42U Rack Server Cabinet
  • 42U Rack Server Cabinet42U Rack Server Cabinet
  • 42U Rack Server Cabinet42U Rack Server Cabinet
  • 42U Rack Server Cabinet42U Rack Server Cabinet
  • 42U Rack Server Cabinet42U Rack Server Cabinet
  • 42U Rack Server Cabinet42U Rack Server Cabinet
  • 42U Rack Server Cabinet42U Rack Server Cabinet
  • 42U Rack Server Cabinet42U Rack Server Cabinet
  • 42U Rack Server Cabinet42U Rack Server Cabinet

42U Rack Server Cabinet

Designed for secure, high-density server and network applications in IT environments, the CPSY®42U rack server Cabinet features integrated cooling, power distribution and cable management, making it an ideal home for mission-critical equipment. The CPSY® 42U rack server cabinet ships fully assembled for quick deployment and rolls into place on heavy-duty casters, and tool-less mounting slots allow for quick installation of PDUs and vertical cable managers. The CPSY® 42U rack server cabinet is constructed from heavy-duty steel with a durable black powder-coated finish and has a maximum fixed load capacity of 3000 lbs (1363 kg) and a maximum rolling load capacity of 2250 lbs (1022 kg). It locks the split version With front and rear doors, locking side panels, and multiple cable entry points on top and bottom, this server cabinet protects and protects, keeping your equipment quiet.

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Product Description

CPSY® 42U Rack Server Cabinet

The CPSY® 42U Rack Server Cabinet is 100% portable and is the best in its class, ideal for housing, organizing and protecting standard-depth 19-inch rack equipment in edge computing or micro data centers and other mission-critical IT applications. The CPSY®42U rack server cabinet is the only server cabinet proven to provide 28.5 dB(A) noise reduction, more than 5 times quieter than standard server rack cabinets, and 11.5 KW of heat dissipation, supporting cooling, cable management, power distribution and monitoring capabilities to keep critical servers and network equipment running without interruption.

CPSY® IT Network Rack Cabinet Parameter (Specification)

Model NO. IDM1000-IT IDM1000-EC
Name IT Network Rack Cabinet Fully sealed
Comprehensive cabinet
Front Door full glass door*1 full glass door*1
Side door None side door*2
Cable inlet supports online cable entry and vertical cable management board supports online cable entry and vertical cable management board
laminate laminate*1 laminate*2
guide rail L-shaped guide rail*1 L-shaped guide rail*1
Emergency ventilation system emergency ventilation system*1 emergency ventilation system*1
hot/cold aisles Includes fully enclosed hot and cold aisles Includes fully enclosed hot and cold aisles
Door sensor module Door sensor module*2 Door sensor module*2
top trunking 600mm wide top trunking 600mm wide top trunking
parallel components parallel components*1 parallel components*1
screws and nuts Contains 50 sets of screws and nuts, caster feet Contains 50 sets of screws and nuts, caster feet,
Dynamic environment monitoring system none Dynamic environment monitoring system*1 (1*10-inch touch-integrated dynamic ring host, 2*temperature and humidity sensors, 1*smoke sensor, 1 set of water leakage sensors, etc.)
load bearing 1500KG 1500kg
Dimension 600*1200*2000mm 600*1200*2000mm

CPSY® 42U Rack Server Cabinett Feature And Application


CE certification according to EN 62208

Comply with IEC297; IEC297-1; IEC297-2; IEC297-3; EN61439-1; EN60529; EN12150-1; RoHS II 2001/65 / EU

Complies with UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 standard

Complies with EN 60529 standard;


The CPSY42U rack server cabinet is designed for secure, high-density server and network applications in IT environments and is the best solution (cost-effective) for installing cross-connect, telecommunications and server equipment. Temperature control system can be added: with 4 fans, 2 brush cable entries, 1 PDU, 1 mounting bracket, 4 rollers and legs, 2 latches, set of screws and nuts (50 pieces)

Product Highlights

1. 42U rack constructed from powder-coated steel to withstand harsh environments

2. Accommodates 19-inch rack equipment, keeping critical equipment secure

3. Maximum load capacity: fixed load 3000 lbs (1361 kg), rolling load 2250 lbs (1021 kg)

4. Physical device and media security required to meet PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) compliance

5. Adjustable device depth mounting rails, easy-to-see depth index for quick repositioning

6. Securely locking front and rear doors and removable side panels keep equipment secure and prevent damage, tampering or theft.

7. Doors and side panels are designed for quick release, giving you easy access to connected devices and cables.

8. Convenient top access ports and open bottom allow for easy cable routing through the cabinet.

9. Brush-type cable entries are included on the top and bottom to protect the device from dust and other objects.

10. Ventilated mesh doors increase airflow to provide passive cooling, and passive ventilation is provided by the front door and side perforations to keep the unit in optimal condition.

11. Curved front door, providing greater surface area and allowing higher penetration levels.

12. Split rear doors, reducing the clearance required to fully open them.

13. The lockable and removable 2 side panels are "half size" making it smaller and lighter, thus increasing ease of installation.

14. Casters and leveling feet allow the cabinet to be easily moved and positioned on uneven floors

15. Ships fully assembled, ready to deploy and install the device

16. Vertical cable organizer with bend radius control for front/rear assembly

17. Fully functional modular server and network cabinet with generous cable entry holes in the top panel.

18. The front and rear set adjustable mounting rails are adjustable in 1/2 increments with an easy-to-see depth index.

19. Full-height brackets attach to the frame in the rear corners, supporting two vertical PDUs and cable management.

20. Tool-less mounting slots for PDUs and vertical cable managers

21. Vertical cable managers attach to the mounting rails, creating channels for cables next to the rails.

22. CPSY rack service cabinets are now equipped with smart EMS to monitor power environment safety

23. A variety of sensors can be configured including: power, camera, cooling, security, fire, motion and door alarms.

24. Designed for continuous connection of multiple cabinets to form a single row N+1.

25. The rack's sturdiness is based on 2 heavy-duty welded frames with a load capacity of up to 1600 lbs.

26. The air control system guarantees: optimal performance of IT equipment within a safe temperature range; reduced power costs; extended service life of active ventilation; reduced noise.

27. Available heights: 18U, 24U, 22U, 27U, 32U, 37U, 42U, 48U

28. 5 year limited warranty


Offices, training rooms, micro data centers or edge computing applications, server rooms, IT cabinets and other rack-mounted IT equipment environment

CPSY® 42U Rack Server Cabinett Details

When compare with peers, CPSY® 42U Rack Server Cabinet advantages as below:

Why buy CPSY42U rack server cabinet?

Can eliminate the need for a dedicated server room.

100% portable, reposition where and when you need it.

42U rack enclosure that accommodates all standard 19-inch rack-mount equipment, allowing for denser cabinets.

Tool-less mounting rails provide quick installation of up to four compatible PDUs and vertical cable managers.

Mesh door openings provide tremendous front and rear ventilation capabilities, with over 65% of open space meeting or exceeding server manufacturer requirements.

Tabs allow cabinets to be safely assembled in rows, standard 24" wide and 42" deep for optimal use of floor space

Ships fully assembled for rapid deployment in a secure, high-density server/IT network environment

Maximum usable interior depth is 37 inches/94 cm (front rail to rear rail).

The heat dissipation is 11.5 kilowatts, which is equivalent to the heat generated by 7 single-row electric radiators.

Weight capacity is 3000 lbs stationary and 2250 lbs rolling load capacity with removable casters.

With 28.5 dB(A) noise reduction, it is five times quieter than existing cabinets.

Front and rear group equipment mounting rails adjust in 1/4" increments for quick and easy adjustment.

Optional dust filters, ventilation systems, cable entry boxes, etc.

The textured powder-coated surface effectively resists environmental issues, such as deployment in warehouses.

The front and rear doors are lockable, reversible and removable, and the split design reduces clearance requirements for service entrances, allowing the cabinet to be placed closer to the wall.

Locking removable two side panels are "half-sized" making them smaller and lighter, improving ease of installation and service.

The leveling feet extend to allow the cabinet to be placed on uneven floors, and the levelers are removable.

The compact design allows the enclosure to roll through standard height commercial doorways.

Convenient grounding system, front and rear doors include quick release ground wires.

The bottom is open for easy cable access, and the top panel has roomy cable access holes.

Stabilizing brackets are included for transport and can be reinstalled on the bottom of the cabinet frame, either inside the rack or outside.

Pre-assembled casters and leveling feet/rollers fit through 7' doorways

Compatible with airflow optimization accessories as well as cable management accessories.

5 years warranty

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