

CPSY® Multi-Rack Micro Data Center Parameter (Specification)

Series Standard configuration
Series No. R1C104RU031 R2C108RU061 R3C112RU101 R4C112RU101 R5C112RU201 R6C212RU202 R7C212RU202 R8C202RU402
UPS 3KVA 6kV 10KVA 10KVA 20KVA 20KVA *2 20KVA *2 40KVA *2
PF 0.8 0.9 0.9 0.9 0.9 0.9 0.9 0.9
Input 220VAC 220VAC 220VAC 220VAC 380VAC/ 220VAC 380VAC/ 220VAC 380VAC/ 220VAC 380VAC
Altitude 2U 3U 3U 3U 3U 6U 6U 4U
Class C lightning protection
Cabinet Quantity 1 2-3 3-5 3-5 3-6 4-8 4-8 4-8
42U*cabinet quantity
PDU with 1 pcs for each cabinet
PDU form Input: 32A industrial connector; output: 12 bit 10A GB jack, 4 bit 16A GB jack; including lightning protection module
Cold, hot channel is fully enclosed
Fan-type emergency ventilation system, linkage with the moving ring control, automatic start and stop
IT cabinet
providing 42U of available space
Dimension 600 * 1200 * 2000mm
Cooling Air conditioning
4KW 8KW 12KW 12KW 12KW 12KW 12KW*2 12KW*2 12KW*2
Sensible heat
system DC frequency conversion + infinite speed regulation centrifugal EC fan
Monitor Monitoring
Power distribution, UPS, air conditioning, temperature and humidity, smoke sensation, water leakage, door magnetic
function Data collection and storage, alarm management, energy consumption analysis, remote access, acoustic and optical alarm
(optional), SMS alarm (optional),gating lighting (optional),atmosphere light (optional)
Display A 10-inch touch screen
Battery Type VRLA battery
Quantity 8pcs 16pcs 16pcs 16pcs Standard 384VDC (384V/408/432/456/480VDC adjustable
Backup time Can be replaced with high-capacity batteries or increase the number of batteries

CPSY® Multi-Rack Micro Data Center Feature And Application

CPSY® Multi-Rack Micro Data Center

Load capacity: static load 1000KG

Protection level: IP20

Standards: ANSI/EIA RS-310-D, IEC297-2, DIN41494:PART1, DIN41494:PART7, GB/T3047.2-92, ETSI

Certification: CE, RoHS, UL


1. New function: newly enhanced anti-smoke and anti-high temperature functions

2. Efficient modularization: Modular components that follow international standards can be quickly launched within one day, greatly shortening the business launch cycle.

3. Rapid deployment: Compared with traditional solutions, pre-configuration can save more than 65% of on-site installation time, and single-rack installation is faster and can be completed within 1 hour.

4. High reliability: multi-level automatic alarm function, real-time cabinet status monitoring.

5.N+1/2N redundant design. The backup battery continuously supplies power to ensure stable operation of IT equipment.

6. Power protection: When the air conditioner fails, the emergency ventilation system will open.

7. The rack shell has earthquake resistance and is equipped with an intelligent pop-up door system and a fire extinguishing system to support emergency operations.

8. Precision cooling: Dust-proof, noise-reducing fully enclosed structure, sealed hot and cold ventilation channels, greatly reducing energy consumption, reducing IT equipment failure rate, and extending the life cycle of IT systems.

9. Intelligent management: Centralized monitoring platform through mobile devices, local display, and viewing of power status, temperature and humidity status, and status of each subsystem.

10. High efficiency and energy saving: excellent efficiency, PUE value as low as 1.25, no heat will be transferred to the installation environment

11. Powerful reporting function: supports 24/7 unattended operation, remote monitoring and access log reporting, minimizing IT operation and maintenance costs.

12. Safe and reliable: scalable, fast installation and debugging, with remote monitoring and access control to minimize disruption to your business


Industrial environments, medical facilities, laboratory equipment, etc. are key equipment for power supply and protection.

CPSY® SPR series Rack-Mounted Cooling Air Conditioner Details

When compare with peers, CPSY® SPR series Rack-Mounted Cooling Air Conditioner advantages as below:

---Economical, efficient, reliable and practical

High energy efficiency design - cabinet-level refrigeration + fully enclosed hot and cold aisle refrigeration, which saves more than 30% energy than traditional refrigeration methods, improves cooling efficiency and reduces energy consumption. Cooling efficiency

Safe and reliable - reduce losses and labor costs; U-level precise temperature control, temperature difference <1℃

High efficiency - the entire system efficiency is as high as 96%, the cooling efficiency is increased by 30%, and the PUE of the entire machine can be as low as 1.25

Fast delivery - it can be online in 2 days, and delivery efficiency is increased by 30%

Flexible solutions - prefabricated solutions, variety structures, rich configurations, suitable for different applications

Space saving - integrated design, saving more than 40% of floor space compared with traditional construction models;

Rapid deployment - on-site installation can be completed within one day, and when deployed on a large scale, the construction cycle is greatly shortened;

The highest level A - meets the three available levels of national standard GB50174 A, B and C, and can provide the highest level A in N, N+1 or 2N configurations according to customer needs.

---Intelligent management

Intelligent access control system - centralized management, easy to use, intelligent and reliable

Intelligent inspection - save inspection time and reduce labor costs

Intelligent lighting interaction - intelligent lighting is linked to access control and alarm status, and the status is clearly visible

Intelligent temperature control technology - precise distribution, humanized design, visualization of operation and maintenance information

Mobile APP - centralized management, local and remote viewing, supports mobile APP, easy operation and maintenance, not only can reduce costs, but also can understand system operation information anytime and anywhere.

-----Simplify operation and maintenance

Deep integration - data center infrastructure products include multiple subsystems such as UPS, power distribution, refrigeration, cabinets, monitoring, and fire protection.

Eliminate hot spots – Rack cooling with horizontal airflow reduces hot spots in the data center.

Equipped with emergency ventilation device - when the air conditioner fails, natural ventilation and heat dissipation can be turned on to eliminate safety hazards.

Can be expanded at any time - simplified design, strong flexibility, short construction period, adjustment and expansion at any time, suitable for small and medium-sized data center applications such as government, education, finance or small and medium-sized enterprises.

Save supporting investment - using a fully-sealed design with low dependence on the environment, it can be installed in various harsh indoor environments (computer rooms, utility rooms, offices, etc.), and does not require special investment in the construction of computer rooms and supporting facilities:

Simplified operation and maintenance - the dynamic environment monitoring system monitors comprehensive product operation data, provides alarms and various reports, and enables unattended, remote operation and maintenance, one-stop after-sales service, and one phone call to solve all problems.

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