Single Phase Low Frequency UPS
  • Single Phase Low Frequency UPSSingle Phase Low Frequency UPS
  • Single Phase Low Frequency UPSSingle Phase Low Frequency UPS
  • Single Phase Low Frequency UPSSingle Phase Low Frequency UPS
  • Single Phase Low Frequency UPSSingle Phase Low Frequency UPS
  • Single Phase Low Frequency UPSSingle Phase Low Frequency UPS

Single Phase Low Frequency UPS

As the professional manufacturer, we would like to provide you Single Phase Low Frequency UPS. CPSY® 3/1 Phase Low frequency ups, top 10 brands in China with 65.24millions RMB registered capital, and famous with its innovation,low fault rate and good services.As a professional manufacturer of uninterruptible power supplies, CPSY® 3/1 Phase Low frequency ups has been designed to meet most demanding power requirements, being easy to install and maintain. CPSY® 3/1 Phase Low frequency ups provide the 500va-600kva ups, which comply with CE, ROHS, IEC, BS,UL,TUV, SAA standard and comes with a 2-year warranty.

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Product Description

CPSY® Single Phase Low frequency ups

As the professional manufacturer, we would like to provide you Single Phase Low Frequency UPS. CPSY® 3/1 Phase Low frequency ups,With more than 40+R&D engineers team, more than 120 patents, and put increase 5% every year investment to R&D research.CPSY® 3/1 Phase Low frequency ups, with strict quality control system and all our UPS products meet with the CE,TLC, CQC and more certificates.Our aim is continuously to offer our customer stable and reliable, clean and high-efficiency power.It combines latest high energy efficiency technology and high power density technology, achieving small size, stable performance and price competitive for UPS products.

CPSY® GP31 series 3/1 Phase Low frequency ups Parameter (Specification)

Model GP3110K GP3115K GP3120K GP3130K GP3140K
Capacity 10KVA/8KW 15KVA/12KW 20KVA/16KW 30KVA/24KW 40KVA/32KW
I/O mode 3/1 phase
Work mode True double conversion online ups
Installation type Tower
Voltage 380VAC
Voltage Range 323~456VAC
Frequency Range 47~53Hz/57~63Hz 50/60Hz ±10%
Power Factor ≥0.906
Breaker Standard (In-built)
Breaker capacity 40A/3P 63A/3P 63A/3P 80A/3P 80A/3P
Voltage 220VAC:≤±1%
Frequency Range 50Hz :≤±0.5%
Power Factor 0.8
Transfer Time 0ms
Overload 100%-105% long-term ; 105%-110% 60 mins; 110%-125% 10 mins; 125%-150% 60s
Breaker Standard (In-built)
Breaker capacity 63A/1P 125A/1P 125A/1P 100A/2P 100A/2P
Output method Terminal block
Battery Type VALR battery
Battery Voltage Standard 384VDC(32pcs)
Charging Current Standard 3A (adjustable:max 8A) 15A(max20A)
Battery breaker 100A(battery fuse) 100A(battery fuse) 100A(battery fuse) 200A(battery fuse) 200A(battery fuse)
Cold start Support
No battery power-on function Support
Efficiency 91% 92%
Safety EN 62040-1
EMC EN 62040-2
EPO No Support
ECO No Support
Cold Start Support
Bypass Standard (In-built)
Bypass breaker 63A/1P 125A/1P 125A/1P 100A/2P 100A/2P
Parallel No Support
Parallel shared battery pack No Support
Control Panel LCD+LED dispaly LCD(7寸)+LED dispaly
Communication port Standard RS232(Optional SNMP card)
SNMP Serial NO. SMP-00013-00(external)(Optional snmp card)
W*D*H 280*580*795 330*600*900 414*704*1016 560*740*1200
Net Weight(KG) 88 101 103 157 340
Noise Level(Less 1m) <65dB (less)
Operation temperature 0-40℃
Operation Humidity 10-95%RH,No condensation
Storage temperature -25-55℃
Storage relative humidity 0-95%RH,No condensation

CPSY® GP11 series 6KVA Single Phase Low frequency ups Feature And Application

GP31series low-frequency online UPS has been designed as a combined advanced IGBT technology with hi-frequency wider-modulated technology (PWM), which allows customers could obtain high-quality power output and optimized efficiency under each operation load.

CPSY® 3/1 Phase Low frequency ups 10-40KVA ups

Model No.: GP3110K/GP3115K/GP3120K/GP3130K/GP3140K

UPS power range: 10KVA~40KVA


1.The advanced modular design: To reduce the average time to repair (MTTR), and the best maintenance

2.Intelligent control of multiple CPU: Groups of new microprocessor (CPU) coordination, which can precisely control the parameters of UPS and its full control, providing sufficient computing power, to ensure UPS always in top working condition.

3.Intelligent battery management.

4.Humanized display interface: LCD dot matrix display, which visually indicated the UPS's operating parameters, LED displays the working status of UPS, and the LCD + LED combinations could make you get the UPS running status clearly and quickly.

5.Double conversion, pure sine wave output line design: could supply the low-distortion pure sine wave power, so it can provide the best power protection to the user's equipment.

6.High-intelligence network control: through the communication interface, with the monitoring software, which can directly monitor UPS on the computer, simplified power management, optional adapter remote monitor (SNMP card), with a variety of operating system and application software, as well as TCP/ IP, SNMP, HTTP and other protocol support, which meets the user's requirements to monitor UPS via network, this is more suitable for decentralized users to centralized manage, thereby achieving the real global management.

7.Not principal and subordinate type, but adaptive parallel technology.

It has strong ability in parallel and does not need to set the quantity of parallel, parallel expansion or N + 1 redundancy in parallel UPS will share the same group batteries.

8.With the isolated output transformer, which ensure that the entire the isolation of the load and public electric.

9.It also with the most advanced phase-balanced technology, and it features best stability, even if loss-phase, it could still operate at normal condition, so it's suitable for any worse power supply.


√ Industrial Automatic Control

√ Medical Equipment

√ Office Automation

√ Production Equipment

√ Electronic & Telecom

√ Aeronautics & Astronautics

√ Army Technology

√ Securities System

CPSY® 3/1 Phase Low frequency ups Details

When compare with peers, CPSY® 3/1 Phase Low frequency ups advantages as below:

1. DSP Digital Control Technology

2. Advanced IGBT Inverter Technology

3. Pure-online Double Conversion Technology

4. Perfect Protection

5. Powerful Redundant Parallel

6. Powerful Communication System

7. Low-power Dissipation But High-efficiency

8. Prediction Warning System

9. Humanized Panel Display

10. Super-strong Environment Adaptability


● 1 huge manufacturing plant located in China

● 300+ employees, 40+R &D engineers, half of them are from peers companies such as Santak and Huawei.

● 40+ In-house resources scattered in 36 branch in China

● 160+ Successful Projects delivery.

● 300+ Satisfied clients & partners.

● Partnering with world-class top 100 famous brands.

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