Outdoor Integrated Cabinet
  • Outdoor Integrated CabinetOutdoor Integrated Cabinet
  • Outdoor Integrated CabinetOutdoor Integrated Cabinet
  • Outdoor Integrated CabinetOutdoor Integrated Cabinet
  • Outdoor Integrated CabinetOutdoor Integrated Cabinet
  • Outdoor Integrated CabinetOutdoor Integrated Cabinet

Outdoor Integrated Cabinet

Traditional base station computer rooms have many shortcomings such as large floor space, long construction period, high construction costs, and high energy consumption for operation. However, the replacement of traditional base station computer rooms has the advantages of small footprint, fast site construction, low cost, and low energy consumption, and can be widely used in Integrated cabinets for various climate conditions have become people's first choice. The outdoor integrated cabinet is a safe, reliable, strong anti-theft performance, low noise, good heat dissipation effect, small footprint, flexible installation, disassembly and transportation, low cost, and low energy consumption. Base station equipment is installed in the cabinet. Power supply equipment, batteries, temperature control equipment, transmission equipment and other supporting equipment can meet the needs of rapid website establishment. The outdoor integrated cabinet is specially customized for the construction of China Tower/4G/5G network. It integrates refrigeration system, cabinet system, power distribution system, uninterruptible power supply system, dynamic environment monitoring system, and wiring system. It is factory preset and on-site rapid engineering. , which can meet the needs of data center business to go online quickly, and solve the current problems of unsatisfactory heat insulation, high energy consumption, difficult transportation, and hidden engineering hazards through modularization, standardization, and differentiated material design.

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Product Description

Shangyu CPSY® combines the installation, debugging, maintenance and management implementation experience of existing mature application products and sales products to tailor an intelligent outdoor integrated cabinet specifically for important outdoor network systems. Outdoor integrated cabinets deeply integrate data center infrastructure products, including multiple subsystems such as UPS, power distribution, refrigeration, cabinets, fire protection, etc., and achieve overall management of all systems through the monitoring system, simplifying the design and construction process. It adopts hot-dip galvanized sheet with a thickness greater than 1.5mm, which is composed of outer box, internal metal workpiece and accessories assembly. It is mainly used for DSLAM downward movement points, wireless communication base stations, power distribution, urban transportation, new generation 5G communication systems, and networks. Comprehensive business access, transmission switching station, emergency communication transmission, etc., adapt to various outdoor scenes such as rooftops, streets, mountainous areas, along railways, and high and low temperature environments, meeting customers' needs for energy saving and emission reduction, rapid deployment, and multi-scenario adaptation needs.

CPSY® Outdoor Integrated Cabinet

With the development of a large number of new communication users, the continuous improvement of mobile bandwidth, and the innovation of communication services, there will continue to be demands for communication network construction. Outdoor integrated cabinets are the integration and miniaturization of communication site main equipment, modularization of supporting components, and The industry development trend of energy conservation and emission reduction reduces the pressure on customer sites to obtain information, and is designed to meet customer needs for flexible expansion and rapid layout. The outdoor integrated cabinet has very good thermal insulation performance and is used in communication systems, directly in the A cabinet that provides mechanical and environmental protection for internal communication equipment under outdoor climate conditions. It is characterized by being produced in a factory, easy to transport and install on site, and allows authorized personnel to enter and operate. It is a cabinet that can integrate main equipment, system power supply, communication DC power distribution, environmental monitoring, cooling equipment, batteries and lightning protection grounding, and an integrated cabinet that provides outdoor working environment and safety management for the base station.

Shangyu CPSY® outdoor integrated cabinet is composed of outer box, internal sheet metal parts, industrial air conditioner, power distribution unit, switching power supply, UPS, backup battery and other accessories. It adopts metal column frame sandwich structure, and the overall material is cold-rolled/plated Zinc/stainless steel plate + EPS/PU sandwich panel or PEF insulation cotton of different thicknesses. It is made of high-quality cold-rolled steel plate or stainless steel. The base is made of steel composite structure or hot-dip galvanized plate with a thickness of 1.5mm or more. The surface is made of anti-static spray plastic treatment process. It has good impact resistance, anti-theft performance and anti-aging, and has passed the national The dustproof and waterproof grade is IP56. The cabinet door adopts an embedded structure with a tight door gap. The door opening angle is >110°. The cabinet door contains a limit structure. The door limit device has a limit function when the door is in the "open" state. The door lock adopts a three-point structure of pull rod and locking piece, which is solid in structure and strong in anti-theft. The inside of the cabinet is divided into equipment compartment and battery compartment according to function. Outdoor integrated cabinets include: 1. Communication base station outdoor integrated cabinets (equipment cabinets, power supply cabinets, battery cabinets, power cabinets, comprehensive cabinets); 2. Radio and television outdoor integrated OLT cabinets, power and electrical outdoor cabinets, and outdoor broadband access cabinets , outdoor network cabinets, outdoor constant temperature cabinets, outdoor rainproof cabinets, outdoor small monitoring station cabinets, outdoor video surveillance security cabinets.

Main technical performance indicators

1. Conditions of use: ambient temperature -40℃~+60℃. If the temperature is too high, it is recommended to set up a sun protection cover; ambient humidity ≤95﹪ (at +40℃); atmospheric pressure 70kPa~106kPa;

2. The cabinet adopts a sandwich structure, which is divided into two types: 1. Double-layer sheet metal + PEF insulation cotton; 2. Sheet metal frame + 45mm thick EPS/PU sandwich panel.

3. Cabinet material: 1.5mm thick cold-rolled steel plate/galvanized plate/aluminum plate/stainless steel plate + 10-40mm thick PEF insulation cotton/45mm thick EPS color steel sandwich panel, U-pillar 2mm, load-bearing frame 1.5mm, decoration and Dust-proof parts 1.2mm; surface treatment: degreasing, rust removal and pickling, anti-rust phosphating (or galvanizing), plastic spraying

4. Cabinet composition: cabinet + cabinet door + base + top cover + rack + cabinet lock, photovoltaic + energy storage + DC charging pile (optional)

5. Cabinet type: 1/2/3 unit, one cabin, front single door or front and rear door (optional)

6. Door and door lock: The cabinet door adopts a built-in structure, with a tight door gap; the door opening angle is >110°, and the limit structure has strong anti-theft properties; the door lock adopts a three-point structure of a pull rod and a locking piece, and a padlock or Electronic lock (optional)

7. Mechanical strength: The cabinet can bear a load of ≥600kg, each surface can bear a vertical pressure of >980N, and the outermost end can bear a vertical pressure of >200N after the door is opened.

8. The cross-sectional area of the copper core in the ground wire should be >16-50㎟, and the detection resistance should be <0.1Q

9. Cable entry method: bottom entry and exit. AC lines, DC lines, signal lines, and ground wires should be routed separately and tied separately;

10. Equipment installation method: A 19/21-inch adjustable standard rack is installed in the equipment cabinet.

11. Cooling method: heat exchange or air conditioning (AC1500W), fan + air conditioning

12. Customized services: size customization, internal structure customization, cabinet color customization, default RAL7035 international gray, professional outdoor powder spraying

13. Installation method: indoor or outdoor, cabinet base thickness ≥2.0mm hot-dip galvanized steel plate, cabinet base height ≥200mm, baffles installed around the base to prevent animal infringement

13. Main circuit type: three-phase bridge, double anti-star; rectifier components: thyristor, diode, current uneven coefficient of components on the same arm: <0.15

15. Number of pulses in a single cabinet: 6, 12, 24 pulses (multiple rectifier cabinets combined with phase shifting of the rectifier transformer can form equivalent 36, 48, 60, 72 pulses)

16. Withstand voltage: The withstand voltage between the grounding device and the metal workpiece of the box is not less than 3000V (DC)/1min;

17. Temperature control system: Cabinet equipment will generate a lot of heat when working, causing the temperature inside the cabinet to rise, reducing the service life of electronic components and even causing downtime. Therefore, temperature control equipment must be used to control the temperature in the cabinet to ensure the normal operation of communication equipment and at the same time improve the service life and reliability of electronic equipment.

18. Insulation resistance: The insulation resistance between the grounding device and the gold workpiece of the box is not less than 2X104M /500V (DC);

19. Compressor air conditioner: DC 300W-1500W air conditioner (optional)

20. Thermal insulation layer thickness: 50mm, good thermal insulation performance, thermal conductivity <0.472/(m2.k); cabinet protection level: IP56;

21. All conductive busbar overlaps are milled, with roughness better than Ral.6, flatness better than 25μm, low contact resistance and low power loss.

22. The integrated cabinet integrates the refrigeration system, cabinet system, power distribution system, uninterruptible power supply, dynamic environment monitoring system, and wiring system required for the computer room. It is pre-set by the industry and broadcasting, and can be quickly engineered on site to meet the needs of the rapid launch of data center services.

CPSY® Outdoor Integrated Cabinet Parameter (Specification)

Product name Outdoor integrated cabinet/single cabinet Outdoor integrated cabinet/joint cabinet
Product specifications (optional) 1.W*D*H=650*650*1300mm 2.W*D*H=750*750*1650mm 3.W*D*H=900*900*2100mm                4.W*D*H=600*1200 *2000mm 1.W*D*H=650*650*1300mm  2.W*D*H=750*750*1650mm  3.W*D*H=900*900*2100mm                      4.W*D*H=600*1200 *2000mm
Available space Varies with configuration Varies with configuration
UPS 1-3KVA rack-mounted UPS, height 2U Rack-mounted UPS
1-3KVA/6KVA/10KVV/15KVA/2OKVA/25KVA optional
Batteries/battery packs 1.2U rack-mounted battery pack, selected according to the battery voltage of the UPS 2. Spare battery pack (100AH/150AH/200AH) optional 1.2U rack-mounted battery pack, selected according to the battery voltage of the UPS 2. Spare battery pack (100AH/150AH/200AH) optional
Backup time 15 minutes, optional 30 minutes, 60 minutes, etc. 15 minutes, optional 30 minutes, 60 minutes, etc.
Power distribution module 3U rack-mounted installation, supports dual inputs, C-level anti-crash 3U rack-mounted installation, supports dual inputs, C-level anti-crash
Air conditioning (optional) 1. No air conditioning hole 2. AC air conditioning hole, 3.5KW rack-mounted precision inverter air conditioner 1. No air conditioning hole 2. AC air conditioning hole, 3.5KW rack-mounted precision inverter air conditioner
PDU (optional) For 600*1200*2000mm cabinet, 16A input, 20pcs*10A+4pcs*16A output, vertical installation For 600*1200*2000mm cabinet, 16A input, 20pcs*10A+4pcs*16A output, vertical installation
Monitoring (optional) Air conditioning, UPS, power distribution, temperature and humidity, smoke detector, access control, etc. Air conditioning, UPS, power distribution, temperature and humidity, smoke detector, access control, etc.
Exterior Made of white matte cold steel, waterproof grade IP56 Made of white matte cold steel, waterproof grade IP56
Fire protection (optional) 1U rack-mounted automatic fire protection module 1U rack-mounted automatic fire protection module
4U rack-mounted automatic fire protection module

CPSY® Outdoor Integrated Cabinet Feature And Application


1. Can remotely authorize unlocking authority, remotely monitor and record door lock status, door lock opening and closing time, and unlocker information.

2. The cabinet adopts welding, assembly and assembly methods. The structure is firmly welded and has good load-bearing capacity. It is suitable for installation in multiple scenarios on mountaintops and rooftops. It is scalable and can be connected to third-party platforms.

3. Use full CNC processing to form an aluminum alloy or stainless steel cabinet to effectively prevent local overheating of the cabinet; the entire cabinet is sprayed with plastic or painted to prevent rust, corrosion, dust, sun, and rain.

4. Integrated design, rapid deployment, plug-and-play, high integration, small footprint, short construction period, space saving, easy expansion and migration, low construction cost, and low power consumption

5. Modular design of power distribution, power, refrigeration, etc., on-demand configuration, high reliability, maintenance-free, one-click start and stop, quick assembly, multi-scenario matching; adaptable to various power system combinations, making upgrades easier

6. Fully sealed design, environmentally friendly, heat-insulating and energy-saving, superior performance, insulation and anti-static, dust-proof and anti-corrosion, improving the safety and extending the service life of the rectifier equipment.

7. High-performance heat dissipation solution, door-mounted/side-mounted industrial air conditioners, industrial-grade ventilation equipment, air cooling and insulation layer design, stable and reliable, long life, lower temperature, and maintain constant temperature and humidity in the cabinet

8. Anti-theft outdoor cabinet door lock, IP56 high protection level, can perfectly cope with harsh outdoor environments and various types of weather.

7. Complete protection measures, real-time monitoring of air temperature, humidity, water temperature, water pressure, water flow, water leakage, air volume, component temperature, etc. in the cabinet, no need to inspect the site.

9. Anti-theft smart door lock, camera capture; the top is tilted downward to prevent rain, and the dust-proof net at the cable entry prevents insects and dust, is easy to clean and repair, and is corrosion-resistant.

10. Stable and reliable dynamic environment monitoring, all-round alarm signal detection, real-time alarm information reporting; can realize and upload alarms such as power outage, power failure, access control, temperature, humidity, smoke, water immersion, battery voltage, etc. (optional) .

11. Adopting a top-level design, the structure of single cabinets and joint cabinets is the same, with reserved installation interfaces. The air conditioners can be increased or decreased as needed. The product is easy to expand, withstands pressure and deformation; the component press-fitting adopts a balanced fixed force design and double insulation;

12. Intelligent one-click debugging, efficient operation, equipped with high-efficiency rectification module, temperature control design and site-level energy efficiency analysis and management, making operation more efficient.

13. Accept customization, combine different characteristics of different projects and use environments to customize, more in line with on-site needs, and achieve customer satisfaction on time and efficiently.

14. The cabinet has a large capacity, multi-door structure, flexible internal installation space and appearance design, easy installation and maintenance, and the near-end monitoring and response in the cabinet is more timely, accurate and effective;

15. It comes standard with Category 6 interfaces, supporting a variety of peripherals; an external emergency power supply interface is reserved, and internal devices can be powered by an external power supply system during a power outage.

16. Use flame-retardant cables, optional AC power distribution or DC power distribution unit (DC-48V lighting fixtures); optional lithium battery/lead-acid battery as backup power supply (optional)

17. Integrated electrical wiring and AC/DC power distribution system, with reasonable layout, flexible wiring methods, easy operation and maintenance of cable introduction, fixing and grounding such as cable troughs and cable management racks.

18. The cable entry method of the cabinet is from the bottom. The power cable, signal cable and optical cable have independent cable entry holes and will not interfere with each other.

19. The main equipment, temperature control equipment and wiring modules in the cabinet are designed in separate compartments to facilitate future graded maintenance.

20. High-efficiency outdoor power supply solution, simple site establishment, compact system structure, cabinet supports rapid assembly, supports multiple energy input and output, making site selection and construction simpler.

21. Intelligent alarms, classified time-based and regional reports, can collect several types of information, and meet the overall technical requirements of the site removal project; local alarms are linked to remote alarms, high-precision remote centralized monitoring, and remote alarms support pages, emails, and text messages.

22. Intelligent linkage, door opening is linked to lighting and taking pictures; temperature sensor is linked to start and stop the air conditioner, temperature sensor + air conditioner status is linked to emergency ventilation, temperature sensor + smoke sensor is linked to fire extinguishing.

23. Intelligent sensing: cabinet-level access control electronic lock and door magnetic sensor, combined with a variety of authorized door opening methods, fingerprint, face and password, optional audible and visual alarms and cameras

24. Intelligent operation and maintenance, for all site users, can realize remote site operation monitoring and data collection, as well as operation report generation, support mobile APP, real-time fault prediction and rapid positioning, helping operation and maintenance personnel focus on fundamental problems in a timely manner, with few people on duty And remote operation and maintenance, system engineers provide online assistance at any time, and the operation and maintenance support system is more intelligent.

Product Standards

The anti-destruction performance of the lock meets the Class B requirements in GA/T 73-1994.

Meet the requirements of IP55 in GB 4208-2008

Meet the requirements of IP45 in GB 4208-2008

Comply with industry standard YD/T1537-2015 outdoor cabinet test for communication systems

Comply with standard YD 5083-2005/YD5096-2005 telecommunication equipment earthquake resistance performance testing specifications

Comply with GB5169.7 flame retardant test A requirements

Comply with the hydrogen discharge hole area requirements of national standard GB7260.1

Meets the Class B requirements for anti-vandalism in GA/T 73-1994 "Mechanical Anti-Theft Lock"


Widely used in ETC high-speed non-stop toll collection systems, high-speed rail lines, network communications, highways, national grids, urban subways, environmental monitoring, wireless communication base stations, including new generation 3G systems, communication/network integrated services, access/transmission switching offices station, emergency communication/transmission, etc., chemical industry, smelting, papermaking, hydrogen production, petroleum, mining, military industry, scientific research, radio and television, monitoring station, electric power, energy, transportation, security, power amplifier, projection, lighting control and other industries, business outlets ( Telecommunications, finance, energy, radio and television, retail), small enterprises, branches of large enterprises, government, education, medical care, cloud computing edge data centers, industrial and commercial emergency power supplies, peak shifting, peak shaving and valley filling, system expansion, new energy smoothing Most application scenarios such as output, providing high-power DC power to loads, etc.

Service system:

1. Pre-sale product samples

--Specialized personnel conduct in-depth research on customer needs, fully understand customer needs, and design and produce drawings for free.

--Provide free product brochures, samples, test reports, quotations, transportation contact and other services

2. On-sale construction services

--Arrange the production schedule according to the delivery time required by the customer

--Strictly conduct quality control during the production process

--Strong logistics support

3.After-sales tracking service

--Tracking and handling of product quality opinions; conducting return visits to users to help them solve problems

--Provide testing services for construction products, and provide free express delivery to the construction site for missing materials and spare parts.

Installation instructions

1. According to the needs of network planning, the integrated cabinet can be installed on the ground, roof, roadside, hillside and other areas. It can be installed close to the ground or overhead. When installing in flood-prone areas, flood prevention requirements need to be considered.

Due to its simple structure, it supports two assembly methods: complete assembly (hoisting at the site of complete shipment) and assembly (assembly at site of delivery of parts):

Prefabricated: As needed, prefabricated integrated cabinets are integrated and installed in production factories and warehouses. It can meet the needs of land transportation, sea transportation or air transportation, and can meet the requirements of bumps, vibrations and lifting during transportation.

Assembled type: As needed, the components of the integrated cabinet can be transported to the site for standardized assembly.

2. The larger power of the integrated cabinet requires thicker cables, and the cross-sectional area of the cables needs to be fully considered when designing the trench.

3. The outdoor cabinet uses a downward cable entry method. In order to prevent foreign objects from entering, there is no cable entry hole on the side of the outdoor cabinet, and the cable must be entered through the trench. Therefore, trenches need to be preset on site.

4. The all-in-one cabinet uses bottom cable entry, and the trench must have the necessary dust-proof and rodent-proof design to prevent foreign matter from entering. Necessary waterproof and moisture-proof design is required in the trench to prevent cable aging and short circuit, which will affect the normal operation of the outdoor cabinet.

5. Do not open the cabinet door when the air humidity is 95%. Avoid opening cabinet doors, performing maintenance or overhaul operations in rainy or humid weather conditions

6. Only professionals can perform installation operations. During the installation process, strictly follow the instructions of the user manual.

7. Before installation, all switches of the internal and external front stages must be disconnected, wait 15 minutes, and confirm that they are all in a power-free state.

8. A warning mark must be left at the disconnected position to prevent it from being powered on again during the installation process. Necessary grounding and short-circuit connections are required.

9. Live parts need to be handled as necessary and isolated with insulating materials to avoid harm to personnel.

10. After cutting off all input power, wait 35 minutes before opening the door for inspection. Before opening the cabinet door, make sure there is no power inside.

11. Under normal circumstances, please use normal shutdown procedures to shut down. In emergency situations, emergency shutdown must be used to ensure quick response and protect human safety and equipment.

12. When selecting a site, an area with good ventilation is usually selected and installed in an open area or on a floor. It is generally not suitable to install in residential corridors or residential rooms, otherwise it will affect the ventilation and heat dissipation effect, and the noise will disturb residents when the equipment is running. .

13. The components, components, parts, ancillary equipment and installation interfaces of the outdoor integrated cabinet are all standard and universal, and are mainly made of metal materials; when using floor-standing installation, a reliable channel steel base or cement must be provided The pier should be kept away from low-lying areas and high dust areas, and have qualified grounding rows.

14. It is required that there are no exposed screws on the outside of the cabinet to avoid theft through external disassembly; the cabinet is equipped with a base structure and a sunshade, which can better avoid corrosion caused by rain leakage, while the cabinet doors need to use multiple Click lock mode.

CPSY® Outdoor Integrated Cabinet Details

When compare with peers, CPSY® Outdoor Integrated Cabinet advantages as below:

●High safety, using EMC/RFI protection, earthquake resistance level 8/9, anti-theft design of structural cabinet door lock, cannot be disassembled, and high anti-vandalism coefficient.

●Fireproof isolation safety design, made of cold gadolinium steel plate or environmentally friendly plated plate, with good mechanical properties, large load-bearing capacity, compact and reasonable structure, and good interchangeability.

●The box has the characteristics of sun protection, rain protection, corrosion resistance, good fire resistance, insulation, and durability. It is fully adaptable to the outdoor environment and has a service life of 15 years, which is more than 20% higher than that of air cooling.

●Adopts standard 19-inch or 21/23/24-inch rack design, or is designed as a battery bracket, etc., which can be expanded on demand and has strong versatility. Non-standard sheet metal fixed structures can also be made according to the actual situation of the customer (optional).

●High protection level, IP56 protection level, low noise constant temperature control, cell temperature difference between cabinets ≤3℃, sheet metal structure and welding method further improve the waterproof, dustproof, corrosion and UV resistance.

●It is easy to install and can be flexibly installed on the roof or roadside according to site requirements. It has strong tolerance to climate and weather, and can adapt to various low-temperature rain and snow, high cold and heat, sandstorms, and windy areas.

●Use fire-proof and flame-retardant insulation materials (cables, rubber strips, insulation cotton), and integrate a temperature control system (using fans, heat exchangers or air conditioners for mixed heat dissipation) to achieve a constant temperature effect in the cabinet.

●Intelligent fire linkage design, PACK level fire protection, near-end detection, automatic response to fire extinguishing, fast, accurate, timely and effective, which can minimize losses;

●Save time, labor and space. Compared with traditional cabinets, outdoor integrated cabinets occupy a smaller area - reduced by more than 90%, shortened the construction period - shortened to 1/10 of the previous time, and reduced the number of units between each functional module. Path failure points, greatly improving compatibility between systems.

●Visual monitoring, high integration, remote centralized management, multiple voltage outputs, n+1 backup, and has passed the industry's only environmental monitoring IT product information security certification.

●Unattended, real-time data control, multi-channel display on local large screens, mobile APPs, and WEP browsers, and support for centralized networking in multiple areas and cabinets.

●The use of welded structure and outdoor electrostatic spraying powder process ensures the mechanical strength, rigidity and corrosion-proof reliability of the cabinet.

●Double-tap auxiliary source transformer design, the primary side can be connected to 480Vac or 400Vac power supply, and is compatible with 2 mainstream grid voltages.

Integration can significantly reduce operators' land rent and management system software

●The engineering installation is extremely simple, all subsystems are pre-installed in the cabinet, the factory is fully debugged, the product is packaged and transported as a whole, and the on-site installation is completed in 2 hours.

Classification of outdoor integrated cabinets

--According to functional classification, outdoor integrated cabinets are divided into equipment cabinets (equipment cabins) and battery cabinets (battery cabins).

(1) Equipment cabinet: The equipment cabinet uses air conditioning or ventilation for heat dissipation (heat exchangers can also be used as heat dissipation equipment), MTBF≥50000h-250000h, the equipment cabinet is distributed on the right side of the cabinet, and is separated from the battery compartment by a partition , to facilitate the heat insulation of the equipment space.

(2) Battery cabinet: used to install batteries, aiming to provide reliable energy supply for all fixed loads in the industrial and commercial fields. Through the interface with the control unit, various applications can be flexibly configured, and the operating data of the battery system can be exchanged with other equipment , the battery cabinet uses air conditioning or semiconductor refrigeration to dissipate heat. The outer panels of the cabinet are pasted with thermal insulation cotton to achieve the thermal insulation effect. The cabinet is also equipped with a sunshade to achieve sun protection and waterproof effect. The cabinet is equipped with an exhaust device to release harmful gases generated by the battery.

---According to the size and installation and transportation location, it can be divided into two types: integral type and assembled type.

The overall outdoor integrated communication computer room is assembled in the factory and is more suitable for broadband access and remote module computer room projects.

The prefabricated computer room can be installed and constructed on-site at the installation point, so it can be applied to any suitable installation location and project.

--According to functional classification, outdoor integrated cabinets are divided into IT service cabinets and ETC cabinets.

IT service cabinets are used in data center computer rooms, mainly to configure servers and switches;

ETC cabinet has the following characteristics:

(1) ETC cabinets need to adapt to various complex climatic environments: sun exposure, dustproof, waterproof, moisture-proof, mildew-proof, salt spray-proof, rust-proof, and must be wind and earthquake resistant.

(2) The innovative structural design of "assembled modular" is adopted, which can be quickly installed on site. Each functional module is installed step by step, and wire troughs, holes and plug-in terminals are reserved; the equipment is easy to install, and the cable routing is convenient and beautiful.

(3) Integrate power conversion supply, UPS power supply (N+1) and battery equipment, air conditioning equipment, power distribution equipment, network transmission equipment, environmental monitoring equipment, lightning protection, fire protection, intelligent access control, dynamic environment monitoring data collection/alarm/ It integrates multiple functional modules such as camera unit and intelligent temperature control into one, and has the characteristics of anti-theft, dust-proof, waterproof, anti-corrosion, high reliability, high integration, easy maintenance, long power storage capacity, real-time monitoring, intelligent early warning, etc.

(4) Mainly provide integrated storage for gantry lane control machines, industrial switches, toll system PCs and other equipment and provide reliable power supply and backup for gantry equipment to ensure the reliable operation of key roadside production equipment.

(5) The ETC cabinet contains toll system PC, lane controller, antenna controller, RSU (Road Side Unit) and other business equipment. Expressways in different provinces have their own specific requirements, and single-cabin, double-cabin, and three-cabin machines are designed. type to satisfy.

(6) Remote network management function The back-end equipment operation and maintenance management system supported by Yitong Technology's highway integrated smart cabinet can meet Party A's needs and remotely monitor the status of the equipment in the highway integrated smart cabinet (equipment working status, inverter and rectified power supply operating status, environmental status, door opening and closing status, etc.), handling work abnormalities or equipment failures (automatic inspection, active alarm, 1000 log records, GPS positioning, automatic equipment online, etc.), real-time remote management (information query , parameter configuration, automatic synchronization, remote switch control, etc.).

--According to quantity classification, outdoor integrated cabinets are divided into single-cabin outdoor integrated cabinets, double-cabin outdoor integrated cabinets and three-cabin outdoor integrated cabinets.

1. Single cabin outdoor integrated cabinet

Single cabinet configuration form: The cabinet is divided into different functional compartments, which are composed of equipment compartment + battery compartment. Normally, the equipment cabin adopts heat exchange type or air-cooling method. The battery compartment can choose direct ventilation or use semiconductor refrigeration or air-conditioning refrigeration according to the climatic conditions of the actual place of use.

2.Double cabin outdoor integrated cabinet

The configuration of two cabinets combined: the cabinet is divided into different functional compartments, one cabinet is composed of equipment compartment + battery compartment, and the other cabinet is a BBU cabinet. The equipment cabin generally uses heat exchange or air cooling (air conditioning may also be used depending on the use of the equipment), and the BBU can use air cooling or heat exchange.

3.Double cabin outdoor integrated cabinet

For the construction model of dual-network shared base stations or sites such as GSM network and 3G network, due to the large site capacity, three cabinets are generally used. Usually it is composed of equipment cabinet 1 + equipment cabinet 2 + battery cabinet. The equipment compartment generally uses heat exchange or air cooling, and the battery compartment uses semiconductor refrigeration and air-conditioning refrigeration.

The composition of outdoor integrated cabinet

It consists of cabinet body, OLT main equipment, embedded DC power supply system, power distribution unit, cabinet air conditioning and cooling system, UPS power supply, backup battery pack, ODF optical distribution unit, dynamic environment monitoring unit, cabinet lighting system, etc.

OLT outdoor integrated cabinets can be used in residential underground parking lots, corridors, rooftops, green belts and other scenarios. It adopts modular design, small size and very simple installation. 2-3 people can easily complete the equipment fixing and installation. The entire cabinet can be designed as single cabin or double cabin, integrating OLT main equipment, embedded switching power supply (rectifier Module), backup battery, cooling system, ODF optical distribution and other parts, the cabinet is highly integrated, has the advantages of green environmental protection, reduced operating costs, and simple construction;

(1) OLT main equipment: Compatible with the installation of 19-inch and 21-inch standard OLT main equipment.

Embedded DC power supply system: adopts 48V60A, 90A DC power supply system, and provides cabinet monitoring integration and output on the power supply system. Equipped with monitoring port for battery pack;

(2) Power distribution unit: The power distribution unit provides the oil machine/mains interlock input switch, mobile oil machine waterproof interface, B+C level lightning protection module, DC output air switch, AC output air switch, maintenance socket, etc.;

(3) Air conditioning cooling system: AC compressor air conditioners and auxiliary fans are used for heat dissipation. Generally, an air conditioner with a cooling capacity of 500W/1500W and an auxiliary fan are used to form a cooling system.

(4) Battery pack: Provides installation space for 4 batteries below 150Ah/12V, which can meet the battery life of a single OLT device for more than 3 hours.

(5) Dynamic environment monitoring unit: Provides alarms for access control, flooding, smoke, mains power abnormalities, and temperature abnormalities, and uses the RS485 interface to connect to the OLT main device to upload monitoring signals to the dynamic environment system.

(6) ODF optical distribution unit: integrated 12-core, 24-core, 36-core, 48-core, 72-core, 144-core, 288-core, 576-core FC-FC dispatching frame, used for the termination of external optical cables and equipment-side pigtails of success.

(7) UPS power supply: Generally, a 2KW or 3KW UPS power supply is used.

(8) Cabinet lighting: Each independent cabin is provided with a set of 48V/220V LED lighting. The LED lights can be turned on when the cabinet door is opened.

(1) OLT main equipment

The interior of the cabinet contains embedded switching power supply, inverter power supply, 100AH 48V (iron lithium battery, lead carbon gel battery, lead-acid maintenance-free battery, gel battery optional), power supply lightning protection, power distribution unit, dynamic environment monitoring, camera unit , waterless air conditioners, fans, lights and sensors. The units in the cabinet adopt standard 19-inch installation and are easy to wire. Each unit can be replaced independently. The cabinet is suitable for use in outdoor environments and is rainproof, dustproof, ventilated and heat dissipated, UV-resistant (anti-aging), anti-theft, and anti-rust; the cabinet has obvious markings to indicate the purpose of the cabinet, etc.; the size of the cabinet depends on the number and size of supporting equipment. Design and reserve sufficient space to facilitate equipment installation and maintenance. The operating temperature range is -40℃~+85℃, the operating humidity is ≤95%RH; the chassis operating voltage range is AC165~AC264V; the protection level complies with IP65.

(2) Power distribution unit

The cabinet is equipped with a 3U power distribution unit. The power distribution unit consists of 1 channel 32A/2P mains input, 1 channel 32A/2P oil generator input (with interlocking), 1 channel B-level/2P lightning protector, 2 channels 32A/ 1P and 4-channel intelligent circuit breaker AC output, 2-channel 16A/1P DC output and copper plate form a power distribution unit to centrally supply power to the equipment.

(3) Air conditioning cooling system

It adopts energy-saving DC waterless variable frequency air conditioner and intelligent controller to automatically detect and operate according to changes in ambient temperature, and records the running time, power consumption, events and historical data of the entire system. The data can store 100 event information, 1280 Historical data records, 256 days of log information can be queried.

Features of energy-saving DC waterless inverter air conditioner:

(Ⅰ) The condensed water generated by air-conditioning refrigeration uses a unique design to guide the water to the condenser, and uses the heat of the condenser to completely consume the water. It can achieve the effect of "self-production and self-consumption" without draining. At the same time, the low-temperature condensation Water effectively reduces the load of the air conditioner and reduces the operating current of the compressor to achieve energy saving purposes;

(Ⅱ) The concept is novel and the overall technical design is advanced. From machinery to hardware, from control to cloud platform, it is far beyond its peers. The reasonable design of the refrigeration system, the selection of electrical components, and the perfect design of the water pumping system are reasonable and integrated. Designs such as simple installation methods can cool the equipment without draining condensation water. It is suitable for any place and solves all drainage difficulties. As can be seen from the structure in the attached picture, the design is exquisite and the components are well coordinated, and it is compatible with telecommunications and power. The waterproof grade of industrial cabinets reaches IP65 or above;

(III) Comes with dry contact alarm output and RS485 communication interface;

(IV) The system is designed with high/low temperature protection, making it safer to use.

(4) Battery pack

(Ⅰ) Lead-acid battery pack--outdoor integrated cabinet

1KVA outdoor cabinet system: Provides installation space for 4 batteries below 150Ah/12V, which can meet the battery life of a single OLT device for more than 3 hours.

(II) Lithium iron phosphate battery pack--outdoor container

Capacity: 46.08kWh ~ 69.12kWh, 107.5kWh ~ 215kWh, 1290kWh, maximum 1720kWh

Power: 30kW, 60kW, 100kW, 180kW, 360kW, 600kW, maximum 800kW

Charge and discharge current: 1C rate charge and discharge, multiple battery cabinets can be flexibly connected in parallel.

(5) Dynamic environment monitoring unit

Dynamic environment monitoring system configuration: dynamic environment monitoring host, touch screen, temperature and humidity, air conditioner leakage, UPS monitoring, voltage and electricity meter

It can provide 1 10M/100M Ethernet port; GPRS+GPS communication; 1 temperature and humidity measurement; 4 general analog measurement (AI); 2 AC voltage detection; 1 battery pack total voltage measurement; 8 digital Digital input (DI); 8 digital outputs (DO); 4 serial ports (including 8 RS485 serial ports and 2 RS232 serial ports) and other functions.

(Ⅰ) Cabinet status detection function: Temperature and humidity detection: Equipped with temperature and humidity sensors, it collects local display temperature and humidity in real time, and uploads the temperature and humidity conditions in the cabinet; if the temperature in the cabinet is too high, a high temperature alarm is uploaded. Cabinet door status detection: Real-time detection of cabinet door status, illegal opening of the cabinet door and alarm; after the cabinet door is opened, an open door alarm is reported. Smoke status detection: Detect whether there is smoke in the cabinet in real time. When there is smoke in the cabinet, a smoke alarm will be uploaded. Flood status detection: Real-time detection of whether there is water in the cabinet. When there is water in the cabinet, a flood alarm is uploaded.

(II) In-box equipment detection function: Lightning protector status detection: Real-time detection of the status of the lightning protector. 220V strong current detection and monitoring: Real-time monitoring and uploading of voltage status. When the mains power is cut off, a mains power cutoff alarm is uploaded. Battery pack detection and monitoring: Real-time monitoring and uploading of voltage status. When the battery pack voltage is too low, a battery pack voltage low alarm is uploaded. Equipment status detection: Read the data of 4-channel equipment through RS485 or RS232 and upload the data to the data center.

(III) Remote control function: Temperature control: can remotely control the start and stop of the waterless air conditioner. Fan control: The fan can be started and stopped remotely. Light control: The light switch can be controlled remotely. Circuit breaker control: Remote power outage and restart are possible. Reset control: System reset can be controlled remotely.

(6) ODF optical distribution unit

Integrated 12-core, 24-core, 36-core, 48-core, 72-core, 144-core, 288-core, 576-core FC-FC dispatching rack, used for terminating external optical cables and terminating equipment-side pigtails.

(7) Uninterruptible inverter power supply

The cabinet is equipped with a 2KVA/3KVA/6KVA uninterruptible inverter power supply to power the equipment. Features of UPS power supply:

(Ⅰ) Pure sine wave output, zero conversion time, effectively ensuring the reliability of uninterrupted operation of the load.

(II) CPU microprocessor control, inverter power system self-diagnosis and self-protection, greatly extending the service life of the UPS.

(III) Intelligent management, automatic data storage can be realized when the mains power fails.

(IV) Battery online management greatly extends battery life and protects user investment.

(Ⅴ) DC start-up, no mains power is required and the battery can be used to start the UPS and load machines

(VI) All-weather EMI/RFI filter prevents data errors caused by noise.

(Ⅶ) Can be used with a generator to effectively purify the bad power generated by the generator.

(VIII) Using SPWM pulse width modulation technology and IGBT power module, it has strong anti-interference and pure output waveform.

(Ⅸ) Charging speed is fast, and the long-term machine can provide an initial charging current of about 5-10A. (10) Green and environmentally friendly power supply, the input power factor is as high as 95% or more, avoiding pollution to the power grid.

(8) Cabinet lighting

Each independent cabin is provided with a set of 48V/220V LED lighting, which can be turned on when the cabinet door is opened.

Fire security system: smoke detector, access control, video, infrared, lighting, firewall, switch

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