Precision Power Distribution
  • Precision Power DistributionPrecision Power Distribution
  • Precision Power DistributionPrecision Power Distribution
  • Precision Power DistributionPrecision Power Distribution
  • Precision Power DistributionPrecision Power Distribution
  • Precision Power DistributionPrecision Power Distribution

Precision Power Distribution

Shangyu CPSY® precision power distribution cabinet is an intelligent power distribution cabinet that is carefully designed for the energy end of the data center computer room and the current situation of computer room power distribution prone to single-point failures. It comprehensively collects all energy data and has independent branch monitoring and management. The design can comprehensively improve the reliability of data center power distribution and bring a new experience to the construction and management of computer room power distribution. It is mainly used in data centers and computer rooms in finance, telecommunications, enterprises, governments, etc., with a capacity range of 20-300KVA. . Provide high-precision measurement data for the terminal energy monitoring system, and reflect the power quality data in real time through the display unit. And uploaded to the background environmental control system through digital communication. In order to achieve real-time monitoring of the entire power distribution system and effective management of operation quality. Help users optimize network data centers, strengthen energy consumption management, improve server rack operation efficiency, and provide reliable guarantee for all-round green data centers (IDC).

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Product Description

As the terminal power distribution product of the data center, precision power distribution cabinet is the power supply unit closest to IT equipment. Its safe and reliable operation is crucial to the normal operation of IT equipment. At present, the new generation of data centers has increasingly higher requirements for the reliability and manageability of the power supply system. IT users need more reliable and flexible power distribution, more refined management, and more accurate cost consumption for the power supply system of information equipment. The precision power distribution headboard not only completes the power distribution function of the traditional power distribution headboard, but also has many powerful monitoring and management functions, allowing the data center manager to understand the loading status of the cabinet load and the distribution branch circuits at any time. status, various parameters, and power consumption of different fleets, etc.

CPSY® Precision Power Distribution Parameter (Specification)

Product Name precision power distribution cabinet
Rated output working voltage (V) 208/220/230/250/380/400/415V
Rated insulation voltage (V) 690V
Rated input current (A) 32A/63A/100/160/250/400/630A (optional)
Rated short-time withstand current of main busbar (A) 6kA
Rated frequency(Hz) 50/60Hz
Input switch type Molded case circuit breaker
busbar architecture Single busbar or double busbar (optional), ATS single busbar can be customized
Output switch Can support 108 channels of 1P micro-break or 36 channels of 3P micro-break (optional)
Output micro circuit breaker rated current (A) 10/16/20/25/32/40/50/63A(optional)
Enclosure rating default IP20,IP30/IP40/IP41/IP42/IP54 (optional)
Lightning protection level Class C lightning protector (In=20kA)
Line entry and exit methods Up in and out, up in and out, down in and out, down in and out
Maintenance method Pre-operation and post-maintenance
Alarm mode Sound and light alarm + remote signal alarm
indicator light Power indicator
HMI 7-inch touch screen
Monitoring function Incoming line circuit:
1. Real-time detection data: phase voltage, line voltage, current, temperature
2. It can be detected through calculation: zero-ground voltage, current imbalance, active power,rate, apparent power, power factor, frequency, two-way active and reactive energy, voltage/Harmonic distortion rate and fractional harmonic content rate (2nd to 63rd order), circuit breaker status, lightning protector, Circuit breaker contact temperature, etc.
Outgoing circuit:
1. Real-time detection data: voltage, current, circuit breaker contact temperature, micro-break opening and closing
2. Through calculation, it can be detected: power, electric energy, demand, extreme values, harmonics, etc.
Protocol Modbus
Operating temperature -5℃~+40℃
storage temperature -40℃~+70℃
Relative humidity 5%RH-95%RH (no condensation)
altitude There will be no derating below 2000m, and the derating will be used in accordance with GB/T3859,2-93 between 2000-4000m.
size 600*1200*2000m
weight <350KGS
Installation method Floor installation/steel frame installation
Third-party testing and certification Earthquake resistance level 8/9
Certification CCC,CQC,Tel

CPSY®Precision Power Distribution Feature And Application

Shangyu CPSY® precision power distribution cabinet adopts a standard 19-inch 42U network cabinet and modular structure design, and is equipped with a wealth of optional accessories. It can tailor personalized high-reliability power distribution products for customers according to the actual needs of the computer room. As a member of the power quality solution products, precision power distribution cabinets combine low-voltage power distribution, intelligent monitoring and power management functions. When used with high-quality UPS power supplies, they can provide comprehensive power supply protection for users' critical loads. The precision power distribution cabinet is equipped with a large-screen color LCD touch screen, which can check the voltage, current, frequency, active power, reactive power, KWH, harmonics and other power quality status of each main circuit and branch circuit at any time, and can record the load curve changes in real time. , as well as the system's redundancy capability in the event of partial failure, enabling localized intelligent monitoring. It also provides RS232, RS485 and network interfaces to realize remote online real-time monitoring and management capabilities. When any abnormality occurs in the system, such as overload, phase loss, high or low voltage, etc., the on-site sound and light alarm will immediately remind the user. At the same time, the computer room monitoring system will notify the user by SMS or phone call so that timely measures can be taken. Avoid potential risks and achieve real-time risk warning. The panel can save 3,000 historical records and fault information to facilitate users to analyze the cause of faults. The precision power distribution cabinet also provides a wealth of optional accessories, including shunt status monitoring, hot-swappable switches, isolation transformers, EPO/REPO functions, TVSS surge protection systems, etc. It is mainly used for important customers such as data computer rooms in finance, telecommunications, government, airports, hospitals and IT enterprises, medium and large IDC data centers or industrial enterprises to provide power distribution, distribution circuit protection, metering for important equipment such as network servers. It manages services such as computer grounding and is used in areas with high power supply reliability requirements and uninterrupted power supply.


1. Adopt a 19-inch 42U standard size network server cabinet in the computer room, with flexible design and easy installation.

2. Adopt double-layer door panel protection design, with a variety of appearance structures, such as: mesh door, glass door, steel door, to ensure the safety of operators;

3. Adopt modular design to save installation space and complete hot-swappable adjustable phase bus system

4. The molded case circuit breaker adopts fixed installation, the micro circuit breaker adopts guide rail card installation, and the phase-adjustable S400 micro circuit breaker greatly improves safe operation and facilitates maintenance.

5. Equipped with HMI human-computer interaction interface, an intelligent, reliable and complete monitoring system, which can read power, quality and circuit status monitoring, alarm and other data in real time;

6. The panel can record and save 900-3000 historical alarm information, which facilitates fault analysis and greatly saves manpower and material resources.

7. Rich monitoring modules provide more comprehensive monitoring functions and multi-level domain value design to identify potential risks in advance.

8. Rich accessories, including hot-swappable switches, built-in dry-type isolation transformers, lightning protection modules and EPO/REPO remote power-off modules.

9. The structure is novel. All parts are processed with imported CNC equipment. Each process has been strictly inspected to ensure the processing accuracy of each part.

10. Reliable quality, made of high-quality cold rail steel plates, aluminum-zinc-coated plates imported from South Korea, and galvanized plates without splatters. The outer surface has been electrostatically sprayed and has reached the international advanced level.

11. High density, high integration, using high-precision and highly integrated modules, which increases the cabinet volume, supports 168 circuits, and reduces the floor space.

12. High reliability, using high-quality core component solutions, which can safely withstand at least 1.73 times the full load current, ensuring safety, reliability and quality assurance.

13. High-performance, high-strength cabinet, the cabinet columns are made of Ω bent profiles, and the interior is made of ISV plastic panels, which are safe and flame-retardant.

14. Adopts standard Modbus communication protocol, supports RS232, RS485 and other network interfaces, and supports remote real-time monitoring;

15. Three major management functions: safety management, operating cost management, power distribution monitoring management, intelligent management, and simple operation.

16. Comprehensive alarms and advanced multi-layer alarm settings prevent potential power failures to ensure early response measures, reduce local power outage accidents caused by user misoperation, and achieve precision power distribution.

17. Use advanced or comprehensive systems to monitor and track power consumption and leakage in circuits. Shielded output cables for each load reduce EMI and RFI.


Mainly used for important customers such as IDC data centers or industrial enterprises such as telecommunications, finance, government and IT, to provide power distribution, distribution circuit protection, measurement, management and computer grounding and other services for important equipment such as network servers. Fields with high power supply requirements and uninterrupted power supply.


Perfect monitoring/monitoring functions

1. Real-time monitoring of the total input of the power distribution cabinet and the voltage, current, frequency, power, electricity and other parameters of each branch to achieve localized intelligent monitoring;

2. Detect the switching status of each switch, display and manage harmonic content, energy management, historical trends, load curves, etc.

3. Real-time data display, real-time alarm, trend curve, communication network diagnosis, database recording, security management, statistical analysis and reports, data cloud release, etc.

4. Rich monitoring modules provide more comprehensive monitoring functions and multi-level domain value design to identify potential risks in advance.

Advanced alarm/alarm function

1. It has audible and visual alarms and remote monitoring interfaces, and advanced multi-layer alarm pre-sets each load capacity alarm, overload alarm, and overvoltage alarm to prevent potential power failures.

2. Supports audible and visual alarms for main circuit and branch circuit overvoltage, undervoltage, overload, frequency overlimit, abnormal zero-ground voltage, circuit breaker and other faults.

3. It has real-time risk warning function, which can notify system abnormalities in real time and avoid potential risks;

4. The panel can record and save 900-3000 historical alarm information, which facilitates fault analysis and greatly saves manpower and material resources.

Reliable protection function

1. It can be used with the leakage collection unit to realize online leakage monitoring and leakage protection functions and real-time safety monitoring.

2. Anti-surge, anti-lightning (optional); over-current protection, emergency power-off protection, overheating shutdown protection.

3. Configure a reliable grounding system and overvoltage protection circuit to ensure power supply reliability; support the customization of a variety of power supply solutions, and realize redundant systems;

Other functions

1. Equipped with a 7-inch human-machine exchange information interface and a large color LCD screen, which provides convenience for operators, facilitates real-time query and monitoring, and can detect faults and operational hazards in advance.

2. Equipped with intelligent monitoring function, compatible with various computer room monitoring systems, making operation and power management more efficient

3. Flexible scalability, the number of switch channels can be replaced and expanded at any time without power interruption. Hot-swappable, adjustable phase switches and online phase adjustment can be optional. .

4. Highly modular design, the incoming and outgoing line circuit breakers installed in each functional unit are arranged in order and in layers, which provides great convenience for quick and easy installation and fault maintenance.

5. Good performance and highly integrated products ensure a more stable and safe operation of the equipment.

CPSY® Precision Power Distribution Details

Shangyu CPSY® precision power distribution cabinet is suitable for important power users such as power plants, substations, industrial and mining enterprises, telecommunications, banks, finance, government and IDC data centers or enterprises as AC 50Hz, maximum working voltage to 660V, maximum working current to 5000A in the power distribution system. It is used for power conversion and distribution control of machine room power distribution, motor control and lighting and other power distribution equipment. It adopts dual-channel power distribution and can be used for switching between grid power and grid power or grid power and backup power startup in the power grid system. Make the power source supply power continuously, and use electrical equipment to ensure the reliability of its power supply.

The precision power distribution cabinet can be used with the leakage collection unit to realize online leakage monitoring function. At the same time, it can be used with the temperature sensor accessory to monitor the temperature in the column head cabinet in real time, which improves the safety of the power supply system in the computer room. It has high breaking capacity and good dynamic and thermal stability. The structure is advanced and reasonable, the electrical scheme is practical, serial and versatile, various scheme units can be combined arbitrarily, one cabinet can accommodate many circuits, saving floor space, beautiful appearance, high protection level, safe and reliable, With the advantages of easy maintenance, it is a must-have product for system integrators in the UPS industry. This product complies with the standards of IEC439 and GB/T251 "Low-voltage withdrawable switchgear complete sets". It is an indispensable product in the computer room. It works closely with the UPS, the size can be customized, and it can also be made into a distribution box type. The specific power distribution plan depends on the project.

When compare with peers, CPSY® Precision Power Distribution advantages as below:


1. All components are standardized, processed using imported CNC equipment, and tested by the manufacturer.

2. It is made of high-quality cold rail steel plates, aluminum-zinc-coated plates imported from South Korea, and galvanized plates without zinc splatter. The outer surface has been electrostatically sprayed and has reached the international advanced level.

3. The high-reliability computer motherboard comprehensively monitors various operating parameters of the system and comprehensively displays them through HMI, reducing the space occupied by the power distribution cabinet and increasing the volume ratio of the power distribution cabinet.


1. Double-layer door panel protection design prevents electric shock and ensures operator safety.

2. Set multi-layer alarms for loop overload, overvoltage, undervoltage, three-phase unbalance, isolation transformer overtemperature, lightning protection failure and other parameters.


1. Due to the use of prefabricated components and standardized 19-inch 42U IT/server cabinet design, installation is simple and quick, and it is better compatible with the computer room layout.

2. Equipped with a large human-computer interaction interface to facilitate data query and setting, it can monitor various voltage, current, frequency, power and other parameters in real time to achieve localized intelligent monitoring.

3. The hot-swappable adjustable phase bus system can be replaced and expanded online to ensure uninterrupted operation of the system.


1. Rich accessories, including optional hot-swappable switches, built-in dry-type isolation transformers, lightning protection modules and EPO/REPO remote power-off modules.

2. Multiple communication methods, flexibly matched with the backend system, using standard Modbus communication protocol, supporting RS232, RS485 and other network interfaces

3. Supports customization of multiple power supply solutions and can implement redundant systems

●Easy to manage:

1. With a complete monitoring system, the computer room manager can control the operating status of the equipment in real time, making management easier;

2. Adopt high-precision and high-integration modular design to save installation space and complete hot-swappable adjustable phase bus system.

3. In addition to power distribution monitoring and management, it also has the functions of operating cost management and safety management. It is intelligent, easy to manage, and simple to operate, which improves the reliability of the power distribution system and reduces risks.

Conditions of use

1. The ambient air temperature should not be higher than +40℃ and not lower than -5℃. The average temperature within 24 hours shall not be higher than +35℃.

2. For indoor installation and use, the altitude of the usage location shall not exceed 2000M.

3. The relative humidity of the surrounding air shall not exceed 50% when the maximum temperature is +40°C, and a larger relative humidity is allowed at lower temperatures. (For example, 90% at +20°C) The effect of condensation that may occasionally occur due to temperature changes should be taken into consideration.

4. When installing the equipment, the inclination with the vertical plane should not exceed 5%. The equipment should be installed in a place without severe vibration and impact, and in a place where electrical components are not corroded.

5. When users have special requirements, they can negotiate with the manufacturer.

Material materials mainly include:

80% of distribution boxes on the market are made of this cold-rolled steel plate material, which is strong and durable.

Stainless steel plate has good anti-rust function and the distribution box is more durable.

Applicable standards:

GB 7251.1-2013 Low-voltage complete switchgear and control equipment

GB/T 7251.12-2013 Low-voltage complete switchgear and control equipment

GB 7251.8-2005 Low-voltage complete sets of switchgear and control equipment General technical requirements for intelligent complete sets of equipment


1. What are the main classifications of power distribution cabinets?

Computer room power distribution cabinets are generally divided into three levels: power distribution cabinet → intelligent power distribution cabinet → intelligent precision power distribution cabinet.

---According to material, power distribution cabinets can be divided into two types: wooden and metal. Because the protection level of metal power distribution cabinets is a bit high, most of them are made of metal.

--Based on structural characteristics and uses, distribution cabinets can be divided into protective distribution cabinets, drawer-type distribution cabinets, etc.

1) Protective power distribution cabinet, also called closed power distribution cabinet (protective/sealed switch cabinet), refers to a low-voltage switch cabinet in which all sides except the installation surface are enclosed. The electrical components such as switches, protection, monitoring and control of this kind of distribution cabinet are installed in a closed shell made of steel or insulating materials, and can be installed on or off the wall. There may be no isolation measures between each circuit in the distribution cabinet, or a grounded metal plate or insulating plate may be used for isolation. Typically, there is a mechanical interlock for the operation of the door and main switch. There is also a protective desktop power distribution cabinet (i.e. console), with control, measurement, signal and other electrical appliances installed on the panel. The components of the protective power distribution cabinet are isolated by guard plates and have a higher level. They are mainly used as power distribution devices at process sites.

2) Drawer-type power distribution cabinet (also called drawer-type switch cabinet). This type of distribution cabinet uses a steel plate to make a closed shell, and the electrical components of the incoming and outgoing circuits are installed in pull-out drawers to form a functional unit that can complete certain power supply tasks. The functional units are separated from the busbar or cable by a grounded metal plate or a functional board made of plastic, forming three areas: busbar, functional unit and cable. There are also isolation measures between each functional unit.

This kind of power distribution cabinet has high reliability, safety, compatibility and interchangeability. It is a relatively advanced power distribution cabinet. Most of the power distribution cabinets currently produced are drawer-type switch cabinets, which can be used to control power supply. Industrial and mining enterprises and high-rise buildings that require higher centralized control of power distribution or higher reliability of power supply.

3) Power lighting distribution cabinet

The power lighting distribution cabinet adopts closed installation, and the grade varies according to the requirements of the use occasion. Power lighting distribution cabinets are mostly used as low-level power distribution equipment, such as for power distribution control at production sites in industrial and mining enterprises.

4) Fixed panel distribution cabinet, often called switch board or distribution board. It is an open power distribution cabinet with panel shielding. The front side has a protective function, and the back and sides can also contact the live parts. It can only be used in industrial and mining enterprises with low protection level and low requirements for power supply continuity and reliability. Centralized power supply in the substation room. Fixed panel power distribution cabinet is also called power distribution panel. Its front is a cabinet panel, which can be used for shielding and opening and closing. The back and sides are open and can access live devices. Fixed panel power distribution cabinets have a low level of protection and can only be used in some situations that do not require high performance and require continuous power supply, such as centralized power supply in transformer rooms in industrial and mining enterprises.

2.The main differences between precision distribution cabinets and traditional distribution cabinets are as follows:

Item Precision power distribution cabinet/precision column head cabinet Traditional power distribution cabinet
Meter Highly integrated computer motherboard Pointer type instrument or digital display type instrument
Current monitoring Monitor the total current, the current of each branch of the three-phase power and the current of each output branch to the cabinet. Only monitor total current
Circuit configuration Make the computer room form a two-layer circuit structure, form a tree-like power consumption monitoring and management, adjust the operation mode, and optimize the power consumption structure The computer room circuit has only one layer of structure, and the current distribution display is not clear.
Circuit maintainability Facilitates circuit maintenance and saves power outage time All circuits need to be disconnected for repair, low fault tolerance rate
Monitor electrical energy Configure the power module to measure power consumption, achieve reasonable and economical power consumption, and reduce power costs. There is no power consumption display and the computer room power consumption data cannot be provided.
Display LCD screen displays data accurately Traditional mechanical type, instrument display
Install Standard rack-mounted installation, appearance consistent with the cabinet Traditional vertical installation
Equipment integration High integration, reduced volume with the same capacity Large in size and takes up space in the computer room
Connection method Hot-swappable connection, fool-proof installation operation Terminal hard connection requires professional electrician operation
Volume rate high generally
Function Distribution management, operation management and safety management Distribution management
Loop structure Many Few
Covered area Small Big

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