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Modular UPS

As the professional manufacturer, the CPSY® CPY series Modular UPS with separated components also called decentralized technology is the only possibility to work without the risk of a “single point of failure”. Each UPS module has an electronic rectifier, inverter, static bypass switch, back-feed protection, battery fuse, and control logic LCD display to guarantee autonomous operation.

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Product Description

CPSY® Modular UPS

CPSY ® is one of the top 10 largest modular UPS manufacturers in China. With a huge manufacturing plant, 200+ employees, and more than 11 years of experience in R&D, manufacturing different kinds of UPS for global clients, we have witnessed the Great Success our clients had made in the market.

CPSY® CPY series 10-600K modular UPS is a true online double-conversion, static, three-phase high frequency micro modular ups system. Using IGBT power conversion technology, ABM intelligent battery management system and other worlds. The whole efficiency is larger than 94.5%. Power factor range from 0.9 to 1.

CPSY® Modular UPS Parameter (Specification)

CPY-30series technical parameters
Model NO. CPY3090-15U/30U CPY30120-30U CPY30120-42U CPY30180-30U CPY30210-42U CPY30300-42U
Cabinet capacity 90KVA/90KW 120KVA/120KW 120KVA/120KW 180KVA/180KW 210KVA/210KW 300KVA/300KW
IP/OP mode 3 phase in/3phase out
Way of working Online Double Conversion
installation type Tower type
Input parameters
Rated input voltage 380V/400V/415VAC
Input voltage range Rated resistive load full load: 305~478VAC; rated resistive load derating below 70%: 208~304VAC
Input frequency range 40-72Hz
input power factor 0.99
input blank Standard (built-in) copper bar
Enter the open specification 3P/160A 3P/250A 3P/250A 3P/400A 3P/400A 3P/500A
Output parameters
Rated output voltage 380V/400V/415VAC
Output frequency range 50/60Hz auto sensing
output power factor 1
Crest Factor 3:01
THDv ≤2% (linear load);  ≤4% (non-linear load)
conversion time 0ms
overload capacity 105%~110% 60min;110%~125% 10min;126%~150% 1min;≥150%,200ms turn to bypass
output circuit breaker 3P/160A 3P/250A 3P/250A 3P/400A 3P/400A 3P/500A
Output circuit breaker specifications copper bar
Battery parameters
Battery Type VRLA battery
battery voltage Standard 384VDC (384V/432V/480VDC adjustable), that is, the default 32 cells (32/36/40 cells adjustable), with a battery center line
recharging current Each power module can be adjusted up to 8A
battery open none
DC cold start function support(Please consult the regional pre-sales before placing an order)
No battery power-on function support
System parameters and standards
Machine efficiency 95.0%
Safety type EN 62040-1
Electromagnetic Compatibility EN 62040-2
Surge Protection IEC 61000-4-5
Relevant certification TLC/energy saving certification/CE
degree of protection IP20
EPO support
ECO support
Incoming call starts automatically support
maintenance bypass Standard (built-in) copper bar
Specifications of maintenance bypass circuit breaker 3P/160A 3P/250A 3P/250A 3P/400A 3P/400A 3P/500A
Parallel quantity 2pcs(2 UPSs share one parallel cable, the part number is WIR-04096-00) not support
Parallel shared battery pack support(set via panel) not support
control Panel LED+LCD display(5.7 inch)
communication port Standard RS232; standard smart card slot (optional SNMP card)
SNMP card kit part number SMP-00003-00
physical index
Host W*D*H 515*1000*763(mm))/600*1210*1520(mm) 600*1210*1520(mm) 600*1200*2050(mm) 600*1210*1520(mm) 600*1200*2050(mm) 600*1060*2010(mm)
UPS weight (KG) 142/164 210.5 238 307 285 445
Power module W*D*H 650*440*132(mm)-3U
Power module weight (KG) 34.5/pcs
Noise (less than 1m) <73dB,1m
Environmental indicators
Working temperature 0-40℃
working relative humidity 0-95%RH,non-condensation
Storage temperature -15-60℃
storage relative humidity 0-95%RH,non-condensation

CPSY® Modular UPS Feature And Application

CPSY® Modular UPS

Model No.:CPY1020/CPY1060/CPY1590/CPY20200/CPY30300/CPY50600

UPS power range: 10KVA~600KVA


● High frequency and true double conversion

● Independent power module dual DSP (digital signal processor) control technology

● Output power factor 0.9/1

● N+1 digital parallel technology, extremely low circulating current between modules.

● UPS adopts modular design, hot-swappable, intelligent module and system protection design.

● The power module adopts IGBT modules instead of discrete components.

● High reliability, high power, high energy density and high efficiency, up to more than 94.5%

● Each independent module is equipped with an independent controller to avoid the risk of single point failure.

● Battery independent charger, advanced intelligent battery management system (ABM)

● Automatic frequency sensing, 50/60Hz frequency conversion

● Battery cold start function, optional lithium battery

● Effective software and hardware protection

● Low voltage input linear derating, reduce battery discharge time

● Low noise system design, fan speed intelligently changes with temperature, reducing noise and prolonging service life

● Delayed start after power restoration can be set

● Higher high/low temperature performance

● Strong load adaptability to linear and nonlinear loads, input current THDi<4%

● Friendly operation interface, large LCD screen with high resolution, rich information.

● Multi-platform communication: RS232 (standard configuration), USB/RS485/SNMP/AS400 dry contact/SMS alarm/EPO function (optional)


Large and medium data center

Server rooms telecom

Group enterprises

IT Equipment.

CPSY® Modular UPS Details

CPSY® Hot-swappable modular ups power supply to serve as power protection for mission-critical infrastructure such as data centers, mid to large network equipment, and more.

CPSY® CPY series online modular UPS system is a non-isolated, industrial-level, green UPS, adopting an advanced modular power protection concept. The UPS architecture can scale power as demand grows or as higher levels of availability are required.

The highly efficient modular UPS is a fully rated power (kVA=kW) UPS that provides ultimate availability with its self-synchronized power and control module and offers a remarkably low total cost of ownership (TCO). In addition to vertical expansion in a single rack, both offer parallel expansion up to 2 units.

Each UPS module has all the hardware and software needed for autonomous operation – rectifier, inverter, battery converter, static bypass switch, back-feed protection, control logic, display, and mimic diagram for monitoring and control.

CPY Series Modular UPS

The UPS system adopts online double-conversion topology to provide the best power quality regardless of the conditions of incoming power. This topology also features a zero transfer time, ensuring optimal system operation.

When compare with peers, CPSY®Modular UPS advantages as below:

Modular UPS Features & Benefits

1. High scalability

DSP control provides an improved high performance solution. Integrate modular design and parallel technology to simplify future power expansion.

2. N+1 or N+X parallel redundancy, expansion on demand, saving initial investment

The number of power modules installed in the UPS can be customized according to the power demand, which does not occupy additional floor space and saves initial investment. The UPS parallel expansion capability allows users to customize their own power system by connecting multiple UPSs to achieve higher capacity and realize N+X power redundancy to protect the system from power failure.

3. Efficient online double conversion technology

CPY series modular UPS adopts online double-conversion technology, and its performance is as high as 94.5% at 50% load. It significantly reduces the overall total cost of ownership (TCO).

4. High reliability and high efficiency

Modular design improves maintainability and reliability. Hot-swap is easy to install and maintain, and the failure of a single module will not affect the normal operation of other modules, providing continuous power supply for key loads.

Wide input voltage range ensures high-efficiency operation with an output power factor of 0.9/1, which meets the requirements of the latest servers and optimizes every penny of IT investment.

5. Low total cost of ownership (TCO)

The CPY series modularity combines innovation, simplicity and low cost of ownership, and the modular design reduces MTTR (mean time to repair). This product is designed to be used in power modules, STS modules and battery modules. It will simplify maintenance and replacement and reduce MTTR (mean time to repair).

6. Battery cold start and intelligent battery management

It will add tremendous value to your workflow by providing on-demand power.

The system intelligently controls the whole process of charging and discharging, effectively improving the service life of the battery

7. Energy saving and environmental protection

Online ECO mode operates to save energy. When the utility power quality is good, the UPS will switch to ECO mode to improve system efficiency. When the quality is unstable, the UPS switches to the mains mode to ensure the best power quality.

8. Flexible battery configuration for different applications

The number of batteries can be adjusted flexibly. It will adapt to varying power needs and reduce system downtime. Each string voltage can be set from 32 to 40 cells.

9. Charging current is adjustable

Provide maximum charging current of 6A/8A/20A for each power module, and can be adjusted according to needs.

10. LCD touch screen

The LCD touchscreen design features a user-friendly and intuitive interface, allowing users to monitor the power system and configure settings simply by touching the screen. 7.

11. Compatible generator

Power continuity can be achieved through generators during power outages. When the UPS runs on generator power, the UPS can stabilize the generator's unstable voltage and provide reliable power.

12. Maintenance bypass switch

Operators can use the switch to seamlessly transfer to utility power in bypass mode to perform quick and safe maintenance without shutting down the power system and connected equipment.

13. Remote management capability

The remote management function can monitor and control the device through the remote management card (SNMP card, etc.). Users can also perform administrative tasks such as scheduled shutdowns and reboots.

Multi communication interfaces, RS485, USB, SNMP, relay card communication, for network management and remote monitoring

CPY series Modualr UPS highlights at a glance

DPA with Safe-Swap Modules (SSM)

For premium power protection availability

Low total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

Cost saving during entire life-cycle


Ease of power upgrade, pay as you grow

Enhanced Serviceability

Rapid fault recovery

Instantaneous fault recognition

Modular ups Connection of External Battery Cabinet

It is normally recommended for redundant Multi-Module systems to provide each UPS-Module with its own separate battery.

To ensure the protection of the personnel during the installation of the UPS make sure that the connections are performed under the following conditions:

No mains voltage is present in the UPS

All the loads are disconnected

The UPS and the external battery are voltage-free

To verify the complete shutdown of the CPSY CPY series modular ups perform the following steps:

1) Make sure that the fuses feeding the UPS in the input Distribution Board are all open and no power is fed to the UPS.

2) Make sure the "MAINTENANCE BYPASS" is open (position "OFF”)

3) Make sure the battery fuses in the external battery cabinet and on the UPS are open.

4) Connect Earth (PE) between the UPS and external battery cabinet.

5) Connect the corresponding +/- , N, terminals between UPS and external battery cabinet according to drawing.

Preventive maintenance program

a) Cleaning, a visual inspection and a mechanical inspection of the UPS Modules.

b) Replacement of defective parts or the preventive replacement of parts with a defined lifetime.

c) “Updating” of the equipment (technical improvements subsequent to the delivery).

d) Check the calibration of DC voltage and Inverter Output Voltage and Frequency.

e) Check of the settings of the electronic regulation, the control and the alarm circuits of the Rectifier(s) and Inverter(s).

f) Functional checks on Thyristors, Diodes, Transformers, Filter Components, e.g. to ensure that they are operating within the specified design parameters.

g) Overall performance test including a Utility Failure simulation with and without the Load.

h) Monitoring Battery operation in discharge and recharge mode including any boost charge duties.

For battery maintenance

We recommend that this test is performed at least every 3 months, especially if the Battery is not sufficiently discharged during normal operation.

The discharge time you use should be at least half of the Battery runtime.

Please consider that, if you did a full Battery Test to verify the full runtime of the Battery, the charger needs at least 8 hours to recharge the Battery up to 90% of its capacity.

when Long shut-down periods of the UPS system,to guarantee that the Battery is fully charged, the UPS system should be in operation for at least 12 hours every 3months. If not, the Battery may be permanently

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