208V Low voltage UPS

208V Low voltage UPS

A Professional Manufacturer of 208V Low voltage UPS
CPSY® is a professional manufacturer of uninterruptible power supplies. We are located in Shenzhen and have a registered capital of $2.3 million and a production area of 25,000 square meters. We have our own R&D team with more than 30 R&D engineers with more than 20 patents, and put 15% sales revenue each year to R&D research.With strict quality control system and all our UPS products meet with the CE,TLC, CQC and more certificates.Our aim is continuously to offer our customer stable and reliable, clean and high-efficiency power.welcome to inquiry.

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Product Description

208V Low voltage UPS

You can rest assured to buy 208V Low voltage UPS from our factory. This CPSY® 6KVA LCD Single Phase Low frequency ups is the latest invention of high-quality ups products, which comply with CE, ROHS, IEC, BS,UL,TUV, SAA standard and comes with a 2-year warranty, . The CPSY® 6KVA LCD Single Phase Low frequency ups is made of metal+ PCBA, which has been designed to meet most demanding power requirements, being easy to install and maintain. It combines latest high energy efficiency technology and high power density technology,achieving small size, stable performance and price competitive for UPS products.

CPSY® GP11 series Single Phase Low frequency ups Parameter (Specification)

Model HP3310H HP3315H HP3320H HP3330H HP3340H HP3360H HP3380H HP33100H HP33120H HP33160H HP33200H
Capacity 10KVA/9KW 15KVA/13.5KW 20KVA/18KW 30KVA/27KW 40KVA/36KW 60KVA/54KW 80KVA/72KW 100KVA/90KW 120KVA/108KW 160KVA/144KW 200KVA/180KW
I/O mode 3/3 phase
Work mode True double conversion online ups
Installation type Tower
Voltage 380/400/415VAC
Voltage Range Full load: phase voltage 190-276v line voltage 330-478v (-15%, +20%), half load: phase voltage 116-276/line voltage 201-478 (-50%, +20%) Full load: phase voltage 190-330 line voltage 276-478V (-15%, +20%), 116/201-276/478V (-50%, +20%) at 50% load
Frequency Range 40~72Hz
Power Factor ≥0.99
Breaker Standard (in-built) Optional (external distribution cabinet(Input, output, maintenance bypass in one))
Breaker  Capacity 40A/3P 40A/3P 40A/3P 63A/3P 100A/3P 125A/3P 150A/3P 250A/3P 250A/3P 400A/3P 400A/3P
Voltage 380/400/415VAC:≤±1%
Frequency Range 50/60Hz±1%
Power Factor 0.9
Transfer Time 0ms
Overload 100%≤load<110, 60mins, 110%≤load≤125%,10mins, 125%load≤150%, 1mins, load≥150%, transfer to bypass immediately after 500 ms 100%≤load≤105%, long-term , 106%≤load≤125%, 10mins, 125%load≤150%, 1min, load≥150%, transfer to bypass immediately after 150ms
Breaker Standard (in-built) Optional (external distribution cabinet(Input, output, maintenance bypass in one))
Breaker capacity 40A/3P 40A/3P 40A/3P 63A/3P 100A/3P 125A/3P 160A/3P 250A/3P 250A/3P 400A/3P 400A/3P
Battery Type VALR battery
Battery Voltage 384VDC(384V~480V adjustable),Standard 32pcs(32/34/36/38/40pcs adjustable) Standard 480V(432V/456V/480 adjustable),40pcs(36/38/40/pcs  adjustable)
Charging Current 3.5(5.3AMAX) 4A(8AMAX) 5A(10.6AMAX) 6A(16AMAX) 8A(24AMAX) 10A (40AMAX) 20A(80AMAX)
Charging Current adjustable Support
Breaker capacity No
Cold Start No support
No battery power-on function Support
Efficiency 95%
ECO mode 98%
Safety EN 62040-1
EMC EN 62040-2
Certificate TLC/CECP/CE/RoHS
EPO Support
ECO Support
Cold Start Support
Bypass Standard (in-built) Optional (external distribution cabinet(Input, output, maintenance bypass in one))
Bypass breaker 3P/40A 3P/40A 3P/40A 3P/63A 100A/3P 3P/125A 3P/160A 250A/3P 250A/3P 400A/3P 400A/3P
Parallel NO. 4pcs 4pcs
Parallel shared battery pack No support No support
Control Panel LCD+LED display
Communication port Standard RS232, optional SNMP card, AS400 relay card
SNMP Serial NO. SMP-00204-00
W*D*H 500*700*1020(mm) 600*800*1875(mm) 600*800*1875(mm) 600*830*1875
Net Weight(KG) 75 88 96 202 245 311 457
Noise Level(less1m) <55dB <62dB <65dB <65dB <70dB
Operation temperature Recommended temperature UPS:0-40℃;Battery:20-25℃
Operation Humidity 5%-95%,No condensation
Storage temperature -15-55℃
Storage relative humidity 5%-95%,No condensation
Altitude <1000m

CPSY® GP11 series 6KVA Single Phase Low frequency ups Feature And Application

CPSY® GP11 series 6KVA Single Phase Low frequency ups 1-40KVA ups

Model No.:GP1101K/GP1102K/GP1103K/GP1106K/GP1110K/GP1115K/


UPS power range: 1KVA~40KVA


--Standard output isolation transformer.Optional input isolation transformer

-PM2.1 technology insect proof waterproof, noise and dustproof

-Support 3 parallel functions,Optional N+X parallel redundancy

-Adjustable charging current,such as 8A for long-run models

--Excellent industrial environmental protection performance

-True double conversion DSP technology, high reliability

-Eco mode operation for energy saving(ECO)

-Output adjustable 200/208/220/230/240VAC

-Dust gauze Level between IP20-IP51

-Emergency power off function(EPO)

-Generator compatible


Industrial environments, medical facilities, laboratory equipment, etc. are key equipment for power supply and protection.



Educational Institutes.


Healthcare Systems.

Telecommunication Equipments.

Small & Medium Data Centers.

CNC Machines.

Pharmaceutical Appliances.

X-ray Machines.

Industrial Facilities.

CPSY® 500KVA LCD 3/3 Phase industrial ups Details

When compare with peers, CPSY® 3/3 Phase industrial ups advantages as below:

1. Other peers can only switch 70% of the load instantaneously without load, while CPSY can switch full load instantaneously without load, and has a strong load carrying capacity for non-linear loads

2. Other peers are single DSP control mode, while CPSY is dual DSP control mode

3. The floating charging of other peers cannot be automatically converted, but the CPSY is automatically switching to floating charging, and the battery is regularly self-tested

4. Other peers can parallel 2-4 units, while CPSY can parallel 6-8 units

5. Other counterparts have a single auxiliary power supply system, while CPSY is a redundant dual auxiliary power supply system with auxiliary power fault protection

6. CPSY supports double busbar system, busbar overvoltage protection, other peers do not support it

7. Regarding the nonlinear load waveform distortion, the CPSY parameter and the actual value are both THDV≤4%-5%, while other peers show THDV≤5% on the parameter, but the actual THDV≤6%-8%

8. Other peers use static switches of relays, while CPSY uses static switches of SCR thyristors, which have stronger impact resistance

9. Quality is our culture. 90% of the components of CPSY UPS use Fairchild, Infineon, Onsemi, TI, NXP and other well-known brand A grade materials to ensure their good performance. More importantly, the fault detection rate of CPSY UPS is ≦0.2% -0.5%, while the fault detection rate of other peers is ≦0.5%-1%.

10. CPSY low frequency industrial UPS can be used for 25 years above, and it will fault after 5-7 years usually; while the low frequency industrial UPS of the peers can be used for 15 years above, usually after 2-3 years, it will fault. The operating cost of CPSY ups is far lower than the peers everyday.

When compare with peers, CPSY® 3/3 Phase industrial ups advantages as below:

Item CPSY® Other Peers
Without load switch full load instantaneously switch 70% load instantaneously
Control mode dual DSP single DSP
Static switches SCR thyristors relays
Floating charging switch Automatically,battery self-tested cannot be automatically converted
Parallel function 6-8 units 2-4 units
THDV ≤4%-5% THDV≤6%-8%(show THDV≤5%)
Bus-bar system supports not support
Fault detection rate ≦0.2% -0.5% ≦0.5%-1%
Machine life 25-30 years 20-25 years
MTBF >250000hours >175000hours
Fault happen after 5-7 years use after 2-3 years use

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