Battery Storage Cabinets
  • Battery Storage CabinetsBattery Storage Cabinets
  • Battery Storage CabinetsBattery Storage Cabinets
  • Battery Storage CabinetsBattery Storage Cabinets
  • Battery Storage CabinetsBattery Storage Cabinets
  • Battery Storage CabinetsBattery Storage Cabinets
  • Battery Storage CabinetsBattery Storage Cabinets
  • Battery Storage CabinetsBattery Storage Cabinets

Battery Storage Cabinets

When additional battery reserves are required, a variety of battery storage cabinets are available. CPSY® battery storage cabinets can be customized to meet Zone 4 seismic requirements and can be customized to be waterproof. The battery storage cabinet has an IP54 protection rating and can be used safely in harsh environments. It can be equipped with optional door locks and can accommodate various battery combinations. The products are constructed of aluminum and lined with a proprietary fire-resistant lining that can be customized to your needs.

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Product Description

CPSY® Battery Storage Cabinets

CPSY® battery storage cabinets provide a full range of battery cabinets for UPS, solar energy and telecommunications applications. They use 50% off profiles and 100% off profiles. The maximum load capacity reaches 1500KG, which can meet the needs of battery storage of any material. The cabinet can be customized with fans, which are optional. Air conditioner, maintains the internal temperature and prevents the battery from catching fire due to temperature. These battery storage cabinets can be configured to match OEM cabinets and provide a competitive option for system upgrades or new projects.

CPSY® Battery Storage Cabinets Parameter (Specification)

Model No. Dimensions (L*W*H) mm Weight (KGS) Battery capacity Number of batteries Shape & Material
C-1 435*210*270 4 17AH/24AH/38AH/65AH/100AH 5/3/2/1pcs One layer box
C-2 450*470*320 6 17AH/24AH/38AH/65AH/100AH 10/6/4/2pcs One layer box
C-3 585*470*320 9 17AH/24AH/38AH/65AH/100AH 14/8/6/3pcs One layer box
C-4 450*470*615 16 17AH/24AH/38AH/65AH/100AH 20/12/8/4pcs One layer box
C-6 585*470*615 19 17AH/24AH/38AH/65AH/100AH 28/16/12/6pcs One layer box
C-8 780*470*615 21 17AH/24AH/38AH/65AH/100AH 36/20/16/8pcs Two layer box
C-10 950*470*615 26 17AH/24AH/38AH/65AH/100AH 44/28/20/10pcs Two layer box
C-12 780*470*900 30 24AH/38AH/65AH/100AH 30/24/12pcs Two layer box
C-16 780*470*1190 40 24AH/38AH/65AH/100AH 40/32/16pcs four-layer box
C-20 950*470*1190 46 24AH/38AH/65AH/100AH 56/40/20pcs four-layer box
C-24 950*470*1528 60 65AH/100AH 24pcs four-layer box
C-32 780*880*1190 75 65AH/100AH 32pcs four-layer box
C-40 950*880*1190 95 65AH/100AH 40pcs five-layer box
CD8-200-1 780*880*900 70 200AH 8pcs Three-layer box
CD16-150-1 780*1080*750 75 150AH 16pcs Angle iron, external cold plate
CD16-150-2 865*640*1480 95 150AH 16pcs Square tube, 0.7 plate
CD16-200-1 800*1160*750 75 200AH 16pcs Angle iron, external cold plate
CD16-200-2 1185*690*1480 105 200AH 16pcs Square tube, 0.7 plate
CD32-150-1 780*1080*1350 105 150AH 32pcs Angle iron, external cold plate
CD32-150-2 865*1190*1480 120 150AH 32pcs Square tube, 0.7 plate
CD32-200-1 1185*1280*1480 120 200AH 32pcs Square tube, outer 0.7 plate
CD40-150-1 1055*1190*1480 120 150AH 40pcs Square tube, outer 0.7 plate
CD40-200-1 1375*1280*1480 120 200AH 40pcs Square tube, outer 0.7 plate

CPSY®Battery Storage Cabinets Features:

− The smallest footprint in the industry

− Low total cost of ownership

− Safe and sustainable battery technology

− Optional key door lock

− Optional protection grade IP20 or IP54

− Optional colors, MOQ=500pcs

− Maximum load capacity 1500kg

− Support customization

− Suitable for any battery storage

− Optional fan

− Frame constructed from welded thick gauge and heavy duty industrial grade carbon steel

− Acid-resistant powder coating

– Optional heavy-duty casters with brakes

Standards: Comply with ANS/EIA RS-310-D, IEC297-2, DIN41491, PART1, DIN41491, PART7, ETSI standards, UL certification

Registered to ISO 9001:2015 standards

Seismic certification, CE compliant

Material: SPCC high quality cold rolled steel plate

Installation profile thickness: 2.0mm

Other thickness: 1.2mm

load capacity:

Static load: 800-1500kg (on adjustable feet)

Protection level: IP20 or IP56

Surface treatment: degreasing, pickling, phosphating, powder spraying.


server systems, telecommunications systems, community networks, network systems, monitoring systems.

CPSY® Battery Storage Cabinets Details

When compare with peers, CPSY® Battery Storage Cabinets advantages as below:

Accommodates multiple battery and circuit breaker manufacturers

The space-saving footprint is the most compact design in the industry.

Battery isolation, internal panels in polycarbonate

Colors can be customized to match existing equipment.

Universal battery cabinet for all three-phase CPSY UPS in the power range 10kVA to 800kVA

Battery cabinet designed to accommodate standard VRLA batteries ranging from 17Ah to 250Ah

Removable side and front and rear panels for easy installation and maintenance

Top cable entry, high-density vents on the front and back for easy heat dissipation and optimal air circulation

Optional adjustable casters;

Optional fully welded frame structure made of heavy-duty steel, can be packed flat in cartons for easy transportation.

Acid-resistant powder coating using a five-stage immersion pre-treatment process.

Designed to accommodate most front-end batteries.

Not waterproof, mostly for indoor use, please keep away from rain/snow/water.

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