Rack Mount UPS
  • Rack Mount UPSRack Mount UPS
  • Rack Mount UPSRack Mount UPS
  • Rack Mount UPSRack Mount UPS
  • Rack Mount UPSRack Mount UPS
  • Rack Mount UPSRack Mount UPS
  • Rack Mount UPSRack Mount UPS

Rack Mount UPS

You can rest assured to buy Rack Mount UPS from our factory. CPSY® rack-mount UPS systems can provide mounting options for both 2-post and 4-post 19” rack installations. Perfect of applications such as a server rack, data centers, and transportation as well as various industrial applications. Other mounting options such as tower and wall mount and cabinet installations are also available.
The PF=1.0 rack mount ups provide Pure Sine Wave power output for sensitive equipment that requires a smoother and cleaner input source. The pure sine wave source ensures the system is operating more efficiently to reduce power consumption and save electricity costs.

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Product Description

CPSY® Single Phase Low frequency ups

You can rest assured to buy Rack Mount UPS from our factory. This CPSY® HPR series Rack Mount UPS is the latest invention of high-quality ups products, which comply with CE, ROHS, IEC, BS,UL,TUV, SAA standard and comes with a 2-year warranty, . The CPSY® 6KVA LCD Single Phase Low frequency ups is made of metal+ PCBA, which has been designed to meet most demanding power requirements, being easy to install and maintain. It combines latest high energy efficiency technology and high power density technology,achieving small size, stable performance and price competitive for UPS products.

CPSY® HP33 series online double conversion UPS System adopts advanced DSP control and N+X redundancy design to enhance reliability. With high power factor (PF) and ECO mode operation for energy saving, the HP33 series is the cost-effective choice in the industry. It has been widely used for server rooms, personal computers, data warehouses, medical clinics, industrial applications, and office facilities..

CPSY® GP11 series Single Phase Low frequency ups Parameter (Specification)

Model HPR1101B/H HPR1102B/H HPR1103B/H HPR1106H HPR1110H
Phase Single phase and earth ground
Power ratting 1000VA/900W 2000VA/1800W 3000VA/2400W 6000VA/4800W 10000VA/8000W
Voltage range 110-300VAC @ 50% load or 160-280VAC @ 100% load
Frequency Range 50Hz/60Hz (auto sensing)
Frequency Range ≥0.99 @ 100% load
Norminal voltage 208/220/230/240VAC
Voltage range(battery mode) ±1%
Frequency range (Normal mode) 46Hz-54Hz or 56Hz-64Hz
Frequency range (battery mode) 50Hz±0.1Hz or 60Hz±0.1Hz
Waveform Distortion ≤3%THD(linear load),≤5%THD(non-linear load)
Power factor 0.8/0.9
Crest Factor 3:01
Transfer time 0ms
Waveform Pure Sine wave
Normal Mode 88% 89% 90% 92% 93%
Battery Type Sealed lead acid maintenance free battery
Quantity(pieces,Standard model) 2*9ah battery 4*9ah battery 6*9ah battery NA NA
Quantity(pieces,long-run model) 3 6 8 16pcs default,16-20(adjust)
Charging Current(MAX) 1.0A 6.0A
LCD Load, battery capacity, normal mode, battery mode, bypass,
Battery mode Sounding every 4 seconds
Low battery Sounding every 1 seconds
Overload Sounding every second
Fault Contentiously Sounding
PHYSICAL characteristic
Dimension,D×W×H (mm) 410×438×88[2U] ]438*615*86[2U]/410×438×88[2U 600×438×133[3U]
Net Weight(KGS) 11 / 7.2 18.7 / 8.9 23.7 / 9.0 14 18
Humidity 20~90% (Non-Condensing), 0~40℃ centigrade
Noise level less than 50dB@1m less than 55dB@1m less than 58dB@1m
Modbus RS-232/RS485 Support Windows 2000/2003/XP/Vista/2008, Windows7/8,Linux,Unix and MAC
SNMP(Optional ) SNMP and internet management

CPSY® HPR series 1-40KVA Rack Mount ups Feature And Application

CPSY® HPR series 1-40KVA Rack Mount ups

Model No.:HPR1101H(B)/HPR1102H(B)/HPR1103H(B)/HPR1106H/HPR1110H/HPR3110H/


UPS power range: 1KVA~40KVA

Rack Mount UPS Features:

Hot-swappable batteries/UPS, flexible design, easy setup and maintenance (plug and play)

Advanced battery management (ABM), adjustable charge current via LCD panel

High-frequency true online double-conversion technology, which can protect the load from all input interference

DSP (Digital Signal Processor) Control Technology, Microprocessor Control Optimized Reliability

Active power factor correction (APFC), input power factor up to 0.99

Output power factor 0.9/1

Wide input voltage range (110V~300Vac) and frequency range (40~70Hz), programmable output voltage

Low cost of ownership, external maintenance bypass

Auto-sensing frequency

Battery cold start, no grid input

Rear ventilation design and variable speed fan

Effective hardware and software protection

Intelligent battery charging technology, adjustable two-level or three-level charging mode, fast and stable charging, 90% capacity recovery in 4 hours (standard UPS), maximizing battery durability

Low voltage input linear derating reduces battery discharge time

Delayed start can be set after power is restored

Configurable as tower or rack mount with rotatable display

Rotatable Multifunction LCD Panel, Graphical LCD display with interactive multi-language user interface, various functions can be set through the LCD screen: output voltage, EOD, automatic start, bypass mode, ECO energy saving mode and 50Hz/60Hz frequency conversion mode

Multi-platform communication: standard RS232, optional USB, ModBus card (RS-485 and TCP/IP), AS400 dry contact, SNMP card, SMS alarm, emergency power off (EPO) function, passive contact, MBS ( external maintenance bypass switch), environmental monitoring probe, relay card with I/O contacts

Efficiency up to 95.5%, ECO energy-saving mode 98%

compatible generator

Up to nine external battery modules (EBMs) can be connected to the UPS for extended runtime

Boost and Trim Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR)

Power regulation, automatic self-test, automatic restart of load after UPS shutdown

USB/serial connection, resettable circuit breaker

Smart battery management, battery disconnect notification/battery failure notification/predictive failure notification

Manually operated maintenance bypass switch (optional)

Parallel up to 3 units for redundancy or extra capacity

Rack mount kit easily mounts in a standard 19” rack

1U Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS)

Common features:

● Wide range of input voltage while input PF>99%

● 19” standard cabinet and battery cabinet

● Full protection of overvoltage, circuit short and over temperature

● LCD/LED display, monitoring all the operation status

● Automatic fan speed adjustment

● Abundant interface: RS232,USB, SNMP, Intelligent Card

Unique features:

● High efficiency, up to 95%

● kVA=kW, output PF=1

● Intelligent charging management, effectively improving the life time of battery

● 3 level of technology, compatible with complicated load

Application: Industrial environments, medical facilities, laboratory equipment, etc. are key equipment for power supply and protection.



Educational Institutes.


Healthcare Systems.

Telecommunication Equipments.

Small & Medium Data Centers.

CNC Machines.

Pharmaceutical Appliances.

X-ray Machines.

Industrial Facilities.

Professional single-phase Rack mount UPS for the most demanding applications, it maintains the power for critical servers, PoS, Workstations, clusters and eliminates the incoming power disturbances. The thinnest and fully rack-tower convertible module, can be installed with servers in the same cabinet.

We provide Single Phase UPS Rack Mount UPS for Server Room, IT and Telecom Applications, Industrial Applications etc. The Rack mount UPS can be mounted in the network racks and also convertible as tower UPS . The UPs digital display can be adjusted horizonal position for Rack Mount Type and Vertical position for Tower Type. Single Phase RM/RT UPS capacity start from 1 KVA to 40KVA.

HPR Series rack mount ups is applied patented modular design to enhance the flexibility of power expansion and maintenance. By simply removing four screws on the connector box, power module can be easily removed out from cabinet without disconnecting any wires, No need for extra cabinet chassis. the vertical/horizontal conversión design enchances the flexibility and scalability of he modular UPS.

The HPR Series ups is a rack-mounted version of the popular. Advanced double conversion technology provides the highest levels of reliability and protection for critical servers, data processing IT systems, and voice/data applications, making them the ideal choice in server rooms housing 600 mm deep racks.

For applications requiring several hours of autonomy, the CPSY HPR Series rack mount ups is fitted with a 6 A battery charger and additional battery packs for extra runtime. These plug-and-play UPS systems are designed to fit standard 19" inch cabinet racks and incorporate a Cold Start feature that enables them to power up even if there isn’t a mains supply. Choose from a wide range of operating modes (i.e. ON LINE, ECO, SMART ACTIVE, STANDBY OFF, Frequency Converter) to boost performance and improve energy efficiency.

CPSY® LCD 1:1/3:1/3:3 Phase rack mount ups Details

When compare with tower ups, CPSY® rack mount ups advantages as below:

Item Tower ups Rack mount ups Modular ups
Output power factor 0.8/0.9/1 0.9/1 1
installed way floor Floor/wall/inside a cabinet inside a cabinet
maintenance bypass Standard/optional optional Standard/optional
space big small small
centralized Yes Yes Yes
Cost low middle high
N+X function Yes Yes Yes
expand & maintain complex Easy Easy
UPS Capacity big small big
Usage All Server, security & network mainly Data center mainly

In fact, rack UPS, modular UPS, and tower UPS are all battery backup devices. The biggest difference between them is the appearance and installation method. Tower UPS is the most common server we can see, which can be placed on the floor or on the table, while rack UPS and modular UPS must be installed in the cabinet and installed in the rack structure together with the server and network equipment. Inside a standard cabinet. The common advantages of rack-mounted and modular UPS power supplies are space-saving and easy management, and the hot-swappable function can greatly shorten the installation and maintenance time of the system. The difference is that rack-mounted UPSs tend to focus on small and medium capacities, while modular UPSs can achieve very large capacities through parallel connection, and the failure of a single module will not affect the normal operation of other modules.

Advantages of rack-mounted UPS.

1. Easy to expand and maintain

When it is necessary to use multiple servers, network cables, switches, routers, network equipment, etc. to work simultaneously to meet higher server application requirements, it is easy to install and add rack UPS instead of tower UPS. The rack-mounted UPS is located in the cabinet, and all data cables are placed in the cabinet and integrated with the load equipment to achieve a simple computer room layout, improve space utilization, and facilitate centralized monitoring and management. From the outside we can't see any data cables, it's clean, dustproof, safe, no mess, heat dissipation, dust and rat proof.

2. High security

In case of damage, vandalism, data leakage. The server and UPS should be stored in a safe place. Cabinets are usually locked and require no manual management.

3. Parallel redundancy, stable operation and high reliability.

4. Save space

Occupying only 1U of rack space, the rack UPS protects network equipment in racks where space is at a premium.

However, this type of server also has many limitations. It costs more than a tower UPS, but requires less equipment to install than a tower UPS.

We recommend that customers choose tower or rack UPS according to actual needs, installation area, required power, placement environment, etc.

The UPS placement environment is the key to distinguishing tower UPS from rack UPS. If you need a tidy computer room or a working group with high environmental requirements, you need a rack-mounted UPS power supply, otherwise a tower-type UPS is more suitable.

Rackmount Uninterruptible Power Supply Types Offered

STANDBY UPS – The Standby UPS is a cost-effective UPS providing basic battery backup and surge protection. These features help to reduce equipment downtime and data loss during power disruption events. Standby UPS are most commonly used to protect single workstations, ATM/Kiosk, IP telephony, and POS terminals.

LINE INTERACTIVE UPS – This mid-range protection adds Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR) feature to the Standby UPS topology. Line Interactive UPS are most commonly used to protect servers, small network systems, IP telephony, POS terminals, and POE equipment.

DOUBLE CONVERSION UPS – This UPS topology first converts AC utility power into DC power, then converts back into pure sine wave AC power. Online UPS are most commonly used to protect mission-critical applications including critical servers, phone systems, medical devices, and equipment requiring long battery run times.

ISOLATED ONLINE UPS – Isolated Online UPS is also known as a Power Conditioned Online UPS or Laboratory Grade UPS. This premium technology adds galvanic isolation transformer to the online UPS topology providing protection from common mode noise. The Isolated Online UPS is used to provide the cleanest power in demanding applications such as industrial environments, laboratories, and medical applications.

CPSY recommends to perform the first service within 12 months from the commissioning date or within 24months from delivery date or within 36months from production date, Subsequent services to perform every 12 months.

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