IT Network Rack Cabinet
  • IT Network Rack CabinetIT Network Rack Cabinet
  • IT Network Rack CabinetIT Network Rack Cabinet
  • IT Network Rack CabinetIT Network Rack Cabinet
  • IT Network Rack CabinetIT Network Rack Cabinet
  • IT Network Rack CabinetIT Network Rack Cabinet
  • IT Network Rack CabinetIT Network Rack Cabinet
  • IT Network Rack CabinetIT Network Rack Cabinet

IT Network Rack Cabinet

CPSY® uses 19-inch IT network rack cabinets with 8-9 intensity seismic effect to provide you with unparalleled efficiency. CPSY® high quality IT Network Rack Cabinets offer a highly flexible data center cabinet and server cabinet platform that offers high load capacities, comprehensive cable management options, access security and a variety of energy efficient cooling systems to meet even the most demanding requirements.

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Product Description

CPSY® IT Network Rack Cabinet

You can rest assured to buy IT Network Rack Cabinet from our factory. 19-inch IT network rack cabinet: an important foundation for IT infrastructure, optimizing cabling, security, thermal management and physical protection, a flexible solution for every network challenge. Our product portfolio offers scalability and future compatibility and includes standard solutions as well as specialized products for demanding applications.

CPSY® IT Network Rack Cabinet Parameter (Specification)

Model NO. IDM1000-IT IDM1000-EC
Name IT Network Rack Cabinet Fully sealed
Comprehensive cabinet
Front Door full glass door*1 full glass door*1
Side door None side door*2
Cable inlet supports online cable entry and vertical cable management board supports online cable entry and vertical cable management board
laminate laminate*1 laminate*2
guide rail L-shaped guide rail*1 L-shaped guide rail*1
Emergency ventilation system emergency ventilation system*1 emergency ventilation system*1
hot/cold aisles Includes fully enclosed hot and cold aisles Includes fully enclosed hot and cold aisles
Door sensor module Door sensor module*2 Door sensor module*2
top trunking 600mm wide top trunking 600mm wide top trunking
parallel components parallel components*1 parallel components*1
screws and nuts Contains 50 sets of screws and nuts, caster feet Contains 50 sets of screws and nuts, caster feet,
Dynamic environment monitoring system none Dynamic environment monitoring system*1 (1*10-inch touch-integrated dynamic ring host, 2*temperature and humidity sensors, 1*smoke sensor, 1 set of water leakage sensors, etc.)
load bearing 1500KG 1500kg
Dimension 600*1200*2000mm 600*1200*2000mm

CPSY® IT Network Rack Cabinet Feature And Application


CE certification according to EN 62208

Comply with IEC297; IEC297-1; IEC297-2; IEC297-3; EN61439-1; EN60529; EN12150-1; RoHS II 2001/65 / EU

Complies with UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 standard

Complies with EN 60529 standard;


IP20 protection level complies with EN 60529 standard, lightning protection, shock protection and human-induced injury

Double front doors are available in tempered glass in compliance with EN UNI 12150-1, and the panels and doors are easily removable for easy equipment installation

Optional removable two 80% perforated metal front hinged doors, equipped with removable blind/side/rear panels with key locks, cable channels, etc. for easy installation and high practicality.

The bottom is designed for cable entry and is equipped with a door that can accommodate equipment such as a UPS when closed and facilitates ventilation when open

Sturdy floor-standing rack cabinet with solid construction, manufactured to high quality standards, and isolated from server and cooling system noise.

Provides a safe working environment with IP42 rated fire sprinkler installations and an insulated structure suitable for extreme environments.

The ventilation system is built with fans on the back door, and the ventilation design of the top plate, bottom plate and front door can effectively reduce indoor heat, thus improving the ventilation effect.

Roof and base design facilitate cable management access, easy assembly and disassembly, and feature sliding doors

The sponge on the cable entry blocks dust and keeps cables in place and keeps your system safe.

There is a temperature control device on the door to ensure system safety and make it easy to monitor the status without opening the door.

DIY flat packaging to save shipping and warehousing costs, ODM and OEM products are welcome

Powder coating is RoHS compliant and meets 19" industry standards such as ANSI/EIA-RS-310C/D

Standard assembly parts:

Material: cold rolled steel plate

Internal: guide rails, partitions, blind panels, slide rails, cable troughs, PDU, L brackets, mobile trays, fixed trays, rear panels, side panels, etc.

Door: mesh door, glass door


server systems, telecommunications systems, community networks, network systems, monitoring systems.

CPSY® IT Network Rack Cabinet Details

When compare with peers, CPSY® IT Network Rack Cabinet advantages as below:

Rich: A rich product portfolio to easily meet your requirements, with a wide range of pre-engineered configurations for passive network equipment, core switches and server components

Design: 19-inch IT network rack cabinet designed specifically for network switches

Flexible: Provides a variety of standard sizes 600mm and 800mm, and blind panels are also available in 1U and 3U

Robust: 2-3mm thick construction is sturdy and practical, tested and approved for load capacities up to 1600kg

Safe: easy mounting accessories and robust cable management, solutions for low and high cable and cooling densities

Efficient: Sophisticated cover design allows for maximum ventilation, dedicated solutions for configuration, voice/data, hot/cold aisles, liquid cooling, sealing and more

Configurable: Various removable parts and accessories such as blind panels, back panels, side panels allowing for quick installation and removal, 63% perforated rear panel

High Standards: Double-sided tempered glass front door meets EN UNI 12150-1 standard, IP20 protection class meets UL2416; delivered configured to your specifications

Fast: Increase speed, reduce costs, and save planning and setup time through modularity

Ventilation: Roof features ventilation system holes, unique right-to-left airflow ducts

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